10 Best Gifts for College Students

Have you been wanting to buy a gift for your college student son or daughter but just have no idea of what to get them? Don't worry: many parents, grandparents, and other family and friends feel this way. That's why we've put this list of the 10 best gifts for college students.

What Are Ideal College Student Gifts?

The ideal gifts of college students are usually items that hold some kind of practicality. The life of a college student is generally a very busy one, and an item that holds some functional value will be of significant use to them.

Is There a Need for College Student Gifts?

There most certainly is! A gift for a college student not only shows your love and appreciation: it also can help a student out in their studies, and consequently their future career.

10 Best Gifts for College Students

This is the part you've all been waiting for. The list of the gifts themselves. No matter what the intended receiver is studying, or his or her personality, there should be something for everyone included here.


No, we're not talking about a laptop. We'll get to that later. We're talking about the good, old-fashioned pen and paper kind of notebook. There's nothing like jotting down notes or working out essay ideas on paper.


Is your student not a morning person? Coffee can get even the most lethargic student out of the door on time. A coffeemaker is definitely one of the best gifts for college students.


Laptops are absolutely necessary for any college student. And while that essay isn't going to write itself, it's going to be much easier to do it on a word processor. Plus, they'll have no excuse for not writing home.

Videogame Console

This may seem like it's going to be a distraction, but it's better than having your college student go out and party all the time (though there is a time and place for that).

Videogame consoles also come in extremely handy when it comes to watching television shows, as they can stream from such sites as Netflix.This may seem like it's going to be a distraction, but it's better than having your college student go out and party all the time (though there is a time and place for that). Videogame consoles also come in extremely handy when it comes to watching television shows, as they can stream from such sites as Netflix.

Stun Gun

Self-protection is of the utmost importance for your college student, especially if they happen to be a young lady. A stun gun is the perfect weapon for protecting a student, whether they're out on the town, walking alone at night, or even in their dorm room.


This generation of students may be all about the tech, but that doesn't mean that an old-fashioned cookbook won't come in handy.

Bar Fridge

A bar fridge is definitely one of the best gifts for college students. It will ensure that a Coke or a beer is only a few feet away when they need a much needed refreshment.


Whether it's used to lug books around campus, or for a weekend party in the wilderness, a backpack is an extremely useful gift.


Headphones come in handy almost anywhere and everywhere. Not only can they block out the noise of the party at the sorority house next door, they also can be a valuable study tool when used in conjunction with an audiobook.


You have to carry that coffee around somehow, right?


Honestly, what makes the best gifts for college students is highly subjective. It really depends on the personality of the student in question. For instance, if the student in question detests spending time in the kitchen, then don't get them a cookbook. Just follow your instincts when it comes to purchasing gifts. If you feel they'll really like it, then chances are they probably will! We wish you the best of luck.

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Gifts for Teachers

Teachers are perhaps one of the most undervalued types of service jobs that are dedicated to the needs of the next generation. It falls on them to educate, mentor, and maximize the potential of every student that walks through their classroom door. So why then do they seem to come last in terms of how they're treated? They deserve more appreciation and acknowledgement. It makes sense to do something in the form of recognition for those that take up this honorable profession. And that's where personalized teacher gifts come in.

What Are Gifts For Teachers?

woman wearing eyeglasses

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Personalized teacher gifts are things that are unique to your relationship to them. For students in the classroom, gift ideas can come from what they've learned about the teacher's life. They can also take more of a creative form, like DIY cards, collages, and unique art projects. For parents, gift ideas can be more traditional. These options can include things like gift baskets, certificates, and compilations of thoughtful messages from the community.

There's also an option for actual physical gifts, and those can range from the practical to the decorative. For instance, an organizer for the top of their desk could help them do their job. Alternatively a paper weight on the theme of their expertise could be a nice decorative accent for their desk. Keeping in mind the teacher who's receiving the gift is key in the process of the giving. Is this a gift that they would want? Is this a gift they would use?

When And Why Should Gifts Be Given To Teachers?

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There are many opportunities to give gifts to teachers. It can be a way of establishing good will at the beginning of the school year. It can also be a great thank you toward the end of the year. Also, some teachers experience milestones in their careers and in their personal lives. The gift you give could also reflect these moments. For instance, say the teacher is having a child, you could give gifts that honor this new presence in their lives.

Another example of a gift-worthy milestone could be a promotion of some kind that the teacher has received. Or, the teacher may even be leaving to go teach in another district. A 'going away gift' could be appropriate here as an expression of thanks for a job well done.

Ideas For Personalized Teacher Gifts

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One idea that could engage the student's creativity might stem from curiosity around the subject that's taught. If this teacher has inspired a new passion for a given topic in the mind of a student, then perhaps an art project, poem, essay, or unique gift related to that topic. Say it's a science teacher that's been giving lessons on constellations and the fabric of the cosmos. A unique gift could be to name a star after that teacher by contacting the star registry. the student can then attach a card and a message that thanks the teacher for their new passion for the subject.


teacher and children

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We hope that now you'll have some ideas for what to give the special teachers in your life. One thing we didn't mention for the heavily 'experience' loving teachers is that you can gift them things to go out and do. You can use your imagination here, but for now here's an example that's sure to be appreciated by any teacher you give it to: a certificate for a full spa day/massage treatment. Another thing teachers most likely deal with? Stress. If you can get them some kind of gift that will help alleviate the chronic stress associated with teaching, they'll be expressly grateful for your decision to consider their well being like this.

Top Ten Stores That Sell Quality Laptop Messenger Bags

These Messengers Aren’t For Shooting
Ever heard the statement, “Don’t shoot the Messenger.”? Well, the following information is definitely material you will want to know if you just happen to need those all important quality laptop messenger bags. Where do you find them? Where can you purchase the best bags for the least amount of cost to you? Here’s some good answers.

Ten of the following stores offer a diverse variety of quality laptop messenger bags. These stores include the standard retail chains such as Office Depot/Office Max, Target, Kohl’s, Nordstrom’s, and JC Penneys. In this day of on-line shopping, however, you will also experience moderate success through Amazon.com, Timbuk2, Overstock, eBags.com, and Luggagepros.com. Each of these stores offers quality bags, but with a keen eye for bargains, you might discover that the very same bag is sold for less at one store though presented at a higher “sale” price at another. Here’s an example:

Office Depot/Office Max boasts its top products as the HP Essential Carrying Case Solo Pulse 15.6 at $29.00 but hikes the price way up for the Microsoft Black or Orange Case Logic 17 at $84.77. Check this out, though. Their lively designed Wildkin Kickstart with Peace signs, Big Dots Pink and Pink Leopard sale between $31.00 to $40.00. At Target, however, you will find the very same make and design for only $18.99. The catch is you must purchase it on-line. Target also offers Merona Men’s Canvas for $25.00 and Men’s Hawthorne for $21.24, but the Hawthorne, too, must be purchased on-line. These stores offer quality at a cheaper price than the following.

Kohl’s, Nordstrom’s and JC Penney’s have rather diverse offerings but at a price increase. You will find an AmeriLeather Teddy Leather Messenger Bag at Kohl’s at a sale price of $132.00 down from $165.00, but again, it has to be purchased on-line. The same holds true for the Levi Sutherland and the Ferrari 15 inch, priced at $100.00 and $108.00 respectively. Kohl’s offers Wildkin Big Dots Kickstart and other kid friendly designs for between $20.00 – $30.00. JC Penneys is much more sporty and less formal than Nordstrom’s, with Relic Canvas Compass, High Sierra TSA, and Two-Color Canvas all above $85.00. Nordstrom’s offers high quality Men’s Messenger Bags — the Frye “Logan” at $498.00 and in two colors.

On-line stores include Timbuk2 with Messengers in blacks, grays and browns and prices ranging between $100.00 to $150.00. Amazon and Overstock are competitive, with a Handmadecart Men’s Authentic Real Leather at $45.00 down from $259.09 if purchased from Amazon by Monday. Overstock offers an Albertp Bellucci Florence Italian Leather at $289.99.

So don’t shoot the messenger when it comes to purchasing these slick bags. Go shopping instead.

Best Companies That Make Leather Backpacks For Men

In recent years leather backpacks have become quite popular for men. There are several companies that produce some of the best from the wide range of choices that are available. The information below highlights the best companies that are making leather backpacks for men.

J.W. Hulme Co.

When it comes to luxury leather backpacks, J.W. Hume Co. presents of the best possible choices. This is a company that provides a splendid number of leather backpacks with buckles. The backpacks manufactured by J.W. Hulme Co. provide style, but these backpacks are also designed for comfort. These backpacks are padded for comfort. That is why people that carry these backpacks on their back for long periods of time are more prone to invest in this quality.

Swiss Gear

When it comes to a leather backpack that has a lot of compartments Swiss Gear is the one. This is a well-known company for backpacks. It has a lot of hidden smaller compartments within the bigger compartments on this bag.

Le Donne Leather Company

Another one of the most well crafted leather backpacks companies for men is the Le Donne Leather Company. The backpacks that are designed by this company are made of 100% Colombian leather. This is one of the things that attracts lots of customers that desire something authentic. Some companies produce backpacks that are only partially leather. Le Donne sells a lot of backpacks because the company has that 100% leather guarantee on the products that are sold.

Vagabond Leather Backpack

Luxury handbags for the business professionals are designed by Vagabond. These are backpacks that are stylish but still in high demand because of the convertible designs. There are straps on this backpack that will allow people to carry this as a backpack or a shoulder bag. This is one of the better backpacks on the market. It is often used by people that carry backpacks on a regular basis for long distances because these bags are comfortable. These bags are made with multiple straps and many customers praise these backpacks because these products are sturdy.


When it comes to the ultimate in luxury there is a company that produces backpacks that tops all others. The manufacturers at Lotuff create backpacks for the wealthy. Lots of celebrities acquire these stylish bags. These leather bags are ideal for people that want to carry magazines or tablets. There are also extra compartments for backpackers that want to store their business cards or smart phones.

Lotuff has become one of the brands that have managed to present backpacks that are practical in design without losing the sense of style. These are the backpacks that men can carry even if they are wearing suits.


Best Durable and Cheap Diaper Bags

There are a number of features that you should take into account when you are looking for a durable and cheap diaper bag. What kinds of materials will increase the durability of the diaper bag? Should I buy a bag with a zipper or a Velcro closure? Can I get a durable diaper bag with my limited budget? So how will I be able to choose the best durable diaper bag that will meet all my needs?

When choosing a good diaper bag with a limited budget, you need to remember that some features are more important than others. The following tips will help you to make a wise decision to help you avoid wasting your money.

Bigger is Not Always Better
Diaper bags usually come with a wide variety of weight and sizes. Consider buying the smaller bag since it weighs less, therefore, good for your shoulder. Most parents who buy the big band tend to overload it diminishing its durability. The small bags are much cheaper, lighter, and you will appreciate their comfort-cushioned shoulder strap.

Material and Fabrics
Material and fabrics are another critical consideration when it comes to buying the best diaper bags that meet your needs. They range from nylon, faux leather, and PVC. The best material to choose is the one that easy to clean, resistant to water and stains, lightweight and cheap. If you buy a quilted cotton diaper bag, you will fall in love with it due to its airy nature, lightweight and quite affordable price. Also, the bag is easy to clean – just put it into the washing machine.
If you are considering buying a large bag choose the one made from synthetic material such as PVC and nylon. In general both of them are pocket-friendly and easy to maintain.

Pockets and Compartments
The more the pockets and compartments the better. They will help you to stay organized all the time. A good bag should have essential features that will make it easier to access the necessary items. You should be able to access whatever you need with ease even if you are holding your baby with one hand. A good diaper bag should have insulated pocket that will keep beverages warm in cold weather and cool in the summer.

What are the ideal and affordable types of closure in a diaper bag? The most common closure includes Velcro, magnetic and zipper. The best closure should work silently, open with ease and hold the items in the bag firmly. Velcro vectors are quite noisy. Magnetic zippers are easy to open, but the bag can accidentally open up if the bag is packed to the maximum.

The expensive diaper bag does not always mean better. After all, any bag that you pick, you will realize that all what you need from your diaper bag is a diaper and wipe.