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TheyDeserveIt >> Traditional Valentines Day Gifts >> Valentines Day Manicure Gift

Valentines Day Manicure Gifts

The gift of a manicure on Valentines Day is a simple gift to give to your Valentine lover. A manicure is the kind of gift that has a long lasting impact. A manicure gift, which traditionally will take place at a spa, allows your Valentine to relax and be spoiled by someone who will care for their hands in a way they can not do on their own. The relaxation and added beauty that a manicure provides are wonderful ways to say to your loved one on Valentines Day that they are indeed special.

Some people will think that a manicure as a Valentines Day gift is only for a woman but this is not true. Men can benefit from a manicure in very real ways, especialliy if they have been working and have rough hands or if they are going on an important business trip and need their hands to make a great first impression. As an added benefit having side by side manicures allows the Valentines Day lovers to enjoy each other as well.

A manicure is a treatment that takes between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the work that is done on your hands and the practices of the particuler spa. A manicure gift which is given on Valentines Day will usually consist of some period of time soaking your hands in a warm relaxing liquid which helps to soften the skin and the nails before the manicurist goes to work. After the soaking the skin around the nails will be shaped and fine tuned as well as having any hard skin gently removed. The manicurist will also spend time triming and shaping the nails to make them look their absolute best. A fine file and buff are normally used to finish off the work on the fingernails themselves. Some manicures will include a treatment with hot wax on the hands and arms which is very relaxing and helps build up moisture in the skin. A soft massage of the forearms and hands along with a finishing touch of some nail polish normally round out the manicure treatment. All of this special attention is delivered in a quiet setting with relaxing sounds and fragrances to make a manicure a wonderful gift idea for Valentines Day.

Will this be your First Manicure Gift
If you have never had a manicure before, or if you have never given a manicure as a gift then you are in for a real treat. The first thing to know is that a manicure is the easiest, most cost effective and enjoyable way to get familiar with a spa and their services. To give the gift of a manicure for Valentines Day is simple. Find a spa near your home and stop in for a visit. Ask to see a list of their services and to peek inside some of the rooms where they might give a manicure or pedicure. If the place looks clean and professional buy a gift certificate and that is are done with your Valentines Day Manicue Gift shopping. Simple. If this will be your first time ever having a manicure there are no worries. A manicure requires no awkward positions, no undressing and no worries about weight, size, color shape etc. Just your hands and forearms are all that is needed. So wear a shirt which is short sleeved or can be pulled up and you are ready to go. No intimidation here.

A Manicure and Pedicure Package
If you want to make your Valentines Day manicure gift extra special think about throwing in a pedicure as well. Just as simple as a manicure a pedicure is the same kind of treatment for your feet and lower legs. The removal of rough skin and applications of warm lotions and oils are the perfect treat to go along with your manicure Valentines Day gift. If your special Valentine would not have the time in one day to get both a manicure and a pedicure (manni and peddi combo) then buy the gift certificate to cover both services and have that special someone schedule two days of pampering one for their hands and one for their feet. Some people like a manicure more than a pedicure and others prefer the other way around, no matter what your preference this gift covers all the options.

Manicures With your Valentine on Valentines Day
Talk about taking a simple Valentines Day gift and making it something to remember. Why not consider getting a manicure together with your Valentine and doing it on Valentines Day. A few quite relaxing moments together, some nice music, a massage on your hands. It can all be done over a lunch hour, throw in a dozen red roses and you just hit the ball out of the park when it comes to Valentines Day gifts.

Valentines Day Manicure Gifts
A manicure gift for Valentines Day is simple, easy to arrange, always appreciated and creates a memorable Valentines Day experience. This is one of those gifts that comes along once in a while and meets many criteria for perfect gift giving. Go ahead and find the right spa and make your manicure gift certificate purchase today.


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