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Homemade Christmas Decorations

Filled with the feeling of enthusiasm, love and generosity, we want to make our home and surroundings come alive with Christmas spirit every year. And in doing Christmas decorations, we achieve that. We all make a lot of arrangements to give our surroundings a festive and special look like buying wreaths, garlands, ornaments, lights, candles and

Christmas tree. Christmas is also holiday time and we can utilize our free time to make a lot of these Christmas decorations at home! It will add more fun to your Christmas celebrations and save you some money!

Pine Cone Wreath

Materials Needed
8 Pine Cones (approximate), Wire Coat Hanger, Duct Tape, Items to decorate your wreath, Glue

Cut the wire coat hanger in half and form it into a circle. Entwine the two ends together. To secure the ends cover the entire circle with a duct tape. It gives the pinecones a better surface to stick to. Once the circle is formed, glue on the pinecones, and use a hot glue gun if needed. You can now adorn it as desired. Use a ribbon and holly made out of crafting foam. Add red beads for the holly berries.

Wreath With Berries

Materials Needed
1 Woodcraft ring, 1 Sheet of green paper 2 Pkg green crinkled, shredded paper, 1 Bunch of fake berries, 12 Inches of any kind of ribbon (it best to use the kind with wire so you can bend it), Hot glue gun

Take the green paper and trace the wooden ring on it; cut it out with the center. Stick the green paper ring onto the wooden ring using the hot glue.

Now take the shredded, crinkled paper and glue it onto the green ring, making sure you cover the entire ring. Then, take the berries and glue them individually on to the green crinkled paper wherever desired. You can also make a bow and glue it onto the wreath.

Holiday Glitter Panel/wall hanging

Materials Needed
Tulip Glitter Gold (4oz) tube, Fabric craft panel (from a craft store), Cut cardboard to fit the panel, Sharp knife

You must hem the panel first. Then put the panel on cardboard in case the Tulip Glitter Gold seeps through. Use the tube of Tulip Glitter Gold and trace the item that is on the panel. After the glitter dries you can put it on the wall and the panel will show the glitter. Keep sharp knife near you in case of accident. It will pick up the glue from where you do not want it.

Santa's Sleigh Ornament

Laundry scoop, Dollar store garland, Candy canes (large and small and individually wrapped), Hot glue gun, Candy

make the sleigh's runners out of regular size candy canes using the hot glue gun. Glue them to the bottom of the laundry scoop making sure that the long end of the scoop is in the front. Put small candy canes at the back of the sleigh, using the hot glue gun.
v Now apply the garland for the reigns and decoration. You can use a strand of garland with beads and miniature Christmas lights, cut it up and stick it to the sleigh. To make it complete glue a tiny Santa or fill it with candy.

Sand Paper Gingerbread Ornament

Materials Needed
Sand Paper, Cinnamon Stick, Glue, Misc. Supplies (listed below)

Cut out 2 gingerbread man shapes. Trace the pattern onto the back of one piece of sand paper. Turn the pattern over, and trace it onto the back of another sheet of sand paper. Cut out the gingerbread men. Glue the 2 gingerbread men together so the rough side is out. Scrape the cinnamon stick over the sand paper to make it smell sweet. Give your gingerbread man a face and other features using whatever you have on hand. You can use small candies, rickrack, felt scraps, construction paper, white paint (to look like frosting), etc

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