What to gift your boss this Boss Day?

The National Boss day is celebrated in the United States and Canada to give the employees the opportunity to thank their bosses. The observation of the occasion started in 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski, then an employee of State Farm Insurance registered the date of 16th October to show gratitude for her and all the other bosses. The significance of the day lies in the fact that employees often fail to understand the hard work that the bosses have to put forth in managing a business successfully. So, Bosses Day is intended to show respect to the great bosses.

This year, National Boss Day will be celebrated on October 17 as 16th is Sunday. So, following are some gift ideas if you are looking to impress and show gratitude to your boss on Bosses Day.

Top Gift Ideas

Flowers, lunch parties, and gift certificates are some common Boss Day gift ideas but here are some unique suggestions to make your Bosses Day gift most memorable for your boss.

  • Decision maker: Running a successful business involves lots of decision making. On this Boss Day, help your boss to make better decisions by gifting him a ‘Decision Makers for business people’. This is an aesthetic and a fun gift at the same time. Ask a question and swing the pendulum for answer. You can also go for a personalized digital decision maker to surprise your boss. You can customize the item by engraving his name on it. This is an excellent executive gift and be sure that your boss would love it the most.
  • Card holder: The corporate image is also about making the right impression and a ‘High Gloss Mahogany Silver Card Holder’ will add the right amount of personality to your boss’s desk. You can further customize the item by engraving his/her name on it.
  • Chocolate and wine gift hamper: If you are looking for a last minute suggestion for a gift on Bosses Day, then you can go for a chocolate and wine gift hamper. Nowadays, the market is flooded with an exotic range of chocolates, which you can simply put in a decorative basket and gift your boss. Rest assured that your gift will never fail to touch his/her heart.
  • Custom bobblehead doll: If your boss has a great sense of humor, then you can risk giving him/her a personalized bobblehead doll. This is a fun gift item and can go a long way in improving your relation with your boss. The doll will add the right dose of cheerfulness to the otherwise drab desk of an executive.
  • Customized coffee mug/shot glass: At present, dozens of gift shops are available which will let you customize the gift according to your preferences. You can customize a coffee mug with a picture or a message for your boss. You can go for engraved shot glasses as well.
  • Home spa gift hamper: This is an ideal gift idea for a female boss. Surprise her on this Bosses Day by gifting a tempting home spa gift hamper. The hamper will contain pampering bath gel, bubble bath, and bath fizzer; along with rejuvenating wooden massager, loofah sponge, potpourri, aromatic candles and many more items. These items come in decorative wicker baskets, which make the gift more attractive for the recipient.
  • Executive desk clock: This makes a practical gift for any official celebration. A timepiece is a timeless gift and no one can deny its usefulness on the desk of an executive. On the occasion of Boss Day, you can delight your boss by gifting him/her an elegant mahogany finished, ‘book-shaped’ desk clock. You can make the gift more attractive by engraving a personalized message on it.
  • Yes man software: ‘Yes man’ software is a fun gift idea. The software comes with a virtual character who will entertain your boss whole day with funny lines and jokes. He will agree to whatever your boss will say and will laugh at his jokes. Treat your boss like royalty by gifting him ‘yes man’ software.
  • Gumball machine: An old fashioned gumball dispenser makes a splendid gift for the Bosses day. The machine will dispense gumballs, jelly beans, and candies and will help keep your boss in a good mood whole day.
  • Stress ball assortment: Gift your boss a boxful of colorful, fun-shaped stress balls. These are great in helping the boss de-stress during difficult decision making sessions and long meetings. If your boss is a sports fanatic, then you can give him a gift of sports ball shaped stress balls. The assortment may contain mini football, soccer balls, tennis balls and the like. This gift will certainly improve his mood.
  • Books: Books are always great options for Bosses Day gift. You can gift your boss books on office management, business ethics, and personal and employee management. This will help in improving the boss-employee relationship and contribute towards better office environment.