Top Ten Stores That Sell Quality Laptop Messenger Bags

These Messengers Aren’t For Shooting
Ever heard the statement, “Don’t shoot the Messenger.”? Well, the following information is definitely material you will want to know if you just happen to need those all important quality laptop messenger bags. Where do you find them? Where can you purchase the best bags for the least amount of cost to you? Here’s some good answers.

Ten of the following stores offer a diverse variety of quality laptop messenger bags. These stores include the standard retail chains such as Office Depot/Office Max, Target, Kohl’s, Nordstrom’s, and JC Penneys. In this day of on-line shopping, however, you will also experience moderate success through, Timbuk2, Overstock,, and Each of these stores offers quality bags, but with a keen eye for bargains, you might discover that the very same bag is sold for less at one store though presented at a higher “sale” price at another. Here’s an example:

Office Depot/Office Max boasts its top products as the HP Essential Carrying Case Solo Pulse 15.6 at $29.00 but hikes the price way up for the Microsoft Black or Orange Case Logic 17 at $84.77. Check this out, though. Their lively designed Wildkin Kickstart with Peace signs, Big Dots Pink and Pink Leopard sale between $31.00 to $40.00. At Target, however, you will find the very same make and design for only $18.99. The catch is you must purchase it on-line. Target also offers Merona Men’s Canvas for $25.00 and Men’s Hawthorne for $21.24, but the Hawthorne, too, must be purchased on-line. These stores offer quality at a cheaper price than the following.

Kohl’s, Nordstrom’s and JC Penney’s have rather diverse offerings but at a price increase. You will find an AmeriLeather Teddy Leather Messenger Bag at Kohl’s at a sale price of $132.00 down from $165.00, but again, it has to be purchased on-line. The same holds true for the Levi Sutherland and the Ferrari 15 inch, priced at $100.00 and $108.00 respectively. Kohl’s offers Wildkin Big Dots Kickstart and other kid friendly designs for between $20.00 – $30.00. JC Penneys is much more sporty and less formal than Nordstrom’s, with Relic Canvas Compass, High Sierra TSA, and Two-Color Canvas all above $85.00. Nordstrom’s offers high quality Men’s Messenger Bags — the Frye “Logan” at $498.00 and in two colors.

On-line stores include Timbuk2 with Messengers in blacks, grays and browns and prices ranging between $100.00 to $150.00. Amazon and Overstock are competitive, with a Handmadecart Men’s Authentic Real Leather at $45.00 down from $259.09 if purchased from Amazon by Monday. Overstock offers an Albertp Bellucci Florence Italian Leather at $289.99.

So don’t shoot the messenger when it comes to purchasing these slick bags. Go shopping instead.

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