Best Companies That Make Leather Backpacks For Men

In recent years leather backpacks have become quite popular for men. There are several companies that produce some of the best from the wide range of choices that are available. The information below highlights the best companies that are making leather backpacks for men.

J.W. Hulme Co.

When it comes to luxury leather backpacks, J.W. Hume Co. presents of the best possible choices. This is a company that provides a splendid number of leather backpacks with buckles. The backpacks manufactured by J.W. Hulme Co. provide style, but these backpacks are also designed for comfort. These backpacks are padded for comfort. That is why people that carry these backpacks on their back for long periods of time are more prone to invest in this quality.

Swiss Gear

When it comes to a leather backpack that has a lot of compartments Swiss Gear is the one. This is a well-known company for backpacks. It has a lot of hidden smaller compartments within the bigger compartments on this bag.

Le Donne Leather Company

Another one of the most well crafted leather backpacks companies for men is the Le Donne Leather Company. The backpacks that are designed by this company are made of 100% Colombian leather. This is one of the things that attracts lots of customers that desire something authentic. Some companies produce backpacks that are only partially leather. Le Donne sells a lot of backpacks because the company has that 100% leather guarantee on the products that are sold.

Vagabond Leather Backpack

Luxury handbags for the business professionals are designed by Vagabond. These are backpacks that are stylish but still in high demand because of the convertible designs. There are straps on this backpack that will allow people to carry this as a backpack or a shoulder bag. This is one of the better backpacks on the market. It is often used by people that carry backpacks on a regular basis for long distances because these bags are comfortable. These bags are made with multiple straps and many customers praise these backpacks because these products are sturdy.


When it comes to the ultimate in luxury there is a company that produces backpacks that tops all others. The manufacturers at Lotuff create backpacks for the wealthy. Lots of celebrities acquire these stylish bags. These leather bags are ideal for people that want to carry magazines or tablets. There are also extra compartments for backpackers that want to store their business cards or smart phones.

Lotuff has become one of the brands that have managed to present backpacks that are practical in design without losing the sense of style. These are the backpacks that men can carry even if they are wearing suits.


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