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TheyDeserveIt >> Traditional Valentines Day Gifts >> Valentines Day Facial Gifts

Valentines Day Facial Gifts

Looking for a great last minute Valentines Day Gift. A certificate to get a Valentines Day Facial treatment at your local spa will be a winner every time. Women and men (secretly of course) both like to be pampered and there is no better way to pamper yourself or your Valentine than with a gift certificate to the local spa. Getting a spa facial treatment as a gift on Valentines Day is so perfect you may just end up buying this same gift over and over again for Valentines Day.

When considering giving a facial at a spa as a gift for Valentines Day remember that there are many kinds of facial treatments and masks and facial rubs that can be offered at a spa. Some spas will offer as many as 6 or more distinct facial treatments which would make an excellent Valentines Day gift. Rather than try to choose the right facial for your Valentine you are always safe just buying a spa gift certificate and letting your lover pick the treatment which is best for them.

If you have never been to a spa or had a facial before you are in for a real treat. Depending on the kind of facial treatment you choose there may be wraps with warm towels, rubs with oils and lotions, masks with different kinds of cleansers and purifiers and normally a head and shoulder massage as well, The time lying on the bed or sitting in the chair and being pampered while receiving your Valentines Day facial is just for relaxing and and letting all of your concerns go away. What you will have when you leave the spa is a refreshed, revitalized and clean face which makes everything from your smile to your eyes look and feel better. Sometimes a facial treatment can leave your skin looking a bit uneven in color and normally you do not want to apply makeup right after you have had a facial so do not plan a fancy night out on the same day you schedule your facial treatment. Instead just let the relaxation run and think of the generosity of your Valentine in presenting this special Valentines Day gift.

Combine A Valentines Day Facial with Manicure or Pedicure
If you are thinking about sending your Valentine to the spa to enjoy a facial treatment as your Valentines Day gift this year you should consider upgrading that gift one level and include a manicure or pedicure as well. Adding an additional treatment for your Valentines hands or feet will prolong the visit to the spa and create and even more wonderful experience. When your valentine comes home with her hands or feet all pampered and her head and shoulders relaxed from a wonderful Valentines Day facial treatment then she will surely have experienced a perfect Valentines Day gift.

Try an At Home Facial Treatment on Valentines Day
There is no rule that says you must go to the spa to have a facial on Valentines Day. For some people the thought of having a stranger in a foreign environment rubbing face and neck is a bit uncomfortable. The answer is not to give up on the idea of giving the gift of a facial for Valenties Day. No you should try an at home facial treatment. Many health and beauty stores and even local markets will carry facial treatment supplies which include full instrcutions on how to give your loved one a facial. This could be the start of a different and intimate evening as you each take time to pamper each other in the privacy of your own home on Valentines Day.

A Facial as a Valentines Day Gift for your Girlfriend
The idea of a day at a spa seems a bit intimate and personal and as if this might only be the kind of gift a husband would purchase for their wife. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many young ladies are already familiar with the spa environment and have specialists who take care of their hair, eyebrows and nails. If you have a girlfriend you really like and want to make an impression on Valentines Day all you need to do is give her a gift certificate for a facial at her favorite spa. Much better than flowers and she will remember your facial gift for a long, long time.

Be Romantic on Valentines Day and give Intimate Gifts
Any gift that deals with the way someone looks and feels is a gift that has intimacy and romance involved. A facial treament at a spa certainly falls into that category and this is why a facial is a great Valentines Day gift. Do a little homework, buy the certificate and wait for the smile as she dreams about her upcoming facial and the relaxation it will provide.


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