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TheyDeserveIt >> Traditional Valentines Day Gifts >> Valentines Day Gifts for Grandma and Nana

Valentines Day Gifts for Grandma and Nana

Valentines Day presents a special opportunity for the grandchildren to select that perfect gift for grandma. No one on the planet deserves to have love showered on her more than grandma or nana. Valentines Day is the one day each year when showing your love with a gift is normal. For a grandchild to present to their grandma or nana a Valentines Day present which was personally selected and wrapped would mean more than anything to grandma.

Purchasing a Valentines Day gift or present for Grandma might not always be easy as Nana often will claim to have all of the love that she needs and will try to deflect the joy of receiving a gift for Valentines Day off on another person. "Please do not waste your time or money on me" Grandma might say...all the while taking great pleasure just in knowing that you thought of her on this special Valentines Day.

So while we know that grandma will be very modest in the way she approaches a Valentines Day gift we can be equally sure that her pleasure will be ten fold to know that the grandchildren thought of her at this time of year. In this spirit the gifts which are given to grandma on Valentines Day should be modest and humble but built with love and a long lasting impact that shows in deed how deeply we care about the family matriarch.

Homemade Gifts for Grandma on Valentines Day
When a gift is being given from a grandchild to their grandmother on Valentines Day time should be taken to include something which is handmade and precious because of the effort and love which is put in to the present. The grandchildren are surely able to draw pictures, write special notes, make cards and even put frames on small pictures. All of these handmade gifts for Nana on Valentines Day will be cherished more than almost any other kind of gift could be cherished. Buidling a loving memory is an important part of Valentines Day.

Photo Gifts for Grandma on Valentines Day
Every grandmother loves to look upon and share photos about her grandchildren. Having photos around the home and in the purse are one of the joys that grandmothers get to really treasure. Sending a Valentines Day gift to grandma which includes photos is a real winner. The pictures can be larger and enclosed in a special frame for putting in some unique place in the home. Or a photo gift at Valentines Day can be a small wallet sized photo to be carried around until replaced by an updated version next year. Finally there are many ways to share digital photos with digital frames, online, and on computer screensavers. Each one of these ideas is a special Valentines Day gift giving opportuntiy for grandma.

Cooking Gifts for Grandma on Valentines Day
Does grandma like to spend time in the kitchen especially making sweets like cookies or candy. If so then a small present for Nana of a cooking accessory would be a wonderful gift at Valentines Day. Little cupcake toppers or holders with tiny hearts would be very special. A cookie cutter in the shape of a heart is a nice small gift and easy to mail to a gramdma who might be far away. Even certain spices that go along with Valentines Day, like cinnamon or nutmeg, would make a tasty Valentines Day gift idea for gramdma.

Gifts for Grandma on Valentines Day
Getting grandma a Valentines Day gift is as natural as saying "I love you." Your mother or grandmother thinks of you all the time and spent years showering you with love so that her children and her grandchildren would bring her joy in her later years of life. A simple and well thought out Valentines Day gift for Grandma is just icing on the cake in a lifelong relationship of love.


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