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Christmas Gifts For Wife

Your wife is the most important person in your life, who shares every phase of it with you, be it happiness or some kind of crisis. In the time of sadness you run to her and similarly at the time of festivities and celebrations she would be the first person you think about sharing the happiness with. One way of expressing your love, appreciation and true feelings to her is by gifting her nice presents and with Christmas in wings you have a wonderful opportunity to pamper her. So choose a special Christmas gift for your ever supporting wife and make her feel loved and special this festival.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife

A wrist watch
If you want your wife to think about you every time she checks the time, get her a beautiful designer watch. Watches are pretty much a traditional Christmas gift , however you can make it special by getting her name engraved on it or rather both your initials intertwined. The point is to be creative to make her feel special. She will be sure to appreciate this charming wrist watch.

A cross pendent or a locket
An elegant gift for your wife this Christmas would be a diamond encrusted silver cross pendant or a locket with your picture inside. These would be amazing jewelery gift ideas for your lady love, while there are other jewelery items as well, apt to be a Christmas gift like, a silver bracelet , a ring with precious stones, or precious stones for her ears. And if you really want to impress her while literally splurging on her, then gift her a diamond pendant, after all diamonds are considered to be a woman's best friend!

Accessories gift basket
There are some other accessory items for women , besides jewelery, that can be presented as Christmas gift. Perfumes of her choice, a handbag or tote, silk scarves, a leather jacket, a luxurious bathrobe, an evening dress with a pair of matching stilettos, a silk nightgown, aviator sun glasses and designer boots for women. You can also gift her, her favorite beauty products, and what could be better than a gift basket full of all these items as a Christmas present.


Personalized gifts
Can anything else be more unique and special than a gift personally made by you! Yes, you can do some efforts and present her with gift items with a touch of personalized elements , like an old photograph, poetry, love messages and many others. You can buy her cushions, pillows, bed covers, coffee mugs, wine glasses or photo frames and many other items like these and get images or messages, print, engraved or embroidered on them. You would not be able to imagine the amazing response that you are going to get later.

Though women are not really as crazy about gadgets and technological objects as men are but, if it is an object of necessity and grave importance then such a present will be truly valued, and who doesn't need such gadgets these days. You can gift her a laptop for her professional life, an I Pod for her music collection, or an I Phone. Gift her a camera or handy cam to capture all the lovely moments with you and FM Radio for her kitchen. You can also give her, kitchen or other household machineries like a microwave , a toaster, and various other stuff that would make her work easier.

Music and movie gift hamper
Every one loves music and your wife would be no exception. This Christmas, gift her a collection of all the music of her choice, her favorite artists and albums. You can also gift her some movie DVDs of her choice , including some classic Christmas movies. Keep her choice in consideration and gift her this entertainment gift package.

Women are usually book lovers, and even if they are not, there would be something they like to read like magazines, cooking recipes or travel guides. Pay heed to her interests and gift her a collection of such books this Christmas, so that she can enjoy a personal time of her own also, with her hobbies.

A romantic Christmas Eve dinner
Cooking is an activity of her daily routine, how about a little change in that routine by taking her for a special Christmas dinner in some restaurant or hotel of her choice. Christmas special menu and dinners would be available in almost all the hotels in the town, so go for it and give her some time off from kitchen. You can also try your hands in cooking and prepare the whole dinner for her, as a surprise. This will be a perfect gift for her on Christmas.

A Christmas concert or event
For a memorable Christmas this year full on entertainment quotient, try one of the amazing concerts or musical evenings, by famous celebrities, and celebrate this Christmas with your wife, gifting her a wonderful time. This will provide her a time, different from usual monotonous activities.

A post Christmas spa certificate
One of the most unique Christmas gift ideas for your wife would be a certificate to a beauty salon or health spa, for the very next day to Christmas, so that she can relax and rejuvenate herself from the exhaustion of the maddening activities and stress of a festive night. This will give her some comfortable time to spend with herself and simultaneously she will also think about your thoughtfulness.

These are a few popular gift ideas for your wife, that you can use and articulate in your own ideas, while trying to make this Christmas festival absolutely memorable for her.

Last Updated On : November 08, 2011
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