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TheyDeserveIt >> Valentines Day Romance >> Valentines Day Presents for Wife

Valentines Day Presents for Wife

This is going to be the Valentines Day when you do not forget to get a Valentines Day present for your wife and find yourself rushing to the super market to buy old flowers. You always wake up with good intentions and somehow things at work get crazy and you forget that you should have spent your lunch hour buying the Valentines Day gift rather than smoothing over that problem in the office.

You know, as always, your wife will be understanding and love you just as much (or at least you hope so) but it would be nice if one year you actually hit a home run and came up with the Valentines Day present for your wife that she will remember well beyond this Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is one of those "made up" holidays that many guys wish they could get around, but for the wives in our lives Valentines Day is so much more. Your wife knows you love her and the family but she lives for the days when you really show it by going the extra mile and coming up with a present to show your affection. Sure a Valentines Day present given to your wife is a token and a material representation of your love but that present becomes so much more when there is a little bit of thought and genuine love put behind it. The rewards of getting it right on Valentines Day are long lasting and so every guy who is married should put in just a little effort to make sure that the Valentines Day present for your wife this year is a good one.

Get a Valentines Present that is Long Lasting
The flowers are beautiful and the chocloates may be exotic and delicious but this kind of present will only last your wife a short while. At best these kinds of presents should be add ons to the real gift. A little something extra kind of Valentines Day present that your wife can enjoy for a few days and not feel guilty when she has to throw them in the trash. The real present you give your wife should be somethning that is going to be long lasting. This will give her something to look at over and over again. A long lasting Valentines Day present also allows you a chance to mention to your wife over and over again what a wonderful job you did with your gift purchase.

Practical Presents might Bomb
OK so getting a long lasting present for your wife on Valentines Day is a good idea. However, getting a practical Valentines Day present will most likley bomb. Have you ever tried to present your wife with a great roasting pan or a brand new GPS device on a romantic holiday? If you have not tried this kind of practical gift giving you should give it a shot one year. At least you will create a memory that will last a lifetime, you can just hope that the lifetime will be spent together and in the same bed.

So What Present Ideas do Work for my wife on Valentines Day?
Of course the best present is one you know will work for your wife and will make her smile for many days to follow. If your ideas have not yet started to flow here are a few starter ideas which may get you out of hot water and on to the good side of your wife this Valentines Day.

A great purse or handbag. Lingerie (self serving of course). A year long subscription to a magazine she loves. Several trips to the spa for manicures and pedicures. An in home chef to cook several weeks of meals and store them in the freezer. Some music or a book she has been dying to get but can't find the time to buy it for herself. And of course jewelry.


Valentines Day and Presents for your Wife
Getting the perfect present for your wife on Valentines Day is not that hard it just takes a few minutes of thinking and execution. The returns in the long run are well worth it and the investment you make in your relationship will only bring you personal joy as well.


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