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Christmas Wreaths

A wreath is a ring made mostly of leaves, flowers and sometimes fruits, used as an ornament, a wall hanging or hanging on the door or even as a resting on a table. These wreaths were used by ancients Romans and Greeks as festive crowns awrded as prizesto Olympic athlethes, military hereos, kings and were also worn by girls as an ornamemt.

They symbolised pride and victory, be it political, personal or religious..They were made of flowers and branches, evergreen twigs, thread, laurels, and were often used on special occasions such as weddings.

A wreath made of mostly evergreen tree twigs, sometimes with pine cones and/or a bow made of red ribbon is a common Christmas decoration. Wreaths have a special christian assocciation as the bible links Christmas wreaths with joy, triumph and honor. In Christianity, the holiday wreath represents the circle with no beginning and end, hence a symbol of God's eternity. The evergreen leaves and branches used to make the Christmas wreaths symbolize everlasting Love and Mercy of God upon us, with the green color symbolizing hope and new life. It was somewhere during the 15th century that the wreath began to be used as a hanging decoration. Christian households and churches often use an advent wreath made with four or five candles in preparation for Christmas(for devotional puposes) during the season of Advent.

Advent wreaths were originated as folk traditions of the people of northern Europe. In the deep of winter, candles were lit on circular shaped bundles of evergreen twigs or bushes. The candlelight gave the people comfort at that darkest time of the year, as they looked forward to the warm days of spring. Traditionally an advent wreath consists of four candles, three violets and one rose colored. The wreath represents God's eternity. The first candle is often called the prophet's candle, and is meant to signify the hope of Jesus' arrival. The second is generally called the Bethlehem candle, reminding Christians that God appeared to them in a humble manner; Bethlehem was located in the territory of one of the least powerful tribes of Israel. The third candle is the shepherds' candle, representing the joy that more than half of Advent is over. The final candle is the angels' candle, symbolising their peace and the message of good news that they offer.

So christmas wreaths are a significant piece of decoartion for christmas. You can choose from a variety of artificial and pre-lit christmas online or from any christmas decorations supply store. Choose wreaths which look fresh and last many seosons. The common ingredients in a wreath are flex-preseved noble fir, mediterranean oak leaves, glycerinized magnolia, dogwood twigs, green foliage, berries. Some of the kinds of christmas wreaths are:

  • Christmas wreath with red grapes
  • Holiday wreath on grapevine
  • Christmas wreath with maple
  • Wreath with frosted fruits
  • Holiday wreath with wood roses
  • Wreath with silver winter pears
  • Christmas wreath with gold and jingle bells
  • Wreath with cinnamon sticks and star cones

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