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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Boss Day

Boss Day Gifts

Like the other holidays, Boss' Day also holds a special significance in relation to an individual, who may not be as special as our parents or friends, but who becomes an integral part of our lives, our big boss. We might think that our boss becomes too "bossy" sometimes, but being a boss is not an easy job. Managing the entire group of employees working under him/her, making sure that they deliver their work efficiently and on time, handling tough situations among the various coworkers and keeping the motivational level up, demands a lot of conviction, patience, wisdom and experience.

The National Boss Day is, hence celebrated, on the 16th of October, to appreciate and thank our superiors for their support, righteousness, inspiration and motivation. Initially began in United States in 1958, the day has got a World wide recognition now.

Being polite and showing respect to your boss is the key to express your boss the gratitude you feel and appreciation you have for their leadership traits. Having a good boss is like having a gift. So Boss' Day is the day, when you can take the opportunity to give your boss a thoughtful gift to show your gratefulness and respect his remarkable leadership.

Everyone wants boss day to be special. If your boss is a women then women's shoes or rings can be a good gift. However for the male bosses watches might be more appropriate.

Gift Ideas for Boss Day

We have some gift ideas for Boss' Day that you can choose from.

Personalized Gifts

If you really want to surprise your boss then present him with a personalized gift. Most of these options are available online but you can create something on your own as well. How about displaying your boss's face on the Best Boss Magazine front cover, even though it's not real? But this gift will show that you really wish that something like this could happen some day! Or you can give him a personalized mouse pad with his company's name on it or a funny statement about your boss. Other personalized Boss' Day gifts include monogrammed or engraved desk accessories, wall clocks, personalized leather business card holders, personalized beer mugs or decanter sets with a nice funny personal note printed on it, or even personalized signs on a golf T shirt, for your golfer boss.

Classic Gifts

Executive gift baskets also make classy gift for your boss. You can give him/her a food and wine gift basket; golfer gift basket, fresh fruits gift basket, gourmet chocolate and cookies gift basket or even a body and spa gift basket would make a great gift for bosses. A Bonsai plant for prosperity, a classic watch, a “Thanks” or “World's Best Boss” plaque, a bouquet of exotic flowers, desktop sandboxes, wacky office toys, executive pen set, a book for management gurus, leather wallets or laptop case, cigar humidors, classy shoe polishing kit, silver Zippo lighters, coffee maker, Swiss army knives, a tie or trendy cuff links also make appropriate gifts for Boss Day.

Messages and Cards

Nothing could be better than telling them, how absolutely wonderful it is to work for them. You can buy a greeting card for your Boss, a range of which is provided by Hallmark and write about your regards and respect, that you have for them. You can also surprise your boss, by celebrating their day through a nice cake and a cute little party.

Always remember that the more you think to impress your boss, the more expensive the gift is going to be, so know what your budget is and add genuineness to your gift and it will be appreciated by your boss not for it's material value but for its emotional value!

Last Updated On : October 11, 2011

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