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When is Thanksgiving?

In America, Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated as the National holiday in the United States to commemorate the harvest reaped by the Plymouth Colony in 1621 after a winter of great starvation. It was proclaimed a National Holiday in 1863, by Abraham Lincoln. All the offices and schools remain closed during this day, while all the financial and government offices are also closed. Earlier it used to be celebrated on the last Thursday of November, but in 1941, under Presidential proclamation, the day was shifted to the fourth Thursday of November, and ever since it is the same.

Thanksgiving 2011 will fall on Thursday, the 24th of November.

They Deserve It, is also providing you a list of the next few Thanksgiving dates, of this decade. Take a look.

Thanksgiving 2012 - November 22
Thanksgiving 2013 - November 28
Thanksgiving 2014 - November 27
Thanksgiving 2015 - November 26
Thanksgiving 2016 - November 24
Thanksgiving 2017 - November 23
Thanksgiving 2018 - November 22
Thanksgiving 2019 - November 28
Thanksgiving 2020 - November 26

Start making your arrangements and holiday plantings, for this Thanksgiving, as it is not very far now. So plan a nice family, holiday time for this festive season.

Last Updated On : October 12, 2011