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Christmas Gifts For Husband

Thinking about a special Christmas gift for that wonderful man in your life, your husband, and coming up blank! Well, this is not something for which you have to spend hours contemplating, the pros and cons, the money and all that. For your husband is the most important person of your life and for him the first thing to be considered, while choosing a gift, is to express your genuine feelings. To convey to him, that in his presence even the daily humdrum events can turn into excitement and fun. Hence even the gifts that you intend to give him, should reveal your love and this undying feeling, so this Christmas rather than making huge surprises and fancy plans , plan something sweet and intimate for your husband.

Christmas gift baskets
It is a usual belief that choosing gifts for women is so much easier than for the men, but with a little consideration you would realize that this is not the case. You live together and therefore know what are the daily usage items that he require, so make a gift basket of these things along with some of his favorite items and present it on Christmas eve. You can add in this basket his toiletry items, cologne, hair brush, hair drier and other items of his use along with a bottle of Champagne and his favorite cookies. Your husband would be extremely jubilant at the sight of this package.

A wrist watch
One of the classic gifts for all the age group people and for all the occasions, a wrist watch can be presented to a man or even a woman. Buy him something according to his taste. If he likes elegant things, then a sober gold or silver plated watch would be ideal. Whereas if his taste is somewhat whacky and goofy, then buy him the huge dialed plastic or metal bodied wrist watches.

Male accessories and jewelery
You must not ignore the fact that the men these days are getting excessively alert in terms of fashion, looks and presentation. There are many ornamental items that they have started using to match up to the good looks of their wives, girlfriends and colleagues. So keeping in consideration their taste, you can gift them accessories like a leather belt or wallet, tie, tie pins, cuff links, ear studs, and locket neck pieces.

A leather tweed jacket
The festive season comes with biting winters, and in such a case it would be better if you gift some winter wear to your partner. A classic tweed, leather or leather and tweed jacket would be a perfect gift this Christmas for your husband. You can also gift a leather car coat, nice shirts and a pair of his favorite brand of jeans.

It would be very difficult to find a man who doesn't like the idea of possessing all the latest gadgets in the market. So in order to acknowledge that side of your man, you can gift him some latest technology of cameras or a camcorder, an I pod or I Phone, a laptop, an MP3 player, CDs or DVDs for his favorite music, movies, games etc. Help him improving his collection of gadgets this Christmas.

Christmas themed nightgown
If you two are fun loving people, then there are various interesting Christmas presents you can share with your husband. How about a super man bathrobe or boxers! Wouldn't that be a crazy fun to gift him something like this. You can also gift your man Christmas themed nightgowns in the style of Santa costume or snowman. These gift items will maintain the humor in your relationship as well.

Gift item for his hobby
If your husband is a sport loving person, then you can gift him a kit of that particular sport such as a golf kit, or if he is into music or books then gift him a collection of his favorite artists and writers. Let him enjoy his hobbies in full swing this Christmas, and with your encouragement it would be an immense pleasure for him.

Personalized gifts
Simple, yet special gift items for your man would be sweet little personalized items like stationary with his initials engraved on the sheets of paper and envelopes. A more elaborate gift could be a personalized poem handwritten in calligraphy on parchment paper and framed in gold. A framed photograph of a special trip or moment would also be considered a gift of paper. Men love personalized Christmas gifts just as much as women do, so personalize your gifts and see him cherish the gift forever.

Gift him a perfect private time
In the monotonous and busy scheduled life, the best thing that you can gift your husband is a private time. You can accompany him in the activities he enjoys, for instance, no matter how much you hate sweating jocks, if he likes football, take him for a football match. A weekend getaway would be a perfect Christmas treat to the couples, just make sure it's to a place he would love to go. Plan a romantic date at home, with candle light dinner and background music.

A Christmas concert
The ultimate Christmas present that you can gift him is a concert ticket of his favorite artist, this Christmas season. Christmas witnesses a lot of such shows, musical concerts, dance evenings and theme based parties, depending on what your husband would prefer you can take him out for a memorable Christmas this year.

There are many things that you can do for your husband, but your thoughtfulness and feelings would be the best gift that he would receive this Christmas.

Last Updated On : 08 November, 2011
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