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TheyDeserveIt >> Valentines Day Romance >> Valentines Day Singing Telegrams

Valentines Day Singing Telegrams

A Valentines Day singing telegram is one of those embarassing and goofy and once in a lifetime Valentines Day gifts which everyone should give to their special Valentine at least once. Sending a singing telegram to a place of work or a dorm room or a school is a fun way to let your Valentine lover know that you are really thinking of them on Valentines Day.

The singing telegram of course is not limited to the Valentines Day holiday as it can be sent year round and on birthdays and anniversaries. However, Valentines Day seems like the perfect match for this kind of gift which really makes the recipient feel like they are "special".

Once you have made up your mind that you are going to send a singing telegram this Valentines Day there are several things you will need to consider to make the gift just right. You need to think about where you will have the Valentines Singing telegram delivered, you need to think about what time of day you want the telegram to arrive, and you want to consider what kind of impression you want your Valentines Day singing telegram to leave. If you overlook any of these important aspects of this one of a kind gift you may end up with an end result that is less than what you had hoped and maybe even disasterous.

Where to Deliver Your Valentines Singing Telegram
The first big consideration when sending a singing telegram on any holiday, but especially on Valentines Day, is where you will have the telegram delivered. You have choices like home, school, work, a restaurant etc. The key thing when thinking about where the singers will show up is making sure your Valentines Day sweetie will be around and also making sure the singers will have access to the space. Many schools and offices may have policies against this kind of gift or against visitors entering a building without clearance. Think about where the singing telegram will be delivered, make sure it will be allowed or get proper clearance, and of course warn the front desk person or gatekeeper that the singers will be arriving so that they will have no problems gainnig access on Valentines Day. If you deliver the singers at your home early in the morning you better be awake to greet them.

What Time will your Valentines Day Singers Arrive
In addition to thinking about where your Valentines Day singing Telegram will be delivered you need to think of the best time of day for delivery. If you want the delivery to be an early morning wake up then that is obvious that before 7:00 AM would be best at your Valentines house. The timing gets a bit more tricky if you are trying to deliver the singers at school or work. You will need to know if your Valentine has any meetings or classes where they will be unavailable. Many times the company delivering the singing telegram will give a window for arrival and not a specific time. With this in mind you will need to know your Valentines schedule and make sure that the singers arrive at a good moment. Otherwise the gift will be a bomb.

What kind of Valentines Singing Telegram Will You Send
The final question is what kind of singing telegram will you send. This question covers not only the content of the song but also what the singers will be wearing. If you are sending your singing telegram to any kind of public place you will want to be discreet in your choices of content presented by the Valentines Day singers. However if you are sending the singing telegram to a private location you may take the liberty to be a bit more adventurous in both the clothing and dress of the singers.

Have Fun with Valentines Day Singers
Valentines Day singing Telegrams are a fun and once in a lifetime kind of gift. Have fun and make sure there are a few photos being taken so you can see and relive your Valentines embarrassment and reaction when the singers start belting our his or her tune.


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