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TheyDeserveIt >> Valentines Day Romance >> Traditional Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines Day Traditional Gifts

Valentines Day traditions have been celebrated for centuries and traditional gifts have been given over and over again on this special day. Traditional gifts are a great way to tell your Valentines Day lover just how much you care. While the kind of traditional gift has come and gone over the years some of the traditional symbols of Valentines Day have remained very consistent.

Traditions and Valentines Day go hand in hand and many traditional Valentines Day gifts have more to do with imagery than with a specific gift itself. For example some of the most enduring traditions associated with Valentines Day are the image of a heart, or the color red (which of course comes from the blood and the heart which represent love) as well as the image of a Valentines Day angel which has evolved over time in to a Cupid with an arrow ready to pierce a heart with another's love.

When considering a Traditional Valentines Day gift for your Valentine lover you should take into account all of the colors and imagery that have been associated with Valentines Day over the years. Determine if you want to use lace and hearts and cupid like figures and make your traditional gift really individual in thought and preparation. Another very popular and traditional Valentines Day gift which is not as common anymore is a locket or a card which contains a lock of hair. In present times this might seem a bit unusual but in the past that lock of hair was like giving a piece of yourself to your Valentine which they could keep with them always. This kind of traditional Valentine was especially common in wartimes when the woman at home would send a lock of hair to their soldier Valentine in far away places. Of course flowers have always been at the center of Valentines Day gift giving and will likely remain a central part of this romantic holiday for many years to come.

Traditional Valentines Day Hearts and the Color Red
In current times when one considers the traditional Valentines Day heart and the color red the image of a box of chocolates comes straight to mind. In the past while the heart has always been at the center of Valentines Day gift giving the red box of chocolates was not a common gift. Chocolates were in deed a luxury item and so not many people could afford that special kind of gift. The heart might have been made from wood or fabric or some other material and may have had a special inscription placed on it to rememebr one lover to another. In this way the red heart has always been a traditional Valentines Day gift but the chocolate addition is not quite as old.

Traditional Valentines Day Flowers
Flowers have been a traditional Valentines Day gift for hundreds of years and with good reason. The beauty found in a single flower or in a floral bouquet is a noble attempt to capture the beauty of a relationship between lovers. Over time the color of the traditional Valentines Day flower became read so as to be associated with the heart, another Valentines Day symbol. The red rose is, like the gift of chocolates, a fairly recent Valentines Day tradition. In the past the commercial cultivation and widespread availability of roses was not nearly what it has become today. Because roses were a more rare flower, especially in their domesticated condition, they were not the traditional Valentines Day flower gift. Wild roses, tulips, carnations and just a general bouquet of flowers were much more common many years ago. Today a dozen red roses is the most common and traditional Valentines Day gift and always sends the message of love.

Angels As Traditional Valentines Day Gifts
The cherub Cupid has long been associated with the traditions of Valentines Day and as a symbol of love. Cupid's story can be traced back to Roman mythology and a love story involving Venus, Psyche, Pluto and others. Cupid's role in the story at first causes great pain and suffering but in the end Cupid acts in such a way that all is forgiven and Psyche is made a goddess. Cupid becomes associated with not only love but the theme that love can conquer all, even death. Arrows through hearts and flying cherubs all stem from Cupid and his traditional role in Valentines Day. To give a gift which understands the tradition of Cupid and casts a spell on your Valentines Day lover might be the most mesmerizing gift of all.

Traditional Valentines Day Gifts
Traditional gifts are fun to explore and learn about so as to make a modern holiday all the more meaningful. Once you know a little bit about traditional Valentines Day gifts you can incorporate that knowledge into your gift giving process and ensure that This Valentines Day will be an extra special one for both you and your lover.


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