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Theydeserveit >> Personalized Gifts >> Gifts for Mom >> Handmade Gifts For Mom

Handmade Gifts For Mom

Handmade gifts are always a special way to say you care. Gifts can be bought from anywhere and at any cost, but the real value of the gift lies in the underlying message it conveys. Whether you want to express love, gratitude, care or appreciation, special gifts say more than words. A homemade gift for mom shows your time and effort in making

that perfect gift. Whether you want to give a handmade gift to your mom on an occasion or you just feel like doing something special for her some day, we have scraped a few handmade gifts easy for you to make.

Mom's Tote Bag She'll love this sturdy fringed tote, as pretty as it is practical. To make this handmade gift for mom you need braided or chenille fringed rug (approximately 20 x 30 inches), matching thread, heavy braid or decorative tape, scissors, heavy-duty hand sewing needle, heavy-duty nylon thread and yardstick. Instructions to make:

  • (1. Putting the short-fringed ends of the rug together, fold it in half and sew the sides with a sewing machine. Without turning, create a 3-inch cuff by folding the top fringe end.
  • To make the handle of the tote, cut out a 40-inche heavy braid, leaving 5-inche of it on each side to be sewn in. Put a strong, durable nylon thread into a hand-sewing needle. Now sew the first end of handle to any one inside seam approximately 5 inches from the top. Make sure you secure it with multiple stitches. Similarly, stitch the other end of the handle.
  • Now to make a tuck on each side of the tote bag, fold inwards the outside seam about 2 ˝ inches. Secure the tuck in place along the outside edge with hand-sewing needle
"From the Heart" Vase
Gift this to your lovely mom on mother's day and she will always remember you whenever she sees this lovely vase that sparkles with gold accents. Add your mom's favorite flowers to present it as a bouquet. You need masking tape, glass vase, gold spray paint, paper, pencil, scissors, glass paints in peach and white, paintbrush and gold glitter paint pen.

Instructions to make
  • Firstly, section off a rectangular area on the vase using the masking tape. Now, leaving that rectangle uncovered, wrap the rest of the vase with tape. Now spray two to three light coats of gold spray paint on the bottle, letting it it dry between each coat. After the paint dries, Remove the tape with utmost care.
  • Cut out a heart of paper and outline it's shape onto the gold painted area of the vase. Now Paint the heart with the peach paint in two coats. Now dip the other end of the paintbrush in the peach paint and put dots on the golden area of the vase. Similarly put in white dots in the peach heart and let it dry.
  • To give a final touch, Now trace the heart with a gold glitter paint pen.

    With so much of effort to make and present lovely handmade gifts for mom, your gift will surely be much liked and appreciated by your mother.

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