Gifts for Teachers

Teachers are perhaps one of the most undervalued types of service jobs that are dedicated to the needs of the next generation. It falls on them to educate, mentor, and maximize the potential of every student that walks through their classroom door. So why then do they seem to come last in terms of how they're treated? They deserve more appreciation and acknowledgement. It makes sense to do something in the form of recognition for those that take up this honorable profession. And that's where personalized teacher gifts come in.

What Are Gifts For Teachers?

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Personalized teacher gifts are things that are unique to your relationship to them. For students in the classroom, gift ideas can come from what they've learned about the teacher's life. They can also take more of a creative form, like DIY cards, collages, and unique art projects. For parents, gift ideas can be more traditional. These options can include things like gift baskets, certificates, and compilations of thoughtful messages from the community.

There's also an option for actual physical gifts, and those can range from the practical to the decorative. For instance, an organizer for the top of their desk could help them do their job. Alternatively a paper weight on the theme of their expertise could be a nice decorative accent for their desk. Keeping in mind the teacher who's receiving the gift is key in the process of the giving. Is this a gift that they would want? Is this a gift they would use?

When And Why Should Gifts Be Given To Teachers?

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There are many opportunities to give gifts to teachers. It can be a way of establishing good will at the beginning of the school year. It can also be a great thank you toward the end of the year. Also, some teachers experience milestones in their careers and in their personal lives. The gift you give could also reflect these moments. For instance, say the teacher is having a child, you could give gifts that honor this new presence in their lives.

Another example of a gift-worthy milestone could be a promotion of some kind that the teacher has received. Or, the teacher may even be leaving to go teach in another district. A 'going away gift' could be appropriate here as an expression of thanks for a job well done.

Ideas For Personalized Teacher Gifts

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One idea that could engage the student's creativity might stem from curiosity around the subject that's taught. If this teacher has inspired a new passion for a given topic in the mind of a student, then perhaps an art project, poem, essay, or unique gift related to that topic. Say it's a science teacher that's been giving lessons on constellations and the fabric of the cosmos. A unique gift could be to name a star after that teacher by contacting the star registry. the student can then attach a card and a message that thanks the teacher for their new passion for the subject.


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We hope that now you'll have some ideas for what to give the special teachers in your life. One thing we didn't mention for the heavily 'experience' loving teachers is that you can gift them things to go out and do. You can use your imagination here, but for now here's an example that's sure to be appreciated by any teacher you give it to: a certificate for a full spa day/massage treatment. Another thing teachers most likely deal with? Stress. If you can get them some kind of gift that will help alleviate the chronic stress associated with teaching, they'll be expressly grateful for your decision to consider their well being like this.

Ten Best Whiskey Stones Gift Set

With the Whiskey industry experiencing a current boom, chances are you know a whiskey lover that is searching for the perfect way to cool down their drink without watering down their spirits. Whether they’re a novice or an expert, let us guide you through the 10 best whiskey stones gift sets available now. 

​Table of Comparison

Whiskey Stones FAQ

​​What Is a Whiskey Stone?

​​How Do They Work?

​​Where Can You Buy It?

​​Price Range?

How We Reviewed Each Whiskey Stone Gift Set

We searched out the best whiskey stones available on the market today, compared each of their features, listed out their pros and cons, considering the ease of purchasing, the value of the product as it related to its cost, and whether the seller offered a warranty to protect your purchase or not.  

Overall Price Range of the Whiskey Stones Gift Sets

We recognize that if you’re reading this list, you may not know as much about the many scotches, whiskeys, or bourbons out there, but still want to purchase the best gift possible for that friend, colleague, or loved one. With that in mind.

Which Gift Sets We Reviewed

  1. 1
    ​​Original Whisky Stones & Whisky Glasses By Teroforma
  2. 2
    ​​Balls of Steel - Whiskey Drink Coolers
  3. 3
    ​​Whiskey Stones Gift Set by BROTEC
  4. 4
    ​Servino Select Whiskey Stones + Chilling Stick
  5. 5
    ​Whiskey Chilling Stones & Storage Tray by R.O.C.K.S.
  6. 6
    ​LUX Essentials Whiskey Diamonds
  7. 7
    ​Kollea Stainless Steel Reusable Chilling Stones with Tongs
  8. 8
    ​Whiskey Stones Gift Set by EMcollection
  9. 9
    ​Sea Stones On the Rocks Granite 6-Piece Whiskey Chilling Stones Set
  10. 10
    ​Set of 8 Titanium Gold Plated Stainless Steel Chilling Rocks by Osleek

​Best Whiskey Stones

Whisky For Two – Original Whisky Stones (Set of 6) & Whisky Glasses...
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR WHISKY LOVERS: This is the COOLEST WAY to serve drinks on the rocks! This gift set includes two whisky...
  • EASY TO USE: Store whisky stones in freezer for at least 4 hours before use. Add 3 stones to a glass. Pour until liquid...
  • HIGHEST QUALITY WHISKY STONES: Teroforma Whisky Stones are sourced in the US and will not chip or dissolve in your...


​​Meticulous attention to detail, quality materials, and domestic manufacturing set Teroforma apart from its competition. This gift set includes 6 whiskey stones and two non-lead European tumblers so the whiskey lover in your life can share their spirits with you if they’re in the mood. With stones sourced in the United States using only the finest materials, these stones will not chip or dissolve in your glass while they chill your drinks.

​pros and cons

  • High-quality non-lead crystal tumblers included
  • ​Sourced in the USA
  • ​Includes pouch for the stones
  • ​Not as effective at chilling
  • ​Gift set does not include tongs

Balls of Steel - Whiskey Drink Coolers
  • Balls of Steel - chill your whiskey, wine or spirits.
  • Forged from the highest quality stainless steel. (FDA approved for food and drink)
  • Perform, faster and more efficient than ice.


​​One of the best features of this gift set is that a portion of the profits goes directly to fund testicular cancer research at MD Anderson Cancer Center, enabling you to give two gifts at once. Forged from high-quality stainless steel, the Balls of Steel whiskey stones perform faster and more efficiently than ice, cooling whiskey down to an optimal temperature of 46.5 degrees Fahrenheit within 20 minutes. Also, since they’re smaller than most whiskey stones and made of steel, they have a shorter freezing time, so they are ready to go in around 90 minutes.  

​pros and cons

  • ​Shorter freezing time
  • ​Gift set comes with tongs
  • ​A portion of your purchase funds cancer research
  • ​Warms up faster than other stones
  • ​Higher relative cost

Whiskey Stones Gift Set - 8 Granite Chilling Whisky Rocks – 2...
  • THE BEST GIFT FOR FRIENDS. The whiskey stones gift set is a best gift idea for friends present! The whiskey glass and...
  • A CLEAN TASTING LIQUOR DRINK. Forget about watery whiskey, bourbon or other drinks. BROTEC whisky rocks stones provide...
  • IDEAL COOLING. Put the whiskey ice stones in the freezer and you will get cold rocks, which awesomely cool your drink....


​​One word comes to mind with the Whiskey Stones Gift Set by BROTEC: lavish. This gift set is the model benchmark for all other whiskey stones sets out there. This set of 8 premium, high-quality stones, 2 whiskey glasses, and a velvet pouch is all included in an intricate wood crafted box. Not only that, according to consumer surveys, these whiskey stones live up to expectations and justify their cost and come with a one-year money-back guarantee. This deal is so good it's almost a steal.  

​pros and cons

  • ​High quality, lavish set
  • ​Set includes 8 stones
  • ​Shot glass size glasses
  • ​Stones can wear down over time

Servino Select Whiskey Stones + Chilling Stick Will Cool Your Drinks...
  • PREMIUM WHISKEY STONES SET INCLUDES - (8) Fast-cooling non-diluting stainless steel ice cubes with rounded edges that...
  • CHILL YOUR DRINK IN 90 SECONDS OR LESS! - Don't wait several minutes for your drinks to cool while entertaining guests....
  • 100% MONEY-BACK LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We know you will absolutely love the quality and results of our whisky ice cubes...


​​There’s so much to like in the Servino Select Whiskey Stones and Chilling Stick Gift Set. It includes a plastic tray to keep the cubes on in the freezer, akin to a real ice cube tray and tongs that have a non-slip rubber end to prevent scratching the cubes or your glass. The rounded edges of the cubes help ensure that your glass won't get damaged, but what really makes this set special is the ability to chill your drink in 90 seconds or fewer with the accompanying chilling stick. The 100% lifetime money-back guarantee makes this a no-risk gift to give even the most discerning of whiskey connoisseurs.

​pros and cons

  • ​Chills whiskey or other liquor within 90 seconds
  • ​Ice cube-like tray for stones
  • ​It is heavy and has the potential to break glass

Whiskey Chilling Stones - Set of 6 Handcrafted Premium Granite Round...
  • THE CONNOISSEUR'S CHOICE - Set includes 6 x Handcrafted premium FDA safe compliant granite round whiskey chilling stones...
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT - Fast-cooling non-diluting round solid granite stones used to perfectly cool fine spirits without...
  • ENHANCE DRINKING EXPERIENCE - Our solid rocks let you appreciate and rediscover original true spirits flavors. Easy to...


​​Featuring a set of six handcrafted, premium, FDA safe, compliant granite round whiskey chilling stones and one hardwood presentation and storage tray, this whiskey stones set is one of the most elegant we’ve seen. Each of the six granite stones has a unique color that blends beautifully within the set of six. The granite also chills whiskey drinks faster and for longer than their soapstone competitors. R.O.C.K.S. also offers a generous 100% money-back guarantee.

​pros and cons

  • ​Chills whiskey faster and longer
  • ​Elegant look and feel
  • ​The stain on the tray can rub off on the stones
  • ​No set of tongs are included in this set

LUX Essentials Whiskey Diamonds - Set of 9 Hand Made Diamond Shaped...
  • IMPROVED CHILL - Lux Diamonds have approximately 60% Increased Surface Area over Traditional Cubes for Better Chilling
  • NATURAL - Made from 100% natural FDA Approved Basalt Stone
  • UNIQUE - Hand made 14 Sided Shape Stones With Velvet Carrying Pouch Makes a Stylish and Useful Gift


​​When you think of fine stones, diamonds automatically come to mind. LUX Essentials' whiskey diamonds are made from FDA approved basalt stone, and their unique 14-sided shape makes them not only useful, but stylish.

​pros and cons

  • ​Chills without watering down
  • ​Look good in the glass and drink
  • ​Not as durable as stainless steel
  • ​Variances in shape and size

Kollea Stainless Steel Reusable Ice Cubes Chilling Stones with Tongs...
  • CHILL WITHOUT DILUTION - Made from food-grade stainless steel material, these reusable ice cubes will retain the cold...
  • FDA CERTIFICATION - These whiskey stones use food-grade non corrosive stainless steel which has strictly passes the FDA...
  • COOL DOWN DRINKS FAST - Just slightly damp the cubes before placing them in the freezer. Freeze 1-2 hours and you're...


​​The Kollea Stainless Steel Reusable Chilling Stones are definitely one of the best set of whiskey stones we reviewed. Kollea’s set of eight food grade stainless steel stones come filled with a non-toxic gel to extend the time it can chill not just spirits for whiskey, bourbon, and scotch lovers, but also white wine or light liqueurs. This attribute and the accompanying chilling tray and tongs make Kollea's set a popular choice among liquor lovers and an all over welcomed gift.

While Kollea’s Chilling Stones surpassed every other stone, we tested in chilling spirits, and they top multiple lists reviewing whiskey stones, their large size can be cumbersome and sometimes be difficult to drink with them in the glass. However, you can always take the stones out with your handy tongs.

​pros and cons

  • ​Cools quickly
  • ​Maintains a lower temperature better than alternatives
  • ​Too big, risk shattering glass
  • ​You should remove them from your glass before drinking

Whiskey Stones Gift Set w/ 8 Granite Whiskey Rocks,2 Crystal Whiskey...
  • ENJOY YOUR SCOTCH COOL AND UNDILUTED: Bring your favorite alcoholic beverages to the perfect sipping temperature and...
  • GET A COMPLETE SET: Wow your guests at your next gathering by taking out this elegant, wooden box and revealing a...
  • SAVE MONEY AND CHILL YOUR DRINKS IN NO TIME: Why spend tons of money on buying dirty ice of questionable quality or make...


​​Packed in an elegant wooden box and complete with eight whiskey stones, the Whiskey Stones Gift Set by EMcollection is the first set we encountered that comes with two whiskey coasters. In this set, the granite stones ensure optimal cooling for your drink of choice, and the two high-quality crystal whiskey glasses are a nice touch. Even the 30-day money-back guarantee gives you the time to make sure your gift is well-received. While this is a wonderful gift set, the overall cost-versus-value argument leaves us wanting more for our dollar.

​pros and cons

  • ​Granite stones      
  • ​Coasters included
  • ​Cost-versus-value is bad
  • ​No tongs included

Sea Stones- 9-Piece Set - Full Sized Upcycled Granite Whiskey Chilling...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PREMIUM QUALITY - Set of 6 handcrafted chilling stones upcycled and made in the USA from natural granite...
  • PERFECTLY CHILL YOUR AGED SPIRITS - Made of polished non-porous granite, these natural and hygienic stone disks chill...
  • ENJOY THE PURE FLAVOR OF YOUR FAVORITE SPIRIT - While water always has some contaminants in it, New Hampshire Granite is...


​​It’s tough to beat the ecologically friendly Sea Stones On the Rocks Granite 6-Piece Whiskey Chilling Stones Set in terms of presentation or features. The six chilling stones are handmade in the United States from dense natural granite, and you can have the two glasses included in the set monogrammed.

The hardwood tray serves not only to freeze the stones easily, but it also provides an elegant presentation. We're impressed at the size of each stone, as the other sets included in this list require multiple stones to chill your drink, where these whiskey stones are large enough that just one is enough to keep your whiskey or scotch chilled to the last drop. With each stone being a unique color, this set makes it easy to identify your glass at the next get-together.

​pros and cons

  • ​Only need one stone to chill your drink
  • ​American-sourced granite
  • ​Rounded edges allow stones to swirl around glass without scratching
  • ​Glasses included are not crystal
  • ​Even with rounded edges, the dense granite can still break the glass.

Whiskey Stones - Set of 8 Titanium Gold Plated Stainless Steel...
  • Replaces water ice cubes to maintain the perfect undiluted and cold taste of your beverage
  • Specially designed for whiskey, wine and bourbon, providing the perfect temperature recommended by all the big beverage...
  • Made of Stainless steel - food grade; odor and taste-free; safe and FDA approved


​​Gold usually sets the standard for all things, and Osleek’s sleek set of eight titanium, gold-plated, stainless steel chilling rocks definitely look beautiful, and their gold color beautifully blends in better than standard stainless steel in any whiskey, scotch, or bourbon glass. Like most stainless steel whiskey stones, these will chill your drink faster than soapstones or granite, but there is a question of value with this set. While they have a responsive customer care department, there appears to be several quality control issues that Osleek needs to resolve for a product of this caliber to succeed.  

​pros and cons

  • ​Chills quickly and to a cool temperature
  • ​The gold set will look better in a glass of whiskey, scotch, or bourbon than stainless steel
  • Poor quality control issues
  • Cost versus value

​​The Verdict

whiskey and a whiskey stone

Image Via Pixabay

For the investment, you can’t beat the Sea Stones On the Rocks Granite 6-Piece Whiskey Chilling Stones Set. Not only is this set made in the United States from eco-friendly materials, the generous size of the stones included means you don’t need multiple sets in case you want to share your spirits with more than one person at a party. While it is on the higher end of our price range, the impeccable presentation will bring a smile to any whiskey lover.  

Top 10 Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal showers are cheerful celebrations, especially when they’re held to celebrate a bride you know and love. And while you’re probably incredibly happy for the bride-to-be, the question of what bridal shower gifts to get her needs to be answered.

To help you with this, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 bridal shower gifts you can get the happy bride-to-be. Take a look at them and see if anything fits your bill.

Comparison of the Top 10 Bridal Shower Gifts

No products found.

Product FAQ

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions about bridal shower gifts to make it easier for you to choose the perfect present.

1. What Are Bridal Shower Gifts?

A bridal shower is a party thrown in honor of the bride-to-be, generally around four to six weeks before her wedding. The maid-of-honor throws the party, and it’s generally held in the afternoon or evening. The most significant element of bridal showers is the giving of gifts and presents that the bride-to-be can take with her to her new home.

2. What Types of Gifts Are Appropriate?

Tradition once demanded that you give the bride-to-be any kind of gift that could be helpful to her in her life after the wedding. These days, however, things have changed significantly, and most women have an online or offline registry where they add items to their wish list.

Bridal shower decors and props

Image by Craig Adderley via Pexels

It’s appropriate to pick something from the list that fits your budget, and offer that as a present on the special day. If there’s no registry, you could try getting the bride-to-be any gift that is practical and useful. Personalized gifts are also excellent choices.

3. How Much Should I Spend?

The appropriate amount you need to spend on bridal shower gifts depends on your budget and on your relationship with the bride-to-be. If you’re not particularly close to the bride, gifts of around $20 to $30 may be acceptable. However, if you’re among her regular friends, colleagues, or are a distant family member, anywhere between $50 and $75 is a decent amount to spend.

4. Where Can You Buy It?

If the bride has a registry of gifts she’d like, you’re already sorted. But if you’re buying something on your own, you could look at online marketplaces like Amazon, or in retail stores in shopping malls. 

How We Reviewed

Bridal shower cake

Image by  Javon Swaby via Pexels

We reviewed ten of the many wonderful gifts that are possible, based on parameters such as their features, their pros and cons, and their price. We scoured the web for all kinds of ifts and narrowed down the list to the top ten popular and practical choices that caught our eye. Take a look at them and see if you’d like to get anything for the bride-to-be in your life.

Overall Price Range of Bridal Shower Gifts

Because there’s practically no end to the kinds of presents that make for amazing bridal shower gifts, it’s hard to place an overall limit on the price range. On an average though, you can get some wonderful gifts from around $20 to around $50. There are also premium quality presents or personalized gifts that can cost as high as $100 or more. Some gifts, like jewelry crafted from precious metals or stones, can even cost as high $500.

What We Reviewed

We reviewed the following products that make for wonderful bridal shower gifts.

  • Philosophy Here Comes The Bride Kit
  • Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag
  • Slant Mr. & Mrs. Stemless Wine Glasses
  • Bubble Waffle Maker
  • Personalized Wedding Hanger
  • OXO On Cordless Glass Electric Kettle
  • Pink Mason Jar Ceramic 3 Piece Kitchenware Set
  • MLB Baseball Bat Electric Wine Opener
  • Audio Technica AT-LP60BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable
  • Personalized Wooden Wine Trough

Philosophy Here Comes The Bride Kit

No products found.


This kit is one of the best bridal shower gifts you can give the bride-to-be. It contains an assortment of several best-selling skincare products and fragrances. Inside the kit is a one-step facial cleanser, a formula moisturizer suited for all skin types, a perfumed shampoo, a bath and shower gel, a perfumed firming body emulsion, and a single-use sample facial peel.


  • Offers a mix of body essentials at an affordable price 
  • Cute little quotes on the jars offer a personal touch
  • A thoughtful present that all brides love because it makes them feel pampered


  • Some products may not be suitable for all skin types
  • Quantity may be too little in some products

Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

No products found.


If you’re looking for bridal shower gifts that combine functionality and style, the Ohuhu double sleeping bag may be the perfect choice. It’s perfect for the adventure-loving bride who loves trekking up into the mountains and camping under the stars. It can accommodate two people together effortlessly, and it can even be modified into two individual sleeping bags.


  • Includes two small pillows for added convenience, and a carrying bag for easy packing and portability
  • Easy to set up and roll back up, and features a fuss-free mechanism
  • Durable construction made from water-resistant polyester


  • May not be ideal for brides who aren’t into camping
  • Can be small for people who are taller than average

Slant Mr. & Mrs. Stemless Wine Glasses

No products found.


When it comes to elegant bridal shower gifts, these stemless wine glasses feature right at the top. They make for a wonderful present, thanks to the fact that there are two glasses in the pack. It shows that you see the bride happily married as part of a powerful and content duo, and it helps reinforce the sentiment behind the wedding.


  • Inclusion of Mr. and Mrs. on the glasses in gold lettering makes them stand out
  • Capacity of 20 fluid ounces (which approximates to around 2.5 cups) makes for adequate volume per serving
  • Stemless design is contemporary and adds a twist to the traditional wine glass design


  • Glasses aren’t dishwasher safe as the gold lettering may peel off
  • Can be brittle and could break if not handled with care

Bubble Waffle Maker

No products found.


​The bubble waffle maker makes for one of the best bridal shower gifts you can give the girl who loves to cook. With nonstick coated cooking plates that come in the shape of a hexagon, the waffle maker features small, circular hollows that make delicious, honeycomb-shaped waffles in a matter of five minutes or so.


  • Features an easy-lock mechanism that keeps the dough from spilling
  • Power indicator light helps to read the status of the machine
  • Double-sided nonstick construction makes it easy to prepare waffles and leaves no mess to clean up


  • Coating can peel off after a while, making waffle-preparation challenging
  • May not be an ideal gift for brides who aren’t fond of cooking

Personalized Wedding Hanger

No products found.


If you believe that the best bridal shower gifts are the ones that carry a personal touch, then you need to consider getting the bride-to-be a personalized wedding hanger. The hanger has four options for the color (black, brown, natural wood, and white), and two options for the color of the letters (silver or gold). You can get the date of the wedding, the name of the bride, or even the name of the groom featured on the hanger.


  • Alloy usage makes the lettering sturdy and durable
  • Provides a personalized way to hang and display the wedding gown or the groom’s tux before and after the wedding
  • Use of superior quality materials means this hanger lasts long even with frequent usage


  • Presence of a 13-letter limit may be unfavorable for people with longer names
  • Can take anywhere between two weeks to a month to arrive, depending on where you live

OXO On Cordless Glass Electric Kettle

No products found.


​Another wonderful choice for people looking for practical bridal shower gifts, this cordless glass electric kettle is both functional and sophisticated. It comes with a corded base that has a groove where the cord can be tucked in when not in use. The glass exterior makes it easy to view the water level inside the kettle.


  • Sturdy borosilicate glass body offers thermal shock protection
  • Bright LED power switch lights up when the kettle is on and turns off once the water reaches the roll-boiling point
  • Perforated filter near the mouth helps filter the water before drinking


  • Bottom can get rusty if not descaled regularly
  • A tad bit more on the expensive side

Pink Mason Jar Ceramic 3 Piece Kitchenware Set

No products found.


This kitchenware set goes to prove that bridal shower gifts can at once be cute and practical. Designed in a soft pastel pink color, the set includes a mason jar, a spoon rest, and four measuring spoons in the following quantities: 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, half a teaspoon, and a quarter teaspoon.


  • Durable construction ensures that these pieces are built to last
  • Use of high-quality ceramic means the jar is microwave safe
  • Ceramic also makes the pieces easy to clean


  • Makes for a fragile gift that can easily break if not handled carefully
  • Pastel pink color may not be everyone’s favorite color

MLB Baseball Bat Electric Wine Opener

No products found.


This is one of the best bridal shower gifts for the woman who is both a baseball lover and a wine enthusiast. In a quirky twist of creativity, this electric wine opener comes shaped like a baseball bat, with the logos of various teams on the surface. You can pick the team the bride-to-be (or the groom-to-be) supports, and gift the happy bride this practical, yet original, piece.


  • Electric wine opener that can open up to thirty wine bottles on a single charge
  • Pack includes a wall charger and a foil cutter
  • Easy to use mechanism where you simply push the button and the opener removes the lid


  • Plastic exterior designed to look like wood may be misleading
  • Separate foil cutter may not be preferred by some people, who’d like it integrated into the device

Audio Technica AT-LP60BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

No products found.


If it’s old-fashioned bridal shower gifts you seek, this stereo turntable checks all the right boxes. Suitable for playing 7-inch and 12-inch records and 33 and 45 RPM models, this turntable is fully automatic, driven by a belt-drive.


  • Anti-resonance, die-cast aluminum platter minimizes vibration
  • Comes with and integral dual magnet Audio-Technica phono cartridge and a replaceable diamond stylus
  • Hinged removable dust cover protects the record and the product from external dust


  • Does not support 78 RPM records
  • Tracks begin to skip and loop after a few months of prolonged use

Personalized Wooden Wine Trough

No products found.


​If you thought bridal shower gifts that blend practical use with a customized touch were rare, this personalized wooden wine trough will make you think again. It’s made from solid wood and sports a galvanized metal insert that helps keep the wine chilled. You can engrave the trough with a single block letter, a custom-line of up to 15 characters, or with two names of 12 characters each and a year and location, going up to 28 characters.


  • Durable construction from carefully selected wood
  • Inner metal lining keeps the contents cool for considerable periods
  • Galvanized metal is immune to rust


  • Presence of character limits may be unfavorable for people with longer names
  • Can take a while to be delivered, so ordering the product on time is essential

The Verdict

While all the bridal shower gifts we reviewed have their own unique selling points, a few of them stand out from the crowd. The personalized wedding hanger emerges as the clear winner, because of the quality of its construction and the sentiment behind the gift.

Woman holding bouquet of flowers

Image by Pixabay via Pexels

The personalized wooden wine trough follows as a close second, for similar reasons. A bridal shower is, after all, an intimate celebration. And what’s better to gift the bride-to-be than something that’s long-lasting and personal?

Featured image by Craig Adderley via Pexels.

10 Best Beer Glasses to Give as Gifts

There are many types of beer drinking glasses, and each one a different shape to allow for the best taste for that style of brew. When you explore the history of beer glasses, you understand why some styles of drinking mugs and glasses exist. We will go over the different styles of beer mugs and glasses and then touch on some of the most popular sets sold on the market for home use today. 

Comparison Table

No products found.

Beer Mugs and Glasses for Every Type of Beer

There is more to beer than meets the eye. There is a scientific basis for all of those different shaped glasses. Beer drinkers know the head of the beer, the foamy white top that forms as it is poured, acts as a lid trapping the flavors, or "Volatiles," of the beer in the glass. The ingredients of beer, hops and grains, release volatiles which evaporates when the beer hits the air. So it is important that the barrier produced by the head of the beer continues to block the volatiles from being released so that the beer tastes better. When we can smell the aroma of the volatiles as we drink the beer, it affects the taste.

1. What Is the Ideal Beer for a Flute? 

2. What Is the Ideal Beer for a Goblet? 

3. What Is the Ideal Beer for a Mug or Stein?

4.  What Is the Ideal Beer for the Pilsner Glass?

5. What Is the Ideal Beer for the Pint Glass?

6. What Is the Ideal Beer for the Snifter Glass?

7. What Is the Ideal Beer for the Stange Glass?

8. What Is the Ideal Beer for the Weizen Glass?

Which Beer Glass Is Right for You?

glass of beer

Image via Pexels

We have reviewed the many forms of beer glasses to come up with a comprehensive list from high end to everyday glasses. We wanted to give you the full array of styles and prices so that you could make an informed decision about what kind of glasses you would like to purchase. Maybe you are setting up a home bar or just want a special mug for yourself, or maybe even a present for someone that is a connoisseur of beers. We have researched to find the best-rated mugs and glasses of all types to share with you. Below you will find a description, price, and link to where you can find each type.

All Beer Glasses Are Not Created Equally

This list below contains beer glasses from high end to regular low end where it would not upset you if it ended up breaking by accident. We wanted to help you make an informed choice about the most popular beer glasses out there on the market today.

What We Reviewed

  • Rastal Teku
  • Lindemans Flute
  • Schott Zwiesal Bavaria Beer Glass
  • Luigi Bormioli Michaelangelo Napoleon
  • Spiegelau Hefeweizen Beer Glass
  • Olivia & Aiden Beer Mug
  • Libbey Heidelberg Beer Mug
  • Spiegelau Classic IPA Glass
  • British Style Imperial Pint Glass

Rastal Teku

No products found.

This is an excellent glass to enjoy your craft beers. Rastal Teku is recognized as one of the finest crafted beer glasses available today. This is a traditional stemmed glass first designed in Italy. The stem allows for you to hold your beer without warming it with your hand. They are made in Germany by Rastal, who have been crafting beer glasses for a hundred years. This is considered a top of the line glass for the discerning craft beer lover.

Lindemans Flute

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This tall flute glass holds 10 ounces of fluid in an embossed and gold-rimmed glass with the Lindemans logo displayed. This glass was designed specifically for the brewery's beers. You get one signature glass with a logo with this purchase.  

Schott Zwiesal Bavaria Beer Glass

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These are top of the line handmade crystal beer glasses that will last a lifetime because of the fine craftsmanship. The Bavaria beer glass is made by Zwiesel, who has been making glassware for 130 years from the finest lead-free crystal. This is a set of 6 Tritan crystal beer glasses shaped for use with German beer. Each glass is dishwasher safe, and resists breakage and chipping with a 22-ounce capacity.

Luigi Bormioli Michaelangelo Napoleon

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Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo Napoleon glasses are a set of 6 fine 13-ounce glasses, featuring lead-free crystal crafted by master Italian glassmaker Luigi Bormioli. The glasses have reinforced rims and curved bowl shapes that improve oxygenation, allowing the head of the beer to remain. The glasses are dishwasher safe and resistant to mechanical shock.

Spiegelau Hefeweizen Beer Glasses

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This set of four Hefeweizen beer glasses is an award-winning set of beer glasses at a great price. The glasses are finely crafted in the perfect shape to deliver the fullness and enhance the balance and flavor of your favorite beers. Weizen translated means wheat, and these beer glasses were designed specifically for the enjoyment of wheat beers. They feature a generous 24.7-ounce capacity and a tall, classic design in lead-free crystal.  These beer glasses are dishwasher-safe; and have thin, laser-cut, and polished rims to maximize drinking pleasure. They come in a set of four in an attractive gift box, ready to be the perfect gift for the beer lover in your family. 

Olivia & Aiden Beer Mug

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This is a great beer mug set for a home bar for a very reasonable price. Enjoy a craft beer in a 16-ounce beer mug, followed by a shot of bourbon for good measure in a 1.5-ounce shot glass! This set includes 6 beer mugs and 6 shot glasses made specifically for hosting parties or enjoying barbecues. This is a good premium set of glasses with thick, heavy-duty, ergonomic, easy grip handles.

They are dishwasher safe, multipurpose glasses that can be used straight out of the freezer on a hot day. Made with high-quality, food-grade safe borosilicate glass that’s stain and odor resistant. 100% Money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Libbey Heidelberg Beer Mug

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The Libbey 4-Piece Heidelberg Beer Mug Set contains heavy duty mugs specifically shaped for serving beer in the traditional style. Each mug is 16 ounces, made of thick glass, and freezer safe to keep your beer ice cold until the last sip. The exterior of the mug is decorated with the classic ten facets to celebrate the classic beer or root beer float shape we have come to know. Mugs measure 9-1/8 inches high and 3-3/8 inches in diameter and are dishwasher safe. 

Spiegelau Classic IPA Glass

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The Spiegelau IPA glass set of four has a huge 19-ounce capacity, giving you plenty of room to pour your favorite ale, lager, or beer. This large capacity also means you won’t need to spend your time constantly refilling your glass. They are dishwasher safe and a perfect addition to any bar set.

Made from a lead-free crystal in Germany, these beer glasses fit comfortably in the hand and indent at the base for each finger of your fist to rest as you raise your glass to take a long swig. They have been judged and awarded as one of the best pilsner glasses of their price range and class. Enjoy your favorite beers in this glass designed by master brewers and industry professionals. 

British Style Imperial Pint Glass

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This set of four Imperial Pint glasses, packaged in a gift box, is perfect for someone that loves beer and the tradition of heavy ridged pint glasses for easy gripping. They are breakage resistant and can be stacked easily for space saving at your home bar. They come with the official crown pint seal etched into each pint for authenticity. Each glass has a 20-ounce capacity. They are made in England by KegWorks. Be a part of the tradition of British pubs by bringing home this set of authentic pint glasses to enjoy your favorite ale in.

Enjoy Your Beer Even More!

beer cheers

Image via Pexels

Now that you have found the perfect glassware to enjoy your beer, ale, or pilsner it is time to kick back and take a cold swig. Maybe you are a beginner and just starting your collection. More complete sets might be right for you to get you started. No bar would be complete without a good mug set to begin with. Then move on to the fancier styles of beer glasses as you collect.  If you are someone that likes to have a special glass to celebrate the end of a long workday, maybe you would enjoy a higher end lead-free crystal challis, so you can truly be the king of your castle at the dinner table every night as you survey all that is yours. Whatever your mission, you have hopefully walked away knowing just a little more about the different beer glass options out there, and what is the right choice for you or for a gift.  It seems there are as many styles of beer glasses as there are beers. There is a proper type of glass for each different type of beer for which their qualities compliment each other. So whether you enjoy a great pilsner, a tangy IPA, a full-bodied craft beer, or a dark and heady stout, there is a glass out there to enjoy your fine beverage properly. Take your pick.

Featured Image via Pexels

10 Cute Fruit Bowls to Give as Housewarming Gifts

So you know someone who has just gotten a new house, and you want to get them a little housewarming gift but don't know what would be good. Why not go for the classic fruit bowl? It's functional as both a decoration and a container. So you hop over to Amazon to find out their selection, only to find that it is overflowing with all kinds of fruit bowls. Who knew that there was so much variety?

Well, this article is to help you narrow down your search a bit. We'll help you find that perfect fruit bowl for your new homeowner!

We looked at so many fruit bowls available on Amazon and narrowed down the search for you by finding the 10 best that would be a wonderful housewarming gift for any recipient. Take into consideration your budget and the style of the recipient of the gift. One of these bowls is guaranteed to be the perfect housewarming present! 


fruit bowl for gift ideas

Image source: Pexels


1. What Is a Fruit Bowl?

2. What Does it Do?

3. Where Can You Buy It?

How We Reviewed

cherry on fruit bowl

Image source: ​pexels​

After seeing the huge variety of options available on Amazon, we used a set of parameters to narrow down the very best fruit bowls to be given as housewarming gifts.

We took into account the pros & cons of each product, the price, the warranty offered on each product and the overall features of each product available.

With all those elements in consideration, we narrowed down the best quality fruit bowls accordingly, taking into consideration the needs of any consumer looking to purchase this type of product. Since we reviewed many fruit bowls, the end result is only the very best. 

Overall Price Range of This Product (and Similar Products)

grapes o fruit bowl

Image source: Pexels

Fruit bowls really vary in price. They range from around $15.00 all the way up to nearly $200. While the lower-priced products are definitely more affordable, they may not be as high quality as the higher-priced product. With a high-priced product, you'll likely be getting a more unique, more striking fruit bowl. 

However, when taking into account functionality as well as design, some lower priced products will still offer you an excellent housewarming gift that can be used for storing fruit, as well as a great piece of decor.

You'll want to take into account exactly what you're looking for and consider the style of the recipient. Either way, the higher priced products will be far more eye-catching as well as more functional.

What We Reviewed

strawberries on fruit bowl for gift ideas

Image source: Pexels

  • NIFTY 7510COP Double Wall Mesh Decorative and Fruit Bowl
  • Spectrum Diversified Wright Small Fruit Bowl
  • Home Basics Scroll Collection Fruit Basket
  • Acacia Fruit Bowl with Banana Hanger
  • Khan Imports Black and Brown Marble Fruit Bowl
  • Imax 83904 Yazel Glass Bowl - Grey Swirl with Metallic Trim
  • Lenox Seaview Bubble Swirl Bowl
  • Alessi Fruit Bowl/Colander
  • Elegant Crystal Round Bowl
  • Klondike Wood Fruit Bowl

NIFTY 7510COP Double Wall Mesh Decorative and Fruit Bowl

NIFTY 7510COP Double Wall Mesh Copper Decorative and Fruit Bowl, 3.5...
  • Double walled mesh construction
  • Doubles as a fruit bowl
  • Copper coated


This beautiful, copper-colored bowl includes a double-walled copper coated mesh construction, 3.5-quart capacity, and very versatile. It also allows fruit to ripen very evenly which is a huge plus. The copper color can really pop and is a wonderful piece of decor for any home. It has many five star reviews on Amazon and is really loved for its design and the "floating" look of the product. For the price, this bowl is not only incredibly versatile but also a lovely piece of decor.

  • Reasonably Priced Helps fruit ripen evenly
  • Versatile
  • May be difficult to clean given its design
  • The copper color may not match the other decor in certain households

Spectrum Diversified Wright Small Fruit Bowl

Spectrum Diversified Wright Small Fruit Bowl, Bronze
  • Open design helps fruits and vegetables to ripen evenly
  • Great for serving bread, rolls, bagels, muffins and pastries
  • Wipe with a damp cloth and towel dry


Key features of this product include a modern and contemporary style in an environmentally friendly material. Its design can incorporate with nearly any other decor, and the open bowl will allow your fruit to ripen evenly. It's also very durable as it's made with high quality steel.

  • High-Quality Material
  • The open design allows fruit to ripen evenly
  • Made with environmentally friendly material 
  • There are no scratch protectors on the bottom of the bowl.
  • This product is not dishwater safe

Home Basics Scroll Collection Fruit Basket

Home Basics Scroll Collection Fruit Basket
  • Bronze fruit bowl provides decorative storage space for fruit or kitchen items
  • Bronze finish with decorative scroll design
  • 11-inch by 5.25-Inch; Bronze home Collection


Key Features of this product include a modern design and rust free metal. It is very durable and allows fruit to ripen thoroughly. It has a classic and timeless scroll design that works wonderfully with other home decor. This product is the lowest priced on this list but is very functional and has a traditional style.

  • Very Sturdy
  • Arrives Quickly
  • It will keep the fruit from rotting
  • Because it is lightweight, it can fall over easier than other bowls
  • If the fruit is stored for longer periods of time, some customers have reported that it does leave lines in the fruit

Acacia Fruit Bowl with Banana Hanger

Casa Bellante Acacia Wooden Fruit Bowl with Banana Hanger, 15-Inch...
  • Beautifully crafted acacia wood fruit bowl with removable stem for bananas
  • Each bowl is unique and may have slight variations in wood grain and appearance.
  • Individually handmade by expert craftsman.


Key features of this product include a removable stem to create a more classic bowl and can fit a large bag of apples. Its design compliments any other decor in your home and because of the natural variations in the wood grain, no two are exactly alike, so it's a unique product. Every product is FDA approved, food-safe and the lacquer used gives it a lovely finish. Each bowl is handmade.

  • Responsibly sourced - acacia trees are economically sustainable  
  • It is lightweight
  • Very durable design
  • No Reviews of this product have been featured on Amazon's website
  • Stock is limited, as each bowl is handmade.

Khan Imports Black and Brown Marble Fruit Bowl

Casa Bellante Acacia Wooden Fruit Bowl with Banana Hanger, 15-Inch...
  • Beautifully crafted acacia wood fruit bowl with removable stem for bananas
  • Each bowl is unique and may have slight variations in wood grain and appearance.
  • Individually handmade by expert craftsman.


Key features of this product include a removable stem to create a more classic bowl and can fit a large bag of apples. Its design compliments any other decor in your home and because of the natural variations in the wood grain, no two are exactly alike, so it's a unique product. Every product is FDA approved, food-safe and the lacquer used gives it a lovely finish. Each bowl is handmade.

  • Made of high-quality material   Elegant Design
  • Versatile use - can also be used as a planter
  • It is heavy
  • This product is expensive due to the materials used in its creation
  • The stock is limited

Imax 83904 Yazel Glass Bowl - Gray Swirl with Metallic Gold Tone Trim

Imax 83904 Yazel Glass Bowl, Gray Swirl with Metallic Gold Tone Trim
  • Yazel Glass Bowl, Gray Swirl with Metallic Gold Tone Trim from IMAX
  • Makes a perfect addition to the curated home. Beautiful centerpiece with transitional or contemporary style
  • All glass made by expert craftsmen, each piece is unique and will vary slightly due to the handmade process


Key features of this product include a gold toned trimmed edge and a unique, handmade design. All glass used was made by expert craftsmen, making each product unique.

  • Each piece is unique and hand made
  • Versatile style
  • Lightweight
  • May be delicate because it's 100% glass
  • No reviews about this product from customers on Amazon's site

Lenox Seaview Bubble Swirl Bowl

No products found.


Key features of this product include crafted crystal material and a unique bubble effect. It's a gorgeous design that was influenced by the movement of ocean tides. The colors of this product are very eye-catching and it's a highly unique fruit bowl, making it a wonderful statement piece in any home.

  • Unique Design    
  • Made with crafted crystal
  • Has a pop of bright color that makes for an exceptional piece of decor 
  • Is at a higher price point May not be very durable
  • Limited stock available

Alessi Fruit Bowl/Colander

Alessi Fruit Bowl/Colander, Black Foot
  • Designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1995
  • 18/10 stainless steel, mirror polished. Foot in aluminum anthracite
  • Comes with basket that can be used for washing and placed in basket for serving


Key features of this product include a basket that can be used for washing and a functional design. It's made with stainless steel and is mirror polished so it really pops. It is a duel product, so it serves two purposes: storing and washing of fruit.

  • It is very functional    
  • It can be used to wash fruit, so it has a duel purpose
  • The mirror-polished stainless steel that is long-lasting and durable
  • It is expensive due to the materials used to make this product
  • It is not Dishwasher safe

Elegant Crystal Round Bowl

No products found.


Key features of this product include timeless design and being dishwasher safe. It's made of high quality crystal, giving it years of pristine shine and it's manufactured in Italy.

  • Timeless design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Italy
  • Is at a higher price point
  • May be more delicate

Klondike Wood Fruit Bowl

No products found.


Key features of this product include being hand crafted from multiple types of wood such as oak, maple, and Walnut. It is a high-quality product that is made in the USA and the different colors of wood make this piece really stand out.

  • Timeless design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Italy
  • Is at a higher price point
  • May be more delicate

The Verdict

brown bowl with mix fruits for gift ideas

Image source: Pexels

Ultimately, the best bowl is the one that best fits the recipient's esthetic. The style, taste and other decor items must be taken into account when purchasing any of these fruit bowls as a housewarming gift.

If you're looking for something incredibly unique and beautiful, opt for the higher-priced Khan Imports Black and Brown Marble Fruit Bowl. It's truly an exceptional piece that is truly unique. Its gorgeous design will certainly make it a statement piece in anyone's home. Although it is more expensive, the quality of this product speaks for itself and is really worth the extra money, especially if you're looking to "wow" the recipient of this gift.

For a more traditional look, the Alessi Fruit Bowl/Colander would make a wonderful gift for almost everyone due to its timeless design that would fit perfectly into any home's decor. Since it also comes with a colander, its dual function makes for an excellent gift choice for just about anyone.  

Whichever fruit bowl you decide is the best for the recipient of the gift, any one of the above choices would be a wonderful house warming gift that any family will enjoy. A fruit bowl is an excellent house warming gift because it will be used by the recipient for years to come.

Fruit bowls are a timeless centerpiece that any couple, family or single home owner would love to receive as a house warming gift. It is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

Featured Image source: Pixabay

10 Stunning Wedding Present Home Plate Designs

If you have a loved one who is planning a wedding, then you need to think of something really nice to gift them with. You can't go wrong with a new set of plates. Here, you can learn about ten stunning home plate designs that you can gift your loved ones on their special day.

Make sure to check out our list, so you can be sure to make the best choice of gift that your special couple will genuinely enjoy. 

We made sure to include items that have amazing features and are sold at a reasonable price so that everything becomes easier for you.

Wedding Present

plates for wedding gift ideas

Image source: unsplash


What Are Wedding Presents?

What Do They Do?

How Does It Work?

Where Can You Buy It?

Price Range

How We Reviewed

colorful weddig plates for gift ideas

image source: Pexels

We know that weddings are special occasions that are full of smiles and love, which is why we carefully searched the market to mark the top ten wedding present home plate designs that one can give to the new happy couple.

We checked on Amazon and several other online and offline sources to see what we could find. We also checked the online reviews just to make sure that the information on this list is accurate and worth going through.

Therefore, it is safe to mention that our list is all you'll need to be able to find the perfect wedding gift.

Overall Price Range

plate on the table  for wedding gift ideas

Image source: Pexels

It is not easy to tell the actual price of the items on this list, as the prices often fluctuate, and dishes go on sale.

However, for the sake of generalization, one should expect to spend around $50-$500, but that again depends on the type, model, and quality of the item that you are looking to purchase.

What We Reviewed

plates for wedding gift ideas

Image source: unsplash

  • Something with a Lip
  • Simple White
  • A Touch of Gold
  • Mixed Patterns
  • Iittala
  • Floral
  • Fun Shapes
  • Blue Stoneware
  • Marble
  • Raised Designs

Something With a Lip

Melange 6-Piece 100% Melamine Dinner Plate Set (Clay Collection) |...
  • HEAVY DUTY 100% MELAMINE: Unlike other melamine plates that scratch, break and chip due to their low 30%-60% melamine...
  • GREAT EVERYDAY DINNER SET: This 6-piece rustic melamine dinnerware set comes with (6) 11-inch dinner plates that are...
  • CONVENIENTLY DISHWASHER SAFE: While low quality melamine plates & bowls cant be cleaned in the dishwasher, this premium...


If you have a loved one having a wedding soon, then this 100% led free home plate is one of the special presents that you can gift them with. It comes in a modern contemporary design that is exquisitely made to suit modern home setups. This plate is dishwasher safe and can be safely placed in an oven (both conventional and microwave) without being affected by the heat inside. The product is made of rustic Mexican clay and is very durable compared to other ordinary models.

  • This product is easily affordable and can be great for using as a quick gift.
  • This product is durable compared to the rest.
  • This product is a bit delicate when not carefully handled.
  • This product does not ship to some locations.

Simple White

Iittala Teema 8-1/4-Inch Pasta Bowl, White
  • Designed by Kaj Franck in 1952
  • Freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Designed and created for every day use


This home plate is designed for heavy duty use so that kids can use it without worry about breakage. If you have a wedding to attend soon, then these white plates might just be the perfect wedding gift for the special couple. This plate has received numerous praises for its beauty, durability, and functionality. These plates will surely not disappoint. This item only weighs ten pounds, and its quality is simply incredible. They are just the right size and shape to fit inside the kitchen without demanding too much space.

  • This item comes in perfect shape and size to fit inside your cabinet without demanding too much space.
  • This product is durable compared to other models.
  • This item is not easily affordable for most people.
  • They come in four pieces, which is considered less for the price.

A Touch of Gold

Herend China Golden Laurel Dinner Plate
  • Enhanced by accents of 24 karat gold
  • All hand painted designs by master artisans
  • Superior quality white porcelain and strong for everyday use


The beauty of this home plate does not only come through with the color and shape but also from the touch of gold detail around the edge. This dish comes with a hand-painted design by master artisans. Wow your loved one during their wedding with this superior quality white porcelain, which is strong for everyday use. The brand, Herend store, is one of the most renowned retailers and is an authorized Herend retailer. This product is one of the best gifts that you can offer to someone you care for.

  • This product comes with a fancy design.
  • This item has value due to the added touch of gold.
  • This product is only durable if well taken care of.
  • This product is moderately affordable.

Mixed Patterns

Royal Doulton Pacific Tapas Plates, 6.3-Inch, Blue, Set of 6
  • A collection reminiscent of beach discoveries
  • Inspired by coastal discoveries; shells, sea urchin textures, nets and rock formations and stylized waves
  • An aquatic family of indigo blue colors


This home plate comes in different decorative patterns that are fascinating. It comes in a set of six dazzling mixed and matched designs that will let you express how much you love to care for your friend or family member. These plates can be the best addition to your loved one's tabletop. They have different patterns, which are carefully selected by experienced artisans. This product is made of stoneware of the highest quality possible. The dishes are perfectly sized to fit inside a standard-sized cabinet without demanding more space. This is an ideal gift for celebrating your loved ones' special day.

  • This product does not cost a lot of money.
  • This item is durable and of high quality.
  • This product is fragile.
  • It does not ship to some locations. 


Iittala Kastehelmi Small Plate, Clear
  • Decorative plate by iittala
  • Made of glass and decorated with beads of glass
  • Design by oiva toikka - one of the most renowned names in finnish glass art


This is a decorative home plate that is made by Iittala. This plate stands out since it is made of glass and also decorated with beads which are also made of glass. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a loved one or friend, then this might be the best choice for you. This plate is carefully designed by Oiva Toikka, which is one of the most renowned names in the industry. This plate is also dishwasher safe and won't cost an arm and a leg.

  • This product is easily affordable.
  • This product really looks amazing.
  • This item is relatively fragile compared to other models.
  • It is shipped as one piece unless you order more.


Dorotea Hand Painted Salad Plate, 8-Inch, Set of 4, Assorted
  • Crafted from high-quality stoneware, each salad plate measures 8-inch diameter; Amazon exclusive
  • Dorotea is a collection of nature inspired ceramic dinnerware and accessories made by Spanish-born, Seattle-based artist...
  • Each piece has a unique, handmade-inspired design; there may be slight imperfections or variations in design and...


This product is crafted from very high-quality stoneware, and each one measures 8-inch in diameter. These home plates are a collection of nature-inspired ceramics and accessories, which are made by the Spanish-born, Seattle-based artist Carolina Silva. This can be a great wedding gift since each piece is adorned with a unique, handmade, nature-inspired design that makes it stand out. This design of the plate makes it safe to be used in the microwave and dishwasher, ensuring the ultimate in everyday convenience and ease. The item is also entirely hand-painted by using lead freeze glazes.

  • This product is decorated with high-quality stoneware.
  • This item can be safely used in the microwave and dishwasher.
  • This product does not ship to some locations.
  • This item is a bit fragile when compared to other models.

Fun Shapes

SOCOSY Creative Irregular Matte Ceramic Dinner Plate/Dessert...
  • Size: 7 Inches
  • Material: High-fired ceramic.
  • Design: Irregular matte design,make your table decor unique and romantic!


Some statement plates are not actually good for eating off of. They aren't made with food-safe materials and are pretty much useless. Luckily, these are not those plates. These gorgeous plates are food safe. Though they can only be hand washed, they are high quality and can be an incredible choice of a gift. These plates are created from ceramics, which implies that they can last a long time when correctly handled. This item originates from the Grange collection and can be safely used in either a microwave or oven.

  • This product is made from ceramics and hence is relatively durable.
  • This is very affordable compared to other models.
  • This item only ships to specific locations.
  • Compared to other items this plate needs more quality.

Blue Stoneware


This dinner home plate is one that brings the best of any food served in it. This plate is created with a lot of decoration so that it brings joy to your eyes once you see it. It has enough capacity to offer the cooks with enough playgrounds to do what they love most. Each piece is handmade by highly experienced artists who know exactly what their clients are looking for. This can be one of the perfect gifts for your loved one who is having a wedding soon.

  • This product is very durable and fun to use.
  • This item is attractive since it is created by hand by skilled artists.
  • This product is hard to find in the market.
  • This item might not be durable enough.


No products found.


This home plate is great for both indoor and outdoor use. This round plate has a trendy look that is appealing to the eye. It has a hard surface that can bear the brunt of hard scratching from metal utensils. This product is very light, relatively durable, and made of hard and highly resistant material from various families of plastics with reliable heat and resistance. This product is also dishwasher safe, heat resistant, and can be safely used in a microwave and oven. This might be the perfect gift for your friend or loved one who is having a wedding soon.

  • This product is made of a hard surface hence is very durable and resistant to scratches from the metal utensils.
  • This item is of the best quality yet does not cost a lot of compared to other models.
  • This product does not ship to some locations.
  • This product can break when not handled cautiously.

Raised Designs

CJH Creative Ceramic Dishware European Scrub Salad Plate Western Dish...
  • Creative ceramic matte home dish.
  • Size: 27.7cm in diameter and 2.7cm in height.
  • The sesame glaze on the surface of the dish is dotted with stars and is retro and layered.


This is one of the few ceramic plates that are created to serve for a lifetime. This can be the perfect gift for your loved one during their wedding day since it is decorated to attract. This fancy home plate measures 27.7 cm in diameter and 2.7 cm in height. It looks fancy so that once you set your eyes on it, you'll want to order it immediately. It comes in a rippled design to set it apart from the usual plates you see. It can be used in both restaurants and homes since it is durable and can withstand rough handling. You know this will be a great gift for your special couple's new life together.

  • This product does not cost a lot of money.
  • This item is durable.
  • This item is quite fragile if not handled with care.
  • This product does not ship to some locations.

Wedding Present Home Plate Designs - The Verdict

plates for wedding gift ideas

Image source: unsplash

This list has really nice wedding present home plate designs that have been proven to be the best in 2018.

If you carefully consider this list, then gifting your loved ones on their special day will be a breeze.

Our key objective is to ensure that while serving you with a good list of items, you are informed on the best sources to find the best products, which are of the highest quality and sold at easily affordable prices.

Featured Image source: Unsplash

Top 10 Housewarming Gifts

We live in a world where you have to move more than at any other time in history. The world has changed; no longer do we stay at that one job for 30 years and reap the benefits of longevity. We move, and on average, Americans will move 11 times in their lives now. What this means for our friends and family is that there are a lot of opportunities to find new homes, jobs, and relationships than ever before. If you have a friend that has moved recently and you want to celebrate that with them, here are the top 10 housewarming gifts.

​Table of Comparison


two woman hugging each other while holding a housewarming gifts

Image Via Pexels

​​1. Should I Purchase a Gift? 

​​2. Where Can I Buy It?

​3. How Much Should I Spend?

​4. What Kinds of Gifts Do People Buy?

How We Created Our Top Ten List?

The products listed below have been reviewed based on their ability to endure, positive reviews, ease of purchasing and warranty if available. We want our readers to be informed about the best products available to them with options for any budget. This is an unbiased list of products we have put together for you based on reviews and customer satisfaction as well a uniqueness that will surprise the recipient of the housewarming gift.

Gifts For Anyone At Any Price Range

We will break down the reasons for each gift below to help you chose the perfect housewarming gifts for your loved one or friend.

  1. 1
    ​​Charming Wine Bag
  2. 2
    ​​Custom Cutting Board
  3. 3
    ​​Hand Calligraphy Return Address Stamp
  4. 4
    ​Home Is Wherever I'm With You Blanket
  5. 5
    ​Home Sweet Home Painted Wood Slice Sign
  6. 6
    ​Personalized Map Throw Pillow
  7. 7
    ​Chilly Mama Baking Soda Fridge And Freezer Odor Absorber & Freshener Holder
  8. 8
    ​Tea Forté TEA TASTING ASSORTMENT Presentation Box Tea Sampler
  9. 9
    ​Homesick S​cented Candle
  10. 10
    ​Stanley 94-248 65 Piece Homeowner's DIY Tool Kit

​10 Housewarming Gifts


Wine bags let the recipient of the gift know you wanted to polish off the gift with something special. This wine bag is designed and handmade in the U.S.A. It is made with unbleached linen fabric with twine to tie the bag closed and measure 14 inches by 6 inches. It comes in a beautiful off-white natural color with black text, and they are charming with any decor.

If you will be presenting a bottle of wine as a housewarming gift this wine bag will make it that much more special. It says to them that you cared enough to polish the gift off and make it more than just the wine. The person receiving the wine bag can then reuse it for another gift or re-purpose it as a decor item in their home. 

Custom Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board - Engraved Monogrammed for...
  • FREE ENGRAVING - And each one to cart separately at NO EXTRA COST
  • QUALITY - Genuine Bamboo Cutting Board
  • GREAT GIFT - Great for housewarming, couples, anniversary gifts and more


​​Newlyweds love to celebrate their new family and name joining. This is a wonderful handmade custom housewarming gift that says to them that you thought of their love for one another. They can display it on their kitchen wall or use it. It is made from durable high-quality wood stock that will last a lifetime.


​​We love this gift as it celebrates two things, the joining of names and families if this is a newly married couple as well as a new home. They will forever use your gift, and they will start right away by sending out thank you cards with the custom stamp you ordered for them. This is a gift that will be used countless times throughout their lives on birthday cards, birth announcements and will show the recipient of this gift that you really do care because you took the time to have something personalized just for them.


​​Handmade decorative lightweight throw made from undyed natural fiber cotton with several options for colors. This blanket measures approximately 70 inches by 38 inches. This would be a wonderful addition to any living room or bedroom for someone that loves to read and cozy up under a soft blanket with a book and a nice cup of tea. This gift lets the person know that you are thinking of them and that you care for them and their new journey.


​​Housewarming gifts should reflect the person. Does the person you are thinking of buying a housewarming gift for love the rustic and natural look of things? This wood slice sign is created on a natural piece of wood approximately 11-13 inches wide. Each wood slice is unique and different. The background and text are hand painted. The sign includes a self-leveling sawtooth hanger on the back for easy hanging. Because each wood slice sign is cut from a tree, the bark is intact on the outside. This makes a one of a kind and unique piece of artwork with all the imperfections of nature. What could be more charming than a "Home Sweet Home" sign hand painted just for them?


​This is an adorable gift for a couple that have overcome distance to be together in their new home. The pillow is personalized with a map of the United States, with two embroidered red hearts joined from locations of your choice. Celebrate the love and a new home of a couple by giving them a reminder of what they went through to be together and how important that is for them. They can place the pillow in their living room or bedroom as a reminder of your thoughtful gift. It is one of the more personal items in this housewarming gifts top 10 lists.

Chilly Mama Baking Soda Fridge And Freezer Odor Absorber & Freshener...
  • Fun and cute refrigerator refresher; just fill with baking soda and let Chilly-Mama do the work
  • Keeps your fridge smelling fresh for months; eliminates odors so foods taste fresher longer
  • Replacement indicator shows when it's time to replace the unit, ensuring fresh foods are always protected


​This is a fun and cute refrigerator refresher. You simply fill with baking soda, and it keeps your fridge smelling fresh for months and eliminates odors, so foods taste fresher longer There is a replacement indicator showing when it's time to replace the unit, ensuring fresh food. The Chilly Mama Oder Absorber is reusable and dishwasher safe so you don't have to have open boxes of baking soda that could make a mess in your fridge. This is a kitschy gift for the person who has everything and love fun and silly kitchen gadgets. They will have a laugh over it but will also find it very useful in everyday life, making it perfect on this housewarming gifts list.  

Tea Forté TEA TASTING ASSORTMENT Presentation Box Tea Sampler,...
  • TEA TASTING ASSORTMENT with ten varieties of our most popular tea blends - Black Currant, Earl Grey, Green Mango Peach,...
  • DIVERSE, SUBTLE FLAVORS from only the finest whole tea leaves in the world, blended with aromatic fruits, spices and...
  • DELIGHTFUL TEA GIFT SET offers a variety of premium gourmet teas, a most welcomed hostess gift or gift for tea lovers


​​Do you have a friend that is a tea lover that has just moved into their first apartment or house? This is the ultimate tea collection! The Tea Forte' assortment includes ten varieties of their most popular tea blends, making it a unique item to be included in this housewarming gift list- Black Currant, Earl Grey, Green Mango Peach, Jasmine Green, White Ambrosia, White Ginger Pear, African Solstice, Chamomile Citron, Ginger Lemongrass, Raspberry Nectar are all part of this gift. The tea is crafted from the finest whole tea leaves and blended with aromatic fruits, spices and herbs. It comes in an embossed pattern gift box with a satin ribbon. Inside the lid is a tea tasting menu with blend descriptions. They will thank you as they sit in their new space enjoying the taste and smells of a hot warm mug of amazing tea.

Homesick Candle Scented, Idaho
  • Scents of spruce needles, melting snow, sandalwood, cinnamon and amber evoke the cool, clean smell of Idaho's snowy caps...
  • 60-80 hour burn time
  • All natural soy wax


​​Could there be a more perfect housewarming gifts item for this list? Do you have a friend that just moved away to a new home? Surprise them with a candle that reminds them of home. The company has candles available for every state, many cities and even different countries conveying all sorts of scents and even holiday candles. Homesick candles make candles that are unique and hand poured for a special gift. This is a wonderful way to share nostalgic memories. They consider scent the strongest sense associated to memories. Why not tell the recipient of this gift how much they mean to you by sharing a lovely memory and why this candle made you think of it?

STANLEY 94-248 65 Piece Homeowner's DIY Tool Kit
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: Ratchet handles are ergonomically designed and have an easy-to-use, thumb-operated...
  • SOCKET AND EXTENSION LOCK: Sockets and extensions remain locked onto the drive until disengaged with an easy-to-reach,...
  • SOCKET FEATURES: Sockets feature Max-Drive design, a unique radius corner design that provides 15% more torque than...


​​If you have a friend that does not own any tools and just moved into their first home then the Stanley 94-248 65 Piece Homeowner's DIY Tool Kit is a great quality tool set with everything they need.

This 65-piece set that includes: one 13-ounce hammer, one 16-foot tape rule, one 18mm snap-off knife, one level, one long nose and one slip-joint pliers, one Phillips screwdriver, one standard tip screwdriver, eight SAE and eight metric hex keys, one 1/4-inch round-head ratchet, eight SAE 1/4-inch sockets, one 1/4-inch spinner handle, one 1/4-inch bit holder, and 30 bits. It is perfect for this housewarming gifts list for setting up someone in their own home.

​​How Did We Find These Housewarming Gifts?

little girl eating cupcake with people holding housewarming gifts

Image Via Pexels

We researched what people like to begin our search. People like things that are useful or handmade. Something that brings meaning to them or links them with a nostalgic memory seems to be most popular. Moving into a new home, or even your first new home is exciting but can also be overwhelming and even a bit scary. Something as simple as a small gift is a comforting momento that tells them that they matter, and they have a friend that cares for them.

It is very important to know they have a friend to turn to in the future. They know that you care about them and were thoughtful enough to think of them during this time in their lives. Whether the person is moving away to a new home or just moving across town, let them know you are thinking of them. Housewarming gifts are meant to give the person a feeling of home, even if it doesn't feel like home to them yet.

Ten Beach Tent Perfect For A Summertime Gift

The summer is upon us, and that means it's time to soak up the sun in whatever ways we can, including going to the beach! The beach isn't for everyone, but having the perfect beach tent will turn a sweaty, sand-filled, sunburned day into a relaxing, breezy day away from prying eyes and those harsh rays! We are excited to share with you ten of the best beach tents perfect for a gift to that family member who perhaps doesn't enjoy the beach as much as your other members. Let's look at our top ten list so that family member can enjoy themselves at the beach as well!

​Table of Comparison

Product FAQ

orange tent at the beach

​Image Via Pixabay

We found and answered a few important frequently asked questions regarding how you should choose the best tent that will fit your needs. These included considering the advantages of having a tent for the beach, what aspects you should look out for in the best tents on the market, where to buy tents, and the price range for our top ten list is!

​1. How to Choose the Best Beach Tent?

​2. What Are the Advantages of Owning a Beach Tent?

​3. What Should I Look for When Buying Beach Tents?