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TheyDeserveIt >> Traditional Valentines Day Gifts >> Valentines Day Candles

Valentines Day Candles

Candles and Valentines Day are two things which will always go well together. Like Valentines Day candles are associated with romance and lovers. The dim flickering lights have an endlessly captivating way of making anyone who looksgazes upon them think about the best things in life and those moments which are filled with passion. A Valentines Day without candles would be much like a Christmas with no tree. The holiday of course would still come and go but something would be missing.

Candles and candle gifts on Valentines Day are very much traditional. These kinds of gifts have been presented for hundreds of years and have long been consider a romantic gift to give to your lover. In modern candle manufacturing we have the luxury of choosing candles in a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles which go even further to enhance the message we are trying to send when presenting a candle as a Valentines Day gift.

As you give thought to a candle as a Valentines Day gift or to be used in your Valentines Day celebrations you will want to consider things like size, color, fragrance and meaning. Rather than just running out and buying any old candle to sit on the table during Valentines Dinner you can put in a little bit of effort and find a candle that not only gives off that mesmerizing light but also sends a message from your heart with its elegance and composition. So dont take this year's Valentines Day candles for granted let's discuss a few things to consider as we find the perfect candle for your valentine.

Size and Shape for your Valentines Day Candle
The size and the shape of your Valentines Day candle are really determined by the purpose your candle will serve. If the candle is designed as a gift and has a special fragrance, composition or color then more than likely the Valentines candle will be shorter and enclosed in some kind of jar. These kinds of candles can make a fine portion of a centerpiece for a dining table and work especially well in this capacity if the jar holding the candle is clear or translucent. If the candle is going to be buring on the table while you eat together you will want that tall and slender candle which adds grace and beauty to tables both humble and noble.

Valentines Day Fragrance and Color for Candles
The color of a Valentines Day candle will almost assuredly be red to accent any other decorations and remind us all of the symbolism the color red holds for the heart. The color white can also be used effectively on Valentines Day as it stands for the purity of love on this most special of lover's holidays. Apart from red and white no other colors should really be used on Valentines Day. If you are purchasing a votive or fragrant candle as a gift to be burned in a room or a kitchen then red or white will work. The fragrances most frequently associated with Valentines Day are floral or perfume like in nature. When choosing a fragrant candle as a Valentines Day gift you want something that will send a subtle and romantic message to your valentine.

Take care with Valentines Day Candle Gifts
Anytime you are thinking about candles you need to take at least a moment to think about the safety of dealing with fire as well. While candles in a bedroom may very well create a beautiful atmosphere and lighting they may not be safe if you fall asleep while the candle is burning. Any time there will be younger children around who may have an interest in the flame of a candle you should make sure the location of the candle is well out of reach. Candles as a gift on Valentines Day are a wonderful way to set the mood but safety should always come first.

Valentines Day Candles a perfect Romantic Gift
Candles are really a simple and very romantic gift. Combined with some flowers, a bottle of wine and some music nothing works better to help unwind and allow two lovers to find each other on Valentines Day. So take a few moments and find just the right candle to help you celebrate with your Valentine.


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