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Theydeserveit >> Valentine's Day >> Romantic Vacations in Colombia

Romantic Vacations in Colombia

Colombia is the northwestern most country of South America. The vibrating life in any of the South American country is very much visible in the culture of the particular country. The impact of the Spanish invasion is still present in the cuisines, apparels and music of Colombia. Romantic Vacations in Colombia is all about exploring those things and having a taste of the Latin American life. If you are ready for Romantic Vacations in Colombia, you must have a taste of the Colombian delicacies. These will make your Romantic candlelit dinners even more Romantic. The Latin American music will just add on to the Romantic ambience. You can try some of these cuisines out, such as, bandeja paisa, ajiaco, sancocho, cuchuco, etc. Bandeja paisa is a national favorite which consists of white rice, red beans, ground beef, morcilla, chicharron, arepa, avocado, a fried egg, sausage and plantain.

You can also try out some exotic beverages from Aguapanela, Guarapo, Champus, etc. Theydeserveit will help you in choosing the places you must visit while you are on a Romantic Vacation in Colombia.
  • Bogota is the capital of Colombia. Bogota presents you with the perfect blend of native Colombian culture and the Spanish culture. The historical landmarks such as, Capitol Municipal palace and cathedral, the Capilla del Sangrario and the plaza Bolivar are preserved to give you the feel of ancient Colombia. The gold museum over here is a living legend with over 100,000 pre-Colombian artworks. Zipaquira is 32miles south of Bogota. The area is famous for its salt mines. Guatavita is one of the famous salt mines in the country.
  • Cali is the capital of Salsa. This is the principal sugar producing region in Colombia. Deposits of precious metals are found here.
  • The Amazon Basin covers almost one-third of the territory of Colombia. Be there to have an idea of the original tropical forest. The place is difficult to reach not only because of thick forest, but also for the problem of conveyance. Leticia is a small town located on the bank of Amazon river. This river is famous for the safari arranged from Leticia to the nearby Amacayu National Park.
  • Santa Marta is one of the first major cities in Colombia, founded by the Spanish. The white beaches on the Caribbean coastline are the chief attractions for the tourists. The couples can undoubtedly spend a Romantic evening or have a sun bath. Cartagena is an ancient fortress city situated on the north coast. Proximity to Islas del Rosario is another reason for the popularity of Santa Marta. Rosario is an archipelago of 25 coral islets.
  • Barrnquila is mainly popular for the market on the bank of Magdalena River. This is basically a maritime port and a commercial centre in Colombia.
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