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Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

For many this holiday season, putting up a Christmas tree is as "green" as it's going to get. Considering the state that our environment is in today, we really should be doing whatever we can, whenever we can. If you are still looking to put up your Christmas decorations here are some eco-friendly holiday decorating suggestions for you to consider.

1.) The Christmas Tree:

When it comes to Christmas trees you have two main options - natural or artificial. If you choose to purchase a natural Christmas tree this season, it's suggested that you buy yours at one of those seasonal Christmas tree lots found in a parking lot near you. Seasonal Christmas tree lots tend to sell trees grown on tree farms, which means forests aren't unnecessarily cut down. While tree farms do use pesticides to control insects and other pests, they are used judiciously, for the most part. Natural trees can also be recycled and turned into mulch when the season is over.

As far as artificial trees go; most are made from petroleum-based products, which take centuries to decompose. At the same time, a family using an artificial tree year after year saves on fuel, compared to a family that drives to the tree farm or a tree lot every year. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and affordability.

2.) The Christmas Lights:

Lighting the tree is always the best part, if you ask me. It doesn't quite feel like Christmas until you have those twinkly lights up on all the branches. When lighting your tree this year, consider purchasing some eco-friendly LED Christmas lights. LED Christmas lights are a green alternative to traditional Christmas lights, available in all of the same colors. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) were first introduced in 2001 and incorporate computer chip technology previously just used to light smaller electronic devices like calculators and watches. LEDs are 90 percent more efficient than traditional string lights and are cool burning, so you won't burn your fingers when touching them! LEDs also last about 10 times longer than traditional bulbs.

3.) Trimming The Tree:

Decorating the Christmas tree is an activity that's fun for the entire family. There are plenty of "green" Christmas decorations that you and your family can scrape together. Making your own decorations is a great way to spend more quality time with the family, while getting the house ready for the holidays. Stringing together some garlands made out of candies, popcorn, nuts and dried fruit is a centuries-old practice and so easy to do! Homemade ornaments made out of eco-friendly clays, decorated with non-toxic, eco-friendly paints will let your kids exercise their creativity while giving your tree a touch more personality. If you want to be especially crafty, use recycled newspapers, non-toxic glue or flour and make your own paper Mache ornaments. Not only will this Christmas be a "greener" one, but it will also get your family to spend even more quality time together!


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