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TheyDeserveIt >> Traditional Valentines Day Gifts >> Valentines Day Gifts for Children

Valentines Day Gifts for Children

What sweeter image is there than that of a child giving a Valentines Day gift. Children love Valentines Day because in their innocence they are able to tell everyone around them how much they love them. Children on Valentines Day hand out gifts in the form of small cards or candies and expect very little in return except for more of the same. The site of a child bringing all of their specially prepared valentines to school and then returning home with a valentine from each classmate is priceless.

Many times as younger children prepare their valentines they have fun snacking on the chocolates or creating special ways to sign their name. Often mom and dad as well as the dog and fish are also given a valentine gift from the children just becasue they love everyone so much. As children grow older some of those innocent traditions give way to a more cautious and embarrassed way of thinking about Valentines Day. When children stop giving these kinds of Valentines Day presents then a most special stage of childhood has in deed come to a close.

Just because a child is no longer very young and no longer excited about passing out lots of Valentines Day gifts does not mean that the fun or enthusiasm of Valentines Day GIft giving needs to come to an end. Rarther quite the opposite is true. As a parent continuing to nuture excitement for holidays and sharing with others is a special gift that adults can give to their children. What better day than Valentines Day to show your son or daughter how to appropriately say "Happy Valentines Day" without getting caught in an awkward situation. So one of the best gifts that you can give your children on Valentines Day is the ability to use this time to express love to family members in a sincere way.

Giving your Children A Gift on Valentines Day
While the gift of respect for family is a good lesson to teach on Valentines Day it is also fun to present a child with a Valentines Day gift. Small girls will often look for something pretty to make them look more grown up and dressed up. Ribbons, fancy socks, hair ties and dresses are all excelletn Valentines Day presents for your female children. For boys a good Valentines Day gift does not need to revolve as much around cute and romance. Think of ideas like a model that can be built and flown or driven, or a puzzle or game that can be played together. The idea here is to give your son a gift that allows you to connect with him while working toegther on a task.

Teach the Gift of Volunteering on Valentines Day
Many times gift giving for children becomes an exercise in indulgence which might not be necessary. If you are of the mindset that children should learn how to give gifts and give of themselves as well as receive gifts than Valentines Day might be a good time to teach about volunteering. Giving the gift of time is a good lesson to learn. There are numerous charitable organizations who welcome child observers and volunteers. All volunteering does not have to be with humans caught in difficult times. Consider the Valentines Day gift of children volunteering at an animal shelter or a school for a day.

Valentines Day Gifts for a Daughter and a Son
For young children, apart from the traditional Valentines Day gifts of cards and chocolate, a samll toy or article of clothing or piece jewelry might become a nice keepsake to remember Valentines Day. As Children grow older Valentines Day gifts become a bit more difficult to choose but music and phone time and girl/boy oriented gifts are a good bet. Adult children even like being remembered on Valentines Day with a card, a call or a special meal maybe prepared by the parents they love.

Dont Foget the Children on Valentines Day
Children who are off at school, just starting out on their own or maybe even back at home after a bit of time away from the parents are all potentially a bit lonely on Valentines Day. A gift to your child on this day, especially if your children live away from your home, is a wonderful sentiment and a great way to say "I Love You". In the end that is what giving a gift on Valentines Day is all about.


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