Types of Music

Music has no barriers, no language. It is a way in which we can delve into the depths of ourselves and comprehend our complicated feelings. It is also a way in which we can reach out to others as; music is certainly an expression of our love and longing for them. On a broader note, music gives us a good idea regarding the culture of various places in the world helps us to understand their history too. But how many of us actually know of the various types of music that exist in the world today? Not many, right! So let us have a look at the different kinds of music and what is it that sets them apart from each other.

Classical Music: This particular kind of music requires a lot of skill and rigorous training. It is extremely complicated and not too many people can appreciate it unless they have proper knowledge of it.

Rock Music: It originated in the 1950s which is also known as the era of Rock n Roll. They make good use of drums and guitars and can also be sub divided into hard metal, soft rock, progressive rock and hard rock.

Hip-hop: Or what is popularly known as rap music has been greatly influenced by Jamaican music and puts the bass to good use. It basically has its origins in the African American music and West African music. Their beats are extremely catchy and this is perhaps the reason why it is extremely popular in the contemporary times.

Trance Music: Has a certain kind of a hypnotic effect on the listeners that result from the fast tempo and the repetitive beats. It is a hot favorite in the clubs and discotheques.

Folk: Mostly have a rustic feel to them and have been passed down from the earlier generations. It talks about social issues and the struggle of the common people in order to survive. It is extremely close to the ground realities and their simplicity is what attracts the music lovers to it.

Jazz: It is heavily dependent on trumpets and violins to carry forward the tune that is also called the swing.

Techno Music: Became famous during the mid 1980s. it uses a lot of electronic instruments and is a fusion of African American funk and electro jazz music.