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TheyDeserveIt >> Valentines Day Romance >> Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Below we have listed 30 great gift ideas for your Girlfriend on this Valentines Day. Finding the right girlfriend gift for Valentines Day is of course a very personal search and can only be completed from the heart, but this list of ideas should help you get started.

Make sure when you are choosing a gift for your girlfriend you do not just pick something because it is convenient or easy. While convenient gifts may be perfect they are not always the best idea, especially on a romantic holiday like Valentines Day.

So without further delay here is the list of 40 great gift ideas for your girlfriend this Valentines Day brought to you from Have a great Valentines Day celebration with your girlfriend.

1) Pendant necklace with a locket
2) Small Pearl Earrings
3) A journal or diary for her to record her thoughts
4) An elctronic game to play together
5) An instant camera to take pictures of the two of you
6) An iTunes gift Card
7) A CD of her favorite musical artist
8) A hooded sweatshirt with school colors
9) A cool hat
10) Flowers
11) Candies
12) A gift card for her favorite mall shop
13) A date at a coffee shop for the two of you alone
14) A cute bracelet
15) A new cover for her cell phone

16) A cute pair of socks (cause you love her feet)
17) Some nice smelling hand lotion
18) Ribbons or ties to put in her beautiful hair
19) A framed photo of you
20) A book of poetry (very romantic)
21) Dinner at a nice restaurant
22) Near ear buds for her MP3 player
23) A favorite book for her to read
24) A small pearl necklace pendant
25) Diamond Stud earrings
26) How about a diamond ring if you are really serious
27) A blanket complete with all picnic essentials
28) A small pet (dog or cat maybe)
29) Dance lessons for the two of you
30) A day at the spa

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