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Thanksgiving Games

Games are essentially important during the festivities. It keeps the children engaged and enhances their competitiveness and sportsman spirit. Thanksgiving Games, in They Deserve It will not only help the children but adults too to enjoy their day and bring in the playfulness which is essential to keep a healthy mind.

Choose some of the interesting Thanksgiving Games and activities for your next big Thanksgiving Party. They Deserve It has brought a unique collection of interesting Thanksgiving games for you to play with your friends, relatives and loved ones at the time of family reunion.

Indoor Game Ideas


It's a game of 'Passing The Parcel'. All have to sit around in a circle. They have to pass the 'Thankerchief' or a handkerchief around, while singing:

"Thankerchief, Thankerchief, around you go
Where you'll stop, nobody knows.
But when you do, someone must say,
What they are thankful for this day."

As the poem ends, the person who has got the 'Thankerchief' has to say something for which he is thankful to the Lord.

Video games

With the rising popularity of the technology and video games, Internet has also launched various online games , especially for Thanksgiving, like Fall Fever, Cannon Math, Whack o Wheen, Transylmania 2, and Wild Word West. For the indoor games, you will definitely enjoy these online games.

Turkey Hunt

Cut and paste turkey pictures on a number of cards. Hide them in the room. All the participants have to hunt for the turkeys and the person with the maximum number of turkey cards gets the prize. You can add to the fun by giving the hunters clues from time to time.

Outdoor Game Ideas

Blind Man's Bluff

This is an old classic outdoor game for kids, though adults have just as much fun playing this as the kids. In this game one person is blindfolded, while others will hide or run in the open space outside, and when the seeker yells “stop”, everyone freezes at their places. Then begins the game, where the seeker will call “Blind Man's” and rest of the people will call “bluff”, and it is ultimately the voices that helps the seeker in finding people.

Musical Chairs

Another classic party game, here you make a circle of chairs, back to back, one less in number as there are people. When the music is played , everyone keeps walking around the circle made by the chairs and when the music is paused, they will claim one chair. The one person who would not be able to do so, would be out and eventually the last person, remains in the game ,would be the victor.

Other popular games

Besides these special Thanksgiving games, you can always go for a regular day sport to enjoy a simple family time, and that is with a game of Cricket, Tennis, Badminton or Baseball. The main motive of the day is to enjoy the togetherness of the celebrations and do something fun for memories, so pick up any of these outdoor games.

Last Updated On : October 12, 2011