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Valentines Day for School

Many schools have a tradition of throwing a Valentines Day Party in the classroom for most of the children in Kindergarten thorugh 5th or 6th grade. A School Valentines Day celebration is a fun chance to exchange nice sentiments with other students before children reach the age where they seriously begin to think about boyfriends and girlfriends.

One thing to be sensitive about when having a school Valentines Day party is that some children may be too aggressive with their first expressions of affection. Other children may remain shy or even become the target of some negative bullying behavior if a "valentines day" competition at school should start to unfold.

Avoiding some of the negative possibilities that surround a school Valentines Day party is quite simple and this kind of party is a nice chance to learn about respecting each other with sentiments and words. In order to avoid problems make sure teachers and parents establish guidelines where all children must be involved and where valentines cards must be handed out to every child in the class by every other child. No one can be left out accidentally or on purpose. Another way to avoid problems is to have a school teacher handle valentines day treats to ensure that everyone is getting equal treatment. Once safe guidelines are established then the school valentines day party can be a fund time of sharing between young friends of both sexes.

School Valentines Day Party Treat Ideas
If the children are exchanging Valentines Day candies and cards during a school Valentines Day party then there may be no need for any kind of treat. However, if the teacher and parents want to make sure every child gets a special treat then something like cupcakes are a great choice. Become aware of any allergy precautions before making all of the treats and accommodate any special needs as much as possible. Another idea for party treats is some kind of giveaway. Dentists love to visit younger children at school and give away brushes and floss. This idea may be a good match for your party.

School Valentines Day Cards
Most children in their early school years will purchase a set of cards from a local store to share with ther classmates on Valentines Day. Many times these cards will have an appropriate saying, or picture to depict an innocent Valentines Day wish. Recently some of these cards have actually been printed on candy wrappers so your child can give a Valentines Day card and a candy gift at the same time. Valentines Day pencils are also a great choice for a school Valentines Day party. If your child would like to create something home made cutting out simple hearts, or writing a nice note on a cherub shaped paper is an appropriate idea for school Valentines Day parties. Some school children will even record a cute song to a bunch of DVD discs and write their Valentines Day note on the disk for each classmate.

School Valentines Day Party Games
Some school Valentines Day Parties will consist of a simple card exchange and then a snack. Other classrooms may want to take their School Valentines Day Party to the next level by adding some games to the Valentine Party plan. In order to keep the party simple you do not need crazy games for kids to have fun. "Heads Up 7-Up", hang-man or even a work at their desk word search are great ideasl. Other games which might be a bit more active could include a bean bag or ping pong ball toss, a game where children pass objects up and down a line or even an outdoor relay race if weather allows. Before choosing any games try to make sure the game is not structured so that only one school child will participate at a time while everyone else watches. That gets boring.

Valentines Day School Parties
School parties are a part of an American tradition which go back many years and Valentines Day is one of those parties that most people enjoy and have few objections with. Take a few moments to recuit parent volunteers and plan a few games and you will have a simple and effective Valentines Day school party.


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