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Thanksgiving Gifts Ideas

Every festival is special in its own way and we all celebrate a special day with people we love, so it is not an unusual act to present these people with unique gifts, to make the festival even more special. Thanksgiving is another such festival, where we get to see the true family bonding, their togetherness and love in its true form. The family dinners to the fun filled parties, the special Thanksgiving cooking to the amazing Thanksgiving stories, you share everything with your family and friends on this festive day, then why not the special Thanksgiving gifts. With creative and unique Thanksgiving gift ideas, you can make the day, memorable and full of love , for them. So try something exciting and get ready for a rocking Thanksgiving this year.

Top Thanksgiving Gifts Ideas

  • A Thanksgiving bouquet:

    A perfect and classical gift, you can always present the gorgeous and variety of vibrant flowers, of the fall season, to your special people, in a bouquet, a basket or a traditional cornucopia.

  • Thanksgiving gift basket:

    A gift basket can be filled with any Thanksgiving item, be it the special delicacies, the cookbooks, or the music DVDs, through which you can add one more color in the already colorful festival of Thanksgiving.

  • A selection of delicious chocolates:

    A classic gift for every occasion, the chocolates also make an interesting gift idea for Thanksgiving. Select the various chocolaty items and wrap them in a box together to present as a Thanksgiving gift.

  • Stuffed toys: There is no occasion, when kids are not enthusiastic about the toys , especially the cute and cuddly stuffed toys, that always reminds them of the occasion. You can gift these cute stuffed toys to the kids in your family, especially the turkey stuffed toys, which are very popular during Thanksgiving.

Food Gifts Ideas

  • Thanksgiving Turkey:

    The most important dish of the Thanksgiving dinner, is a fat and yum turkey, which is stuffed with various things. You can make a special turkey dish for your dear ones, or even give them a beautiful and raw turkey to cook for dinner, both will make great Thanksgiving gift ideas.

  • Pumpkin Pie:

    Another important dish, without which a Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete is the delicious dessert, of the pumpkin pie. In the rush of making so many things for the meal, your mother forgot to make that? Then why don't you surprise her with an already prepared dish of the same. You can also present a dish of pumpkin pie to you friends and neighbors, during the celebration.

  • Baked Cake:

    Baking is one of the most important activity during festivals, and especially if it is Thanksgiving, which is popular for its food items, then surely you can bake many delicacies like a chocolate cake, cookies and muffins for your loved ones and gift wrap them to give it as a present.

  • Bottle of Wine:

    To complete the meal, on a Thanksgiving day, you also need exotic drinks to enjoy with your family and not to forget the initial toast after the grace. Hence you can always gift the best wine and champagne bottles as a Thanksgiving gift.

Gifts Ideas for Book Lovers

  • An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving:

    A book by Louisa May Alcott, which is the story of one poor family celebrating Thanksgiving. You can get an idea of the family bonding that Thanksgiving is associated with, through this book.

  • Thanksgiving, An Investigation of a Pauline Theme:

    A book by David W. Pao, which traces the elements of theology, eschatology and ethics, in the festival of Thanksgiving.

  • Book of Thanksgiving:

    A book by Jessica Faust, in which all the essential and traditional ideas associated with Thanksgiving are mentioned, along with the true spirit with which it is celebrated. This book will guide you with all the traits of Thanksgiving from, history, recipe and decoration to stories and prayers.

  • The First Thanksgiving Feast:

    An interesting book by, Joan Anderson, in which the writer tells you about the history of American Thanksgiving at Plymouth and all the folklores associated with it, along with the real pictures, compiled from the Plymouth Plantation.

Unique Gifts Ideas

  • Perfumed candles:

    You cannot imagine a Thanksgiving without the traditional decoration of the house which comprises the lighting of the house, either through artificial lights, or through the naturally brilliant candles. Many beautifully designed and perfumed candles are available for thanksgiving which you can gift to your friends and family.

  • Cornucopias:

    Another traditional item that you can gift to people is a cornucopia, a conical shaped structure or precisely container, made of wicker, which carries objects of nourishment, like fruits, food, flowers and other stuff, thereby symbolizing the true essence of Thanksgiving.

  • Autumnal flowers and centre pieces:

    A large ceramic pumpkin, with metal leaves, or a crystal glass vase with beautiful tulips, make great Thanksgiving gifts, that you can present to people for their house. Various decorative and artsy vases and pots are available in which you can put, the Fall harvest produce and bright colored flowers and thereby celebrating the spirit of the festival with your loved ones.

  • Personalized Thanksgiving gift ideas:

    On the name of creativity, you can always gift something, that is coming straight from your head. You can buy plain crockery, mugs, and vases and get “Happy Thanksgiving” printed on it. You can do the same on cakes and puddings, and gift it to your friends and families, who will love the presents as much as they will be impressed by your thoughtfulness. Another great idea is the turkey dinner hats and turkey shaped chocolates with names of people.

These are some of the Thanksgiving gift ideas, that you can use, to make your special people happy on the day of Thanksgiving and spread the joy, on a real joyous occasion.

Last Updated On : October 13, 2011