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TheyDeserveIt >> Valentines Day Romance >> Valentines Day Gifts for Cats

Valentines Day Gifts for Cats

A Valentines Day gift for the cat in your life is really the purrfect blend of a holiday intended for our fellow humans but wonderfully matched with our feline friends. Really just think about the beauty and mystery and soft voice and smooth walk of your cat. Is there any wonder why so many comparisons have been drawn between a cat and a woman? And when we are considering showing our love with a Valentines Day gift shouldn't our cats be included in this moment of generosity?

Not that we expect our cats to show any appreciation or gratitude for our efforts and thoughfulness. Quite the opposite in return for our well thought out and executed cat valentines day gift we are more likely to get an askew glance and a walk the other way. Still isn't this the mystery which makes us love cats and keep giving them gifts over and over again?

Practicing Valentines Day gift giving on your cat may in fact be the best practice for all your future gift giving to a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. So much thought and preparation may go in to the Valentines Day gift and all we may ever get in return is a slow saunter in the other direction. But the process of being creative and coming up with an idea which will surprise and maybe even please our cat is really all of the fun. And when we see our cats in 3 days actually playing with our Valentines Day gift we will know we executed the gift giving in just the right manner.

A Valentines Day Gift for the Cat Who Wants Nothing
Unless you plan on buying your cat something live like a bird or a mouse as a gift which they can chase around the house on Valentines Day until they stalk it and kill it the odds are good your cat has no interest in any kind of gift you have to offer. So go ahead and consider another toy mouse or a ball of string if you must, these over used gifts may get a a short bit of notice on Valentines Day. Really what you need is to get a special can of food at least you will get the satisfaction of watching your feline lover spend a few fleeting seconds appreciating your efforts

Maybe a Valentines Gift of a Free Romp Outside
Has your cat been naughty and pooped in the neighbors sandbox one too many times or delivered one too many sparrows to the doorstep? Maybe free time outside has been cut back due to unwanted behavior. Well Valentines Day is the time for a gift to your cat of one free morning or afternoon of acting as ruler of the local plot. Really this is what a cat needs, a chance to get out and strut their stuff showing dominion over all of the lesser wildlife and getting a couple of dogs excited as well. Apologize to the neighbors later...Valentines Day is going to be a gift for your cat.

How About A Lazy Gift for your Cat on Valentines Day
Nothing says cat better than a chance to lie around and do nothing for a period of time. Why not make it possible for your cat to just curl up and hang out? Not like he or she wouldn't do that anyway even without your permission. But you might even take a moment to join them on the bed or the couch or the floor or by the fireplace. Maybe your cat spends a lot of time lying there but have you joined them recently? This is the best Valentines Day gift your cat could ever hope for, time lounging around, and you could rest for a few minutes as well. After about 10 minutes when your cat leaves it is time to get back to something less intrusive on their space.


Valentines Day Gifts and Cats
A gift for your cat on Valentines Day is as much about you as it is about your cat. In the end you both benefit and any time you spend thinking about how you can give some small and positive thing to another living being is in deed time well spent. Even if the other living being really couldn't care less what you think or feel.


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