10 Best Beer Glasses to Give as Gifts

There are many types of beer drinking glasses, and each one a different shape to allow for the best taste for that style of brew. When you explore the history of beer glasses, you understand why some styles of drinking mugs and glasses exist. We will go over the different styles of beer mugs and glasses and then touch on some of the most popular sets sold on the market for home use today. 

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Beer Mugs and Glasses for Every Type of Beer

There is more to beer than meets the eye. There is a scientific basis for all of those different shaped glasses. Beer drinkers know the head of the beer, the foamy white top that forms as it is poured, acts as a lid trapping the flavors, or "Volatiles," of the beer in the glass. The ingredients of beer, hops and grains, release volatiles which evaporates when the beer hits the air. So it is important that the barrier produced by the head of the beer continues to block the volatiles from being released so that the beer tastes better. When we can smell the aroma of the volatiles as we drink the beer, it affects the taste.

1. What Is the Ideal Beer for a Flute? 

2. What Is the Ideal Beer for a Goblet? 

3. What Is the Ideal Beer for a Mug or Stein?

4.  What Is the Ideal Beer for the Pilsner Glass?

5. What Is the Ideal Beer for the Pint Glass?

6. What Is the Ideal Beer for the Snifter Glass?

7. What Is the Ideal Beer for the Stange Glass?

8. What Is the Ideal Beer for the Weizen Glass?

Which Beer Glass Is Right for You?

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We have reviewed the many forms of beer glasses to come up with a comprehensive list from high end to everyday glasses. We wanted to give you the full array of styles and prices so that you could make an informed decision about what kind of glasses you would like to purchase. Maybe you are setting up a home bar or just want a special mug for yourself, or maybe even a present for someone that is a connoisseur of beers. We have researched to find the best-rated mugs and glasses of all types to share with you. Below you will find a description, price, and link to where you can find each type.

All Beer Glasses Are Not Created Equally

This list below contains beer glasses from high end to regular low end where it would not upset you if it ended up breaking by accident. We wanted to help you make an informed choice about the most popular beer glasses out there on the market today.

What We Reviewed

  • Rastal Teku
  • Lindemans Flute
  • Schott Zwiesal Bavaria Beer Glass
  • Luigi Bormioli Michaelangelo Napoleon
  • Spiegelau Hefeweizen Beer Glass
  • Olivia & Aiden Beer Mug
  • Libbey Heidelberg Beer Mug
  • Spiegelau Classic IPA Glass
  • British Style Imperial Pint Glass

Rastal Teku

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This is an excellent glass to enjoy your craft beers. Rastal Teku is recognized as one of the finest crafted beer glasses available today. This is a traditional stemmed glass first designed in Italy. The stem allows for you to hold your beer without warming it with your hand. They are made in Germany by Rastal, who have been crafting beer glasses for a hundred years. This is considered a top of the line glass for the discerning craft beer lover.

Lindemans Flute

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This tall flute glass holds 10 ounces of fluid in an embossed and gold-rimmed glass with the Lindemans logo displayed. This glass was designed specifically for the brewery's beers. You get one signature glass with a logo with this purchase.  

Schott Zwiesal Bavaria Beer Glass

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These are top of the line handmade crystal beer glasses that will last a lifetime because of the fine craftsmanship. The Bavaria beer glass is made by Zwiesel, who has been making glassware for 130 years from the finest lead-free crystal. This is a set of 6 Tritan crystal beer glasses shaped for use with German beer. Each glass is dishwasher safe, and resists breakage and chipping with a 22-ounce capacity.

Luigi Bormioli Michaelangelo Napoleon

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Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo Napoleon glasses are a set of 6 fine 13-ounce glasses, featuring lead-free crystal crafted by master Italian glassmaker Luigi Bormioli. The glasses have reinforced rims and curved bowl shapes that improve oxygenation, allowing the head of the beer to remain. The glasses are dishwasher safe and resistant to mechanical shock.

Spiegelau Hefeweizen Beer Glasses

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This set of four Hefeweizen beer glasses is an award-winning set of beer glasses at a great price. The glasses are finely crafted in the perfect shape to deliver the fullness and enhance the balance and flavor of your favorite beers. Weizen translated means wheat, and these beer glasses were designed specifically for the enjoyment of wheat beers. They feature a generous 24.7-ounce capacity and a tall, classic design in lead-free crystal.  These beer glasses are dishwasher-safe; and have thin, laser-cut, and polished rims to maximize drinking pleasure. They come in a set of four in an attractive gift box, ready to be the perfect gift for the beer lover in your family. 

Olivia & Aiden Beer Mug

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This is a great beer mug set for a home bar for a very reasonable price. Enjoy a craft beer in a 16-ounce beer mug, followed by a shot of bourbon for good measure in a 1.5-ounce shot glass! This set includes 6 beer mugs and 6 shot glasses made specifically for hosting parties or enjoying barbecues. This is a good premium set of glasses with thick, heavy-duty, ergonomic, easy grip handles.

They are dishwasher safe, multipurpose glasses that can be used straight out of the freezer on a hot day. Made with high-quality, food-grade safe borosilicate glass that’s stain and odor resistant. 100% Money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Libbey Heidelberg Beer Mug

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The Libbey 4-Piece Heidelberg Beer Mug Set contains heavy duty mugs specifically shaped for serving beer in the traditional style. Each mug is 16 ounces, made of thick glass, and freezer safe to keep your beer ice cold until the last sip. The exterior of the mug is decorated with the classic ten facets to celebrate the classic beer or root beer float shape we have come to know. Mugs measure 9-1/8 inches high and 3-3/8 inches in diameter and are dishwasher safe. 

Spiegelau Classic IPA Glass

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The Spiegelau IPA glass set of four has a huge 19-ounce capacity, giving you plenty of room to pour your favorite ale, lager, or beer. This large capacity also means you won’t need to spend your time constantly refilling your glass. They are dishwasher safe and a perfect addition to any bar set.

Made from a lead-free crystal in Germany, these beer glasses fit comfortably in the hand and indent at the base for each finger of your fist to rest as you raise your glass to take a long swig. They have been judged and awarded as one of the best pilsner glasses of their price range and class. Enjoy your favorite beers in this glass designed by master brewers and industry professionals. 

British Style Imperial Pint Glass

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This set of four Imperial Pint glasses, packaged in a gift box, is perfect for someone that loves beer and the tradition of heavy ridged pint glasses for easy gripping. They are breakage resistant and can be stacked easily for space saving at your home bar. They come with the official crown pint seal etched into each pint for authenticity. Each glass has a 20-ounce capacity. They are made in England by KegWorks. Be a part of the tradition of British pubs by bringing home this set of authentic pint glasses to enjoy your favorite ale in.

Enjoy Your Beer Even More!

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Now that you have found the perfect glassware to enjoy your beer, ale, or pilsner it is time to kick back and take a cold swig. Maybe you are a beginner and just starting your collection. More complete sets might be right for you to get you started. No bar would be complete without a good mug set to begin with. Then move on to the fancier styles of beer glasses as you collect.  If you are someone that likes to have a special glass to celebrate the end of a long workday, maybe you would enjoy a higher end lead-free crystal challis, so you can truly be the king of your castle at the dinner table every night as you survey all that is yours. Whatever your mission, you have hopefully walked away knowing just a little more about the different beer glass options out there, and what is the right choice for you or for a gift.  It seems there are as many styles of beer glasses as there are beers. There is a proper type of glass for each different type of beer for which their qualities compliment each other. So whether you enjoy a great pilsner, a tangy IPA, a full-bodied craft beer, or a dark and heady stout, there is a glass out there to enjoy your fine beverage properly. Take your pick.

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