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TheyDeserveIt >> Traditional Valentines Day Gifts >> Valentines Day Gifts for Father

Valentines Day Gifts for Father

On Valentines Day Fathers are often the last ones we think about. Buying a gift for your father on Valentines Day may be awkward and not even appreciated. It is so easy to think of mom and spouse and girlfreind or boyfreind...but dad and Valentines Day gift giving just do not seem to go together quite as well as with other family members and significant others.

Many times a father will work hard to make Valentines Day gift exchanges special for many members of the family. It may be easy to sit back and say that it does not matter if dad receives a Valentines Day gift because the holiday was never really for him. While this may be true and your father may be gracious there does come a time when a thoughtful Valentines Day gift for your father is just the right sentiment.

So what kind of Valentines Day present does one get for dear old dad, another pair of socks or a tie? As simple and jaded as some of these old time gift ideas may sound many fathers really appreciate a predictable and reliable gift that they can add to their wardrobe and which will bring back some memories when put around their neck. If your family has a tradition of purchasing a gift for father on Valentines Day then you may already have an idea as to the best gift for this year. But maybe this is the first time you have ever thought about buying dad a Valentines Day gift and you need some help. Well here at we offer all kinds of suggestions on Fathers Valentines Day gifts to get you pointed in the right diection.

Time Tested Gifts for Father on Valentines Day
As mentioned above there are some standard and time tested gifts which you can purchase for your father on Valentines Day which always get at least a smile and a kind word of thanks from dad. The shirt, the tie, the socks, and maybe some favorite food stuffs are a great place to start when considering a gift for your Father this Valentines Day. Usually these tried and true Valentines Day gifts are easy to find and easy to return if they do not work. Remember not to get too caught up in being original as much as being sincere. Your dad will appreciate that you even thought of him and that you took the time to find a Valentines Day gift just for him.

A Personal Gift for Dad on Valentines Day
Maybe you are looking for something more personal and a way to express some thought or feeling you have always wanted to share with your father and Valentines Day might be the right opportunity. Dads are always waiting for that moment when a child will say "You were right Dad" "Thanks for the good advice Father" and "I appreciate and love you now more than ever Dad" These kinds of personal emotions and feelings, when shared on a day like Valentines Day, can create a memory that will last your father for the rest of his life. Consider a nice breakfast or dinner, a chance for just the two of you to be together and tell your father exactly how you feel this Valentines Day. What better gift could he hope for.

A Whacky or Different Valentines Day Gift for Dad
If you are looking for something lighthearted and fun to send a Valentines Day message to your father then this can be a very special day for all to remember. Valentines Day gift ideas that are a bit more bold can range everywhere from a girl jumping out of a cake (better check with mom first) to a membership in the beer of the month club. How about tickets to go to a game together or to visit a show or museum he loves. Treat your father this Valentines Day to something that is his favorite, even if it may not be all that good for him. Adopt the philosophy that you only live once and go for it making this Valentines Day gift one you and your father will never forget.

Don't Forget Dad on Valentines Day
Many may consider Valentines Day a girly holiday and all about flowers and chocolates but that is not really the point. Valentines Day is about saying "I Love You" to the special people in your life and father is included in that category. Even if you just place a simple call or write a little note don't forget a nice gift for father this Valentines Day.


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