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Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend

Buying a present for their boyfriend is a really difficult task for some girls, as they cannot decide on one particular thing as a perfect gift, and an even more difficult task is to choose a gift for him on a specific occasion , like Christmas. You might have given him some tokens of your love in the form of small gifts, but Christmas is a big occasion for everyone and holds special significance , therefore demands uniqueness. So in order to save you from much thinking this season and hair pulling confusion, here's a list of totally great Christmas gifts that your boyfriend will love.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

High Gear Via FM-Radio Pedometer
It is no more an enigma that boys love gadgets and everything which is technological. This compact, lightweight and easy-to-use pedometer includes an FM radio and ear buds to keep him tuned in to his favorite station, listening to his favorite music while it keeps track of your walking progress as well. Digital sensor installed in it, tracks the body motion to count the steps and calculate walking distance. It also displays time, chronograph and calorie counter. It's an imported gift item, apt for your fitness-gizmo- freak boy.

Wine or Champagne & Chocolate Truffles
Christmas is a time for celebrations and you can plan a quiet little romantic date of your own with your boyfriend. Pick up a bottle of his favorite wine or champagne and a box of fine chocolate truffles or delectable chocolate dipped strawberries and you will indeed have a memorable Christmas date. If you don't know what kind of alcohol he likes, your local wine shop is sure to have some recommendations. As simple as it sounds, it is one of the best Christmas gifts ever, after all spending time with your lover is the best gift you can give him. So make this Christmas a romantic date with some exotic wine and chocolates.

Swiss Army SwissChamp
Men also love tools, which prove to be handy in any situation or work, and Swiss Army is a universal favorite. This Swiss-made, Swiss Army SwissChamp from Victorinox features 22 useful tools in one multitool that is approx. 3.5" in length. Among tools on the SwissChamp are large and small blades, wire cutters, can opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener with large screwdriver and wire stripper, scissors, pliers with wire cutter, wood saw, fish scaler with hook disgorger and ruler, metal saw with metal file and nail file, magnifying glass, reamer with sewing eye, Phillips screwdriver, corkscrew hook wood chisel fine screwdriver, mini screwdriver, ball point pen, straight pin, toothpick, tweezers and key ring. Make this Christmas gift special by adding a Christmas gifts tag with a special naughty note for him.

Funny gifts for boyfriends
Humor is one of the most essential elements for a long lasting relationship, which you need to maintain through everyday routine, conversation and activities. You can also maintain the humor in your relationship through funny presents. A bathrobe having a superman monogram or a Santa face would be a very cute idea, or you can gift him a “Care for Farting in Bed” book. Some of these are readily available during Christmas shopping season.

Gift for a football freak
Most of the boys are crazy about sports, and especially football is the favorite amongst boys. If your boyfriend is also same, you can gift him a nice personalized book of Football history. This is a leather covered book, with updated news articles and newspaper cutouts of all the football major games. You can also create this book on your own, if you have all the materials available. Gift this cute personalized book with a real football and make this Christmas extremely joyful for him.

Gift for a music freak
If your boyfriend is a music buff, with all kinds of music in his I pod, then you can give him a compiled CD, with some of the biggest hits ever, or of his favorite bands. These CDs would definitely bring a smile on his face, but if that is not sufficient for you, and if you desire a super excited look on his face,then you can gift him an acoustic guitar, that will be the most pleasant Christmas surprise for him.

A Christmas concert
Christmas is the season of holiday, fun, entertainments and celebration. Lots of national, international singers perform in concerts during the festival, you can surprise your man, by buying tickets for him of any concert of his favorite singer, and it would be even better if you join him and enjoy the night, the two of you together.

A Christmas Dinner
The way to a man's heart is through his belly! A very apt phrase, which encourages you to actually try cooking different things for your man, if you want to surprise him. This Christmas cook a nice meal for him, with all the delicacies of the festival, with turkey, pudding, gravy and wine, and serve it nicely. This will be a really enjoyable Christmas gift for your boyfriend.

Always remember that when it comes to buying gifts for your boyfriend , you must consider that the things you like for him might not be the things he likes for himself, and a really appreciable gift is the one when the recipient likes it. So consider his choice, interests and likes, and plan something exciting for him this Christmas.

Last Updated On : November 04, 2011

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