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TheyDeserveIt >> Traditional Valentines Day Gifts >> First Valentines Day Gifts

First Valentines Day Gifts

Is there any day more special than a first Valentines Day together in the life of a new couple? And what kind of gift will you get and give on this first Valentines Day for your Valentine love to make sure that this day is not only special right now but will be remembered as being special throughout your entire romantic relationship.

There will only be one first Valentines Day in the history of every relationship. Even if many years in the future you may forget a Valentines Day gift or surprise there will always be that "First Valentines Day" you will hold dear to your heart as a reminder of new love and all of the potential that love has to offer.

As you consider the gifts you may present to your valentine on your first Valentines Day together you want to keep in mind how important and personal this unique Valentines Day will be. Sure there will be a 5th and a 25th and maybe even a 50th Valentines Day together, but even that longevity will never replace the wonder and excitement of new love on a first Valentines Day. This certainly is not a celebration just for him or just for her. This is a chance for each partner in every relationship that is new and fresh to find a way to say to their new Valentine. "I Love You" While a gift on this first Valentines Day will of course play a big part in the message you send the gift is certainly not the only thing or the most important thing of the day. Let the gift you choose and the words you write convey the honest and deep felt emotion you have in your heart. With the right gift and the right words this day, your first Valentines Day, will become a memory you can share for years and years to come. If you do not get it right the time may come when you say "Do you remember what we did on our very first Valentines Day?" and there will be no answer becasue the day was forgetable. That is not the right end result you desire for a day as special as this.

Make sure you get a First Valentines Day Card
As the years roll by in a relationship many things become blended together. Memories fade and confuse and gifts which are exchanged get worn out, lost or forgotten. But a small card can be placed away in a safe spot and kept in mint condition for years and years with very little effort. Choosing the perfect First Valentines Day card is of course a very personal matter, as is the inscription which will be placed inside. Some will choose humor and others will choose a blank card for only their thoughts. Whatever card works best for you remember this is a card which may well be saved for decades. This card may be reflected upon even after the death of a life long partner. Make the words worthy of that kind of moment in your future.

Choose a long lasting First Valentines Day Gift
There will be many Valentines Days ahead where flowers and chocolate and dinner will all serve as wonderful and special Valentines Day moments. But each of those things will pass away quickly. Although any of these traditional gifts may be appropriate for your first Valentines Day celebration you should also consider a long lasting gift that can serve as a reminder of your young love. Just becasue a gift is long lasting does not mean it has to be expensive. Diamonds are not necessary this early in a relationship, an inscribed band or ring or small necklace will serve just as well. A perfect card can be just as long lasting as an engraved keychain or specially made decoration for a wall. The gift does not need to be something that will last forever but you will want it to last more than a few days.

Pick the Right Moment and Time
While the expectations might be high for this first Valentnies Day you want to make sure that you get this one right. Once you have put the effort into a gift and card for the first Valentines Day you want to deliver those items at the right moment and time. This is not to say that things may not go as planned, situations might not always be perfect, but you should have a plan. Try to find place alone, where your words can quietly reinforce your love for your valentine. Present the gift and card, look your love in the eyes and make sure that this is a day the two of you will never forget.


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