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Christmas Carols

One of the greatest charms of the Christmas season is singing carols that exhibit a spirit of warmth, benevolence and good will. Christmas carols are always a great way for getting into the Christmas spirit. Carols are sung everywhere either individually at home, in schools, at social gatherings, or people bundle up together to spread the joy door to door with merryful Christmas songs.

A Christmas carol is a song or hymn whose lyrics are on the theme of Christmas, especially relate to the Nativity or the winter season in general. They are traditionally sung in the period before and during Christmas. The tradition of Christmas carols goes back as far as the thirteenth century, although carols were originally communal songs sung during celebrations like harvesttide as well as Christmas. It was much later that carols began to be sung in church, and to be specifically associated with Christmas. In fact, St Francis of Assisi introduced Christmas carols in to church services in the 12th century. As for the word carols, "carol" is a derivative of the French word "caroler", the interpretation of which means dancing and singing around in a circle.

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