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Christmas Gifts For Dad

Ever since you have celebrated Christmas, can you remember any other pattern of celebration than your father playing Santa to you and showering lovely presents on you? Of course not. That is the story of every child, but now when you have grown up, it's time to do something for the first man in your life. Fathers are special indeed, so ring the sleigh bells and load your sack with the most precious Christmas gifts for dad and reciprocate to him for all the beautiful moments he brought in your life.

Top Christmas Gift Ideas For Dad

Fathers are always considered as the tough figures while mothers are the gentle souls, but it totally depends on person to person, as a father can be equally giving and loving like a mother. Your gift to your father also depends equally on the person that your father is, on the basis of his likes, interests and also individual personality. Here are some super exciting gift items and ideas that you can surprise your father with.

Gifts for a travel freak dad
We have always seen our fathers as busy personalities, someone whose schedule is packed between work and home, but we have never considered that he might actually be in a need for a vacation too. This Christmas, gift your father a lovely holiday package, to a destination he loves, and to make the trip a leisure experience, you can gift him an entire travel kit also. Do all the arrangements to make it a complete enjoyable trip, from flight booking to hotel booking, and gift him the tickets. He will be ecstatic at your thoughtfulness.

Gifts for a books lover dad
You must know if your father is a reader types, and if he is then do some homework and try to find out what kind of books he enjoy. Some classic books that you can gift to your father are John Bunyan's Pilgrims' Progress, Michael Ondaatje's Collection of Poetry and Stephen Hawking's Black Hole Mystery. With these books you can add a personalized note wishing him a Merry Christmas.

Gifts for a spiritual dad
Your father is a meditation lover and all things that talk spiritualism, then try to gift him a present that will help him in his hobbies like books and movies on spiritualism. Various perfumed candles, incense sticks and aromatic flowers also make good gifts under this category. You can also gift him books like The Bible and Sri Aurobindo's Life Divine, which will guide him more in his spiritual inclination.

Gift basket for dads
Who says there are only limited things that you can gift a man! You can gift the small little items of his daily requirements, all packed in a nice basket, thereby making a nice gift basket for your father. This basket may include, his shaving kit, handkerchiefs, socks, ties, tie pins, cufflinks and eateries like chocolates and cakes and the special Christmas wine.

Gifts for a technology freak dad
Like most men, your father is also a technology freak then there are throng of items that you can gift him this Christmas. The new age technologies like an I pod or an I phone can also be gifted , though the classic tape recorder or FM radio and DVD player would also make nice useful gifts. You can also give him a laptop for his official work and such an important technology will definitely get you lot of appreciation for your thoughtfulness.

Gifts for a cinema lover dad
If your father is all about movies and music, then what could be a better Christmas present for him then a compilation of his favorite music in a CD, with his favorite artists. You can also gift him a pack of movie DVDs of some classic oldies and especially Christmas movies like A Christmas Carol and The Bad Santa, and so on. Play the movies or music after the family dinner and this will provide a complete blissful Christmas not just to your father but to the entire family.

A framed Christmas note or thank you poem
A very simple yet very touching Christmas present that you can gift your father, is your genuine feelings for the man who has played a key role in your life. Write the feelings in a personal note or in a poem and get it framed in a nice wooden or metal frame . You can also get the top of the frame engraved with “Merry Christmas Dad” or “To The Best Dad”, and you will see that his happiness will know no boundaries.

His hobbies
One of the best ways to gift your father a memorable Christmas present is by considering his hobbies, and then buying him something out of those hobbies. Some of the most frequently gifted presents in this category would be a golf kit for your golfer dad, a fishing rod, a trekking bag or a barbecue grill, depending on what he take interest in.

These are some of the most popular gift ideas to make your loving father feel appreciated, this Christmas season, but always remember that whatever you gift him, if it truly makes him happy then that is your biggest achievement , hence strive for that.

Last Updated On : November 04, 2011

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