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Theydeserveit >> Valentine's Day >> Love Birds

Love Birds

Love Bird is a type of parrot which is quite small in size. That is why they are easier to be caged. These birds are around 13 to17cm in size and 40 to 60 grams in weight. Different breeds off Love birds come in different colors. Existence of two or more colors makes them even more beautiful to look at. They live for around 10 to 15 years. You need very small cages to keep them. But as they say it should not be kept alone in a cage, you need a comparatively larger cage to keep two of them together. This beautiful but rather unusual name was given to this breed because of its nature. This bird is very loving, caring and mainly for these reasons a special choice for the bird-lovers. It is a type of parrot but much smaller than that. It almost fits inside the palm of a matured person.
This breed has different names in different countries. The names have enough indication about the peaceful and friendly nature of the bird. It is a variety of parrot, very affectionate and social by nature. The genus of the bird is Agapornis, the Greek for the word "Love Bird". There is another possible reason for such a name. These birds generally share a very close bond with their mates. The union may last a lifetime. In Germany it is called by the name "die Unzertrennlichen", in French its name is "les inseparables". Mainly for this reason it is believed that love birds, if caged, must be kept in pairs. There is a second opinion about it. According to some experts, one love bird can be kept alone in a cage. They say the birds kept alone in a cage bond easily to its master. But far the question of ethics is concerned we prefer keeping at least two Love Birds together. If kept in a group they remind you of the world people used to be in a century back.

Love Birds kept in a pair are easier to be kept tame. If you work for long hours (at home or outside), it is most likely you cannot give them company. So you should keep a companion to it. After all it needs somebody to ward-off boredom. It is not easy to spend a lot of time with the pet in this world of rat race. So better keep them in pairs and arrange for enough amusement for them. After all you don't understand the birdie language. They cannot discuss their feelings with you the way they can do it with their partners. A pair of Love Birds is considered to be the symbol of love. So you can only get benefited from their happiness.

These birds are so small that they can fit in any small corner of your house. So the next time you don't find it, look in any hole or corner. Their favorite sport is to hang from toys, to toss them, getting into a rolled object and spinning it around. They enjoy poking at your ears perching on your shoulder. Love Birds love to play with buttons; even they pull those off the shirts at times. This small creature can astonish you by its ability to hoodwink you by escaping the cage. Many people keep the cage door clipped to the cage to let them in. Love Birds can sing but not always. If it mimics the words from its master spontaneously then it's fine. Otherwise they must not be forced to talk like a man.

Eight different species of this bird are originated in Africa. One comes from Madagascar. There are 9 different species of Love Birds.
  • Peach-faced Love Bird
  • Masked Love Bird
  • Fischer's Love Bird
  • Nyasa Love Bird
  • Black-cheeked Love Bird
  • Madagascar Love Bird
  • Abyssinian Love Bird
  • Red-Faced Love Bird
  • Black Collared Love Bird
Love Birds like food like pellets, fruits, seeds and vegetables. Fresh green vegetables and leafs like, Romaine lettuce are also good for their nutrition. Love Birds are very vocal and their high - pitch loud noise create nuisance at times. Theydeserveit gives all the relevant information related to the Love Birds. If you are on the look out for a pair of Love Birds to repair an affair that is on the verge of extinction you can choose from all the 9 varieties.

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