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Christmas Crafts

Crafts are always a fun way to explore your creativity and some excitement to the festivity. Usually summer is a great time to start working on Christmas crafts, as it is very warm to go outside. What's exciting about Christmas crafts is that it has become a part of family traditions during Christmas. It's all about getting together with your family

members, digging out for stuff you need to make the crafts from (most of which you can find in the house itself) and getting some ideas for making the crafts. Making Christmas crafts is an act of celebration itself and it adds variety and colors to your decorations!

You can make anything for Christmas crafts- cards, tree ornaments, Santa crafts, wreaths, Centerpieces, gift-wraps, Christmas tree, nativity related crafts, snowmen etc. We have some unique easy Christmas crafts that you can make this Christmas:

Santa Ivy Bowl Candy Jar for Christmas
Material needed: 4 inch ivy bowl, 4-inch clay pot, Model car paints (These paints are great for glass but they need turpentine for clean-up) in red, white, black and blue. You can also use glass paints, Acrylic paints (Red and white), Peach wrapped candies, Santa face painting pattern, and 1-1/2 inch wooden ball with a flat bottom.

Paint the clay pot red and the rim white. Also paint wooden ball white. Now paint the ivy bowl mostly white and leave an opening in the front to paint on the face. For the pink nose and cheeks, you will have to mix white and a drop of red. For the eyes, mix white with a drop of blue. Don't paint the face skin tone; leave the glass transparent in this area so that you can see the peach candies on the inside. This would be a great gift for a kid or anyone on your gift list.

Christmas Angel Tree Topper
Materials Needed: Construction paper (any color), Ribbon, Foil, Cereal box, Cotton balls, Glitter, Sequins, Empty paper towel roll, Hot glue gun and sticks, Scissors, Markers.

Cut out a circle from construction paper. Using a marker draw the face of an angel. Start gluing cotton balls on to paper towel roll as many as needed. Take cereal box and draw the wings but keep both wings as one piece. Cut the wings and wrap foil around the wings. Glue wings to the back of the paper towel roll. Now glue the head on front of the paper towel roll. Cut pieces of ribbon for the hair. Using scissors curl the ribbons. Paste the ribbon on the head. Now use cotton balls to go down the wings for the arms. Once done decorate your angel with glitter and sequins and place it on top of the Christmas tree!

Christmas Stocking Handmade Card
Materials needed: ˝ sheet of 8.5 x 11 Hunter Green Cardstock, Natural Mulberry Kozo Paper, 2 Red Round & 2 Red Stocking Eyelets, Christmas Stocking Sticker, Red Handmade Mulberry Paper, Brown Chalk.

Fold green cardstock in half. Tear a square of Kozo mulberry paper about 2.5 x 3.25". Lightly chalk around the outside of the natural Kozo with brown chalk. Smudge it in with your fingers to create an aged look. Now wet the edges of natural Kozo & roll a bit so edges look aged as well. Cut a square of red mulberry paper about 3.25 x 4" (with a wet Q-tip draw your tear line first & then the paper will tear easily). Lay the red square on top of card on an angle. Lay natural Kozo Square on top of red but straight with card. Attach with 2 stocking eyelets and 2 round 1/8" eyelets (one in each corner) Stick stocking sticker in the center of the card.

Christmas Wrapping Paper
Materials needed: Tempera or poster paint, Butcher Paper, Precut sponges in various shapes, or cut your own from regular sponges.

Cut a regular kitchen sponge to shape into some simple shape such as a star, holly leaf, berry, etc. Pour paint onto saucer or other flat item. Spread white butcher paper out on the flat surface. Dip sponge in paint, making sure to cover entire surface and sponge off excess. Stamp sponge 2-4 times over surface of paper. Reapply paint and repeat. You can sprinkle glitter over the wet painted paper as well to give it a sparkling effect.

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