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Theydeserveit >> Personalized Gifts >> Gifts for Kids >> Kid Get Well Basket

Kid Get Well Basket

Kids never run out of energy and their active presence around inspire us as well. Kids spread a wave of laughter and fun with their presence, but when they are down with ailments, it's a matter of grave concern for the parents and everyone who spend time with the kid. When we adults are not well, we know how to take care of ourselves and ensure a

speedy recovery, but kids don't understand that and want to have fun all the time. Whether it's your kid who is unwell or a kid you know, we want to ensure that the kid stays healthy and lead a happy, playful life. One of the ways to nourish spirits of a recovering kid is to gift him or her a token of our good wishes, a get-well basket for kids.

Listed below are a few ideas for kid get well basket:

Children's Get Well Healthy Gift Basket
Is your kid down with fever or has a broken leg? You can cheer up the kid with this great gift basket of healthy food with your "Get Well" wishes packed in a handmade basket. The ingredients in the basket contain nutrition to build up the immune system of the kid, vegetables for all vital vitamins, fruits for sweet taste, low in fat and full of antioxidants. The basket includes Cheddar cheese soy crisps, LesserEvil flavored popcorn, Veggie Booty, 3 pieces of stretch island fruit leather in assorted flavors made only from fruit, dried fruit mix, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, 100% juice box without added sugar, Cherry De-Lites dried cherries, Superseedz pumpkin seeds, Figamajigs chocolate covered figs and assorted fruit flavors honey sticks. A perfect good health package!

RX For Smiles Gift Basket
Are you going to see your colleague's kid in the hospital or is your own kid in bed with flu? You can wish the kid for a speedy recovery with this kid get well basket. Any kid who's feeling low with sickness will soon be smiling with this "doctor's bag" of proven medicine. This makes a great pass time for the kid who is bored in the hospital or in his room for days and a high-spirited dose for his energy level. This package includes Get Well Jelly Bean Candy Pills, Band Aid Gummy Candies, Chocolate and Vanilla Cookies, Home Style Chicken Soup Mix, Sugar Cookies, Candies, a deck of playing cards, and a crossword puzzle and an activity book!

Get Well Soon Kid Basket
Send your warm wishes to an ailing kid with his basket of goodies and cookies that are sure to make a kid feel better! It comes packed in a doctor's bag with Barnyard or Zoo Macaroni & Cheese, a coloring book, black board set with colored chalk & duster, My First Domino set, a fun pad, 64 pc crayons, Crazy Apes card game, small pack of tissues, chocolate cookies, Teddy Grahams, Tootsie Rolls in a reusable bank, lollie pops and gum. An exciting way to keep a kid busy and wish an early recovery!

These, above mentioned Kid get well basket ideas will help you know about the different get well basket that you can prepare and also suggestions on the items to be put in the basket for a sick kid.

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