Friendship Letter

The romance of hand written letters is never seems to fizzle out. In our fast track modern lives everything has become heavily dependent on technology. Even the act of writing a letter has been reduced to the curt and dry e-mails. But many of us still practice the art of writing a letter to tell our loved ones how much we miss them. Friendship letters are mainly aimed at telling the other person that life is not the same without them near us. In order to be able to write a beautiful letter, there are a few things that require some attention. Take a look at the few pointers that we have been able to put together for your benefit.

Simple Language: The basic aim behind writing a friendship letter is to make your sentiments known. To achieve this particular objective, you have to see to it that the language is extremely lucid and simple. Try and avoid using extremely long sentences as they confuse the reader and they totally lose the point.

Be conversational: Ensure that the tone of your letter is a conversational one. This would definitely make the receiver happy because he/ she would know that apart from divulging into the details of whatever has happened in your life, you are eager to know about the other end as well.

Level of Intimacy: In case the person you are writing to is someone of the opposite sex, avoid using words that would mislead the reader. If he is a friend and not a lover, be sensitive and ensure that it appears so in the letter as well. Miscommunication and misunderstandings can lead the friendship into serious jeopardy.

If you take care of the mentioned points, your letter is definitely going to turn out to be a good one. Your letters of friendship should be able to contribute positively to the equation that exists between your two.

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