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Thanksgiving Crafts

Crafts are the best way to enhance your creativity, be it the young minds or an adult mind. It is as much fun in preparing them as in decorating them, and when there is a special occasion it is indeed fun galore. Here is also a collection of Thanksgiving crafts, which are simple and easy to prepare, but are just as enjoyable. So get your scissors, paints, crayons and pencils. Its crafting time!

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Material and Method: A cornucopia is a goat's horn filled with grain, flowers and fruits, symbolizing prosperity. In order to make a Thanksgiving Cornucopia you will need stiff paper, magazines, crayons, scissors and glue. The paper has to be cut in the shape of a cornucopia , in a cone shape. You can color it or stick pictures cut out from the magazine on the circle of the horn.

Pilgrim's Cabin

Material and Method: You can create a typical pilgrim's log cabin with the use of ice-cream sticks, a square cardboard box, glue, white paper and markers. The cardboard box has to be cut in appropriate places to form the windows and the doors of the cabin. You can color the ice-cream sticks and glue them together to form the roof of the cabin and the grills of the windows. Stick the box on the white paper. Make paper cut outs of trees and grass, color them and stick them on the paper beside the box.

Paper bag Turkey

Material and Method: Collect brown paper bags, a scrap paper, newspaper, glue, crayons and scissors. In a brown paper bag stuff newspaper and leave about 3 inches to fold on either side. Glue them shut. Make feather shaped cut outs and glue them onto the bag. Draw and cut out turkey's head and neck. You have to keep tabs to stick them on to the bag, one on the front and another at the rear.

Thanksgiving Turkey Luminaries

Material and Method: Cut a circle from a paper bag, from the seam less side and use it to cut a slightly larger circle from a yellow or white tissue paper. Cut triangles of yellow, red and orange tissue papers for feathers and two wing cutouts of red, and glue them to the tissue circle. Cut the body of a turkey from the bag circle and glue it to the centre of the tissue paper collage. Then paste it over the bag's circular hole. Fill it with sand and rocks and finally nestle an LED light inside.

Turkey Napkin Holders

Material and Method : In a 5 by 7 inch colored poster board, cut the head and feet of a turkey on the two edges, while leaving a 2 by 7 central band, rectangular in shape. Using a craft knife, create two wings in the centre of that band. Roll the band around any round object, and then tape the edges strongly, and remove the circular object. Now stick two googly eyes, a red paper wattle and a yellow beak to give it a turkey face and for wings fold a colorful napkin in accordion style and tuck it in the ring formation.

Last Updated On : October 12, 2011