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Christmas Decoration Lights

Christmas is a festival of lights. The light whether emanating from electric bulbs or the candles is an ancient symbol that stands for the triumph of spring over the darkness of winter. The light also symbolizes the light that Jesus Christ cast upon the lives of the people. It's a ray of hope for the disillusioned, a promise of a bright future for the

disheartened. Christmas is the time of year to deck out the trees, shrubs, windows, eaves, interior and exterior of buildings with hundreds and thousands of Christmas lights. Christmas lights are an integral part of the holiday season.

The early Christmas trees were lighted with candles, then glass covered with colored paper with candles inside or metal lanterns with small wicks hung on the Christmas tree branches like ornaments. Over the period of time, with the invention of the electric lights, lighting has almost taken over Christmas candles for their longer duration and safety measures. Especially Christmas trees have turned more charming, sparkling and enchanting with light strands illuminating them.

Christmas lights for the tree and the house are available in just about every color in the rainbow but the tiny white ones have a magical effect. The other most common color combinations suitable for the Christmas decorations include red, white, copper and green lights that signify festivity; for more sober arrangements blue and green combinations look well; for innovative, new look arrangements such as blue and red lights; and mauve and copper lights work effectively.

Apart from varied color combinations, mini LED lights are avilable in various designs and styles. You can buy full-size ornaments which are normally sold as sets of ten. Some of the sets have more than a bulb per ornament, such as for candy canes and snowmen which are longer than cherries or flowers. There are enormous variety of other designs, ranging from poinsettias and holly berries and to star-shaped santas and wire meshed snowflakes. With such variety of options available, installing christmas lights has become an art in itself. A few tips below might be helpful:

  • While you can use a blend of as many as five colors for the coniferous trees, don't use more than three colors for deciduous trees.
  • Stick to the monochromatic scheme if you choose to use white lights because any other colored light does not exibit itself well.
  • The low watt bulbs work best for strings and indoor light decorations but it's advisable to use high watt bulbs and those lights for outdoor decorations that they can be viewed from a distance.
  • The socket end of the light bulb should be dipped in petroleum jelly before putting it into the socket string as it helps to prevent corrosion in the socket and later make it convenient to pull out the bulb from it.
  • To ensure safety for kids and avoid short circuits.Make sure you cover all connections well with electrical tape.
  • While decorating the Christmas tree, start working from top to bottom and from inside to outside to ensure safety and will make work mush easier.
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