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TheyDeserveIt >> Valentines Day Romance >> Valentines Day Gifts for Dogs

Valentines Day Gifts for Dogs

If ever there was a day created for man's best friend it was Valentines Day. Think how a Valentines Day gift for your dog is a special way to recognize the unconditional love and devotion given to you by the pet of your dreams. We all know that when the people in our lives let us down our dogs are their to make us feel welcome and to make the day right. For this reason alone, and because Valentines Day is a celebration of love, a Valentines Day gift for the dog or dogs in our life is a perfect idea.

Now if you have a special lover that you need to be paying attention to during Valentines Day make sure you do not give too much attention to your canine friend. A quick moment of thought and a trip to the vet or pet store for some special gifts is a great way to show appreciation for your dog's loyalty.

Of course your dog will not know that it is Valentines Day per se but dogs are very open to receiving gifts and returning affection when a gift is given. Valentines Day simply provides you with an opportunity to take a moment and think about your dog and how important he or she may be in your life or in the life of your family. Some dogs are literally life savers and taking a moment to acknowledge them and share some Valentines Day Doggie Gifts and affection is perfcetly healthy and acceptable.

Valentines Day Dog Treat Gifts
A special dog treat is a great gift for Valentines Day to show affection to your canine family member. Many stores sell gifts in special colors and shapes which make for a super photo opportunity before the gift gets gobbled up by the excited doggie. Another excellent idea and one that can be shared by several members of the family on Valentines Day is to bake your own treats for your Valentines Day Dog. Remember there are certain ingredients that dogs should never eat so check out a few reputable web sites before you just start mixing together last weeks left overs.

A Warm Gift for the Valentines Day Dog
A new coat or a bed makes a perfect winter time gift on Valentines Day for your dogs. While many parts of the world are in colder weather during Valentines Day taking the dog out for a walk can be a bit of a chilling experience. Granted your dog probably has its own built in coat of fur but what harm can be done with an extra red sweater or coat to make your dog look great on Valentines Day. If the gift of a dog coat is not your cup of tea maybe a new doggie bed would be perfect for warmth and snuggling this Valentines Day.

A Day at the Doggie Spa
Why not go over the top this year and treat your dog to a day at the doggie spa. Some dogs like nothing more than a nice wash and a hair cut combined with a pedicure on all four paws. If your dog has not been groomed in a while this Valentines Day gift of a day at the doggie spa would be perfect for your pampered pet. If your dog is a bit more of the disposition to run around, jump in a muddy lake and chase some decoys out of the freezing water then make Valentines Day your day to treat you and your dog to a special gift of some time outside.


Valentines Day and Dogs
Dogs really are the embodiment of loyal, trustworthy and unconditional friends. While Valentines Day may have been conceived to help us remember your loved ones of the human nature there really is no better day to treat your dog to a special gift than on Valentines Day.


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