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Christmas Eve

December 24, the day before the Christmas has come to be celebrated as the Christmas Eve since the time immemorial by the Christian societies. The Christmas Eve is the right time for setting up the Christmas tree but thanks to the preparations, which start many weeks ahead of the Christmas many trees get set up weeks before the Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Eve is regarded to be the day for the initialization for the Christmas celebrations.In fact in many countries the Christmas Eve is a shortened business day as every one wants to get home to give the final touch to the Christmas preparations.

Traditionally a midnight mass is celebrated on the Christmas Eve, which is held in all the churches throughout the world. This midnight mass marks the beginning of the Christmas Day. The midnight mass is taken up as an opportunity by the humans to take shelter in Jesus' grace and thank him for all the beautiful gifts, which He has bestowed on the mankind. The churches also hold a candlelight service, which is basically held in the evening. These candlelight services often portray the scenes of Jesus' nativity. This is followed by large meals of which turkey or ham form a major part.

In fact attending the midnight mass and having meals with the family and friends are the two important rituals followed by the Christians all over the world for commemorating the Christmas Eve. Different parts of the world have different important dishes preserved for this day like in Germany roast carp forms a major part of the meal for the Christmas Eve while in Czech Republic it is a fish soup combined with breaded roasted carp and potato salad which is the favorite dish for the Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Eve is also the time for Santa Claus to visit the world with his goody bags making rounds and giving out gifts to the kids. This is the time for people also to exchange gifts, which are opened on the Christmas morning.

Thus Christmas Eve is a beautiful way of making a start to the grand celebrations of one of the most graceful and elegant festival commemorated by people all over the world.

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