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Handmade Christmas Gifts

Handmade Christmas gifts are always cherished as they imply your thoughtfulness and creativity involved. There is nothing more wonderful than receiving a handmade Christmas Gift from a friend or a relative. Most homemade gifts are small crafts for decorations, centerpieces, gift bags with candies, etc. Take a look at the various amazing homemade gifts which you can prepare and present during Christmas.

Handmade Christmas Stockings
Christmas stockings are always an exciting present during Christmas, as they are filled with an element of surprise. There are many ways to make Christmas stockings. They can be knitted, cross-stitched, crocheted, embroidered, quilted or made from felt, silk, velvet, or other fabrics.

Here's on idea for you:

Trace an existing Christmas stocking onto cardboard to use as a pattern. Then add 1" all around for seams and 3" at the top to fold under. You can use felt, which is the most common material, as it does not ravel, so you don't need to hem it. However, if you decide to sew, you can use almost any material. A size 14 needle and 100% polyester thread works well for sewing. If you sew by hand, then at least sew it twice for strength. Now, cut out two stockings using the cardboard pattern. Put the right sides together and sew around, except for the top and trim the inside seams. Turn the stocking right-side-out. Turn the top 3" to the inside and sew in place. Now add a loop for hanging and decorate it as you wish. Add small Christmas jewelery or bunch of cookies or chocolates as a treat!

Handmade Christmas Candles
One of the most exquisite ways to decorate your homes during Christmas is through illuminating it with lights, so go for various forms of candles as a necessary decorative item. This also acts as a popular gift item but handmade candles add even more charm to it.

To make Christmas candles as Christmas gifts, you need-

10 drops of essential or scented oil, baby food jars, left over hot candle wax, other decorative items such as pine cones and beads, Popsicle stick, red or green colored, holiday candle, ribbon, tape and wick. To make the candles, heat the leftover hot candle wax a little and pour it inside the baby food jar. At the end, burn the holiday candle and pour little of its red or green colored wax at the top. Now, cut the wick longer than needed and put it in the hot wax already in the jar. Tape the top of the wick to a Popsicle stick and twist it a few times. To make sure that the wick stays upright, lay the Popsicle stick across the top. Add 10 drops of scented or essential oil in any of the fragrances such as cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, jasmine or pine. After it cools down, decorate the jar, tie a little ribbon around its base and adorn it with beads, pinecones and other decorative items.

Handmade Christmas Delicacies

With innumerable varieties and quantities of delicacies and food, taking the forefront of Christmas preparations, we can also include them in the interesting gifts for your loved ones. Make these amazing delicacies, pack them and gift them over.

Here's one idea to prepare this gift:

There are various dishes that you can make during Christmas and especially the baked items are the integral part of Christmas recipes. Make chocolate truffles, brownies, cookies, cakes, fudge balls and many other delicacies, pack them in a box, wrap them in gift pare and ribbon and send them with a card or personalized note.

Handmade Memory Jar for Elders

If you want to give something out of the box to your parents or grandparents, then you can create a memory jar for them collecting some of their best memories ever.

To make a memory jar:

Decorate a jar with embellishments or paints in your style, and meanwhile keep collecting old pictures, incidents and stories from the friends and relatives of the person for whom you are making that jar. Now make 365 paper slips and write one memory or paste one picture on that slip, this way you will make a memory jar for your old parents , through which each day till next year they will be able to relive one memory of their past , and witness your immense love for them.

Handmade Greeting Cards and Scrapbooks

One of the best way of showing your love to the people you value is by making them personalized cards or by making a nostalgic scrapbook, through which they will get to see how much of them you have collected and remembered.

To prepare these special items:

Drawing on the greeting cards is not always necessary, if you are not very good in drawing you can paste many cut outs of Christmas stories and incidents or other beautiful images and write your special notes on these cards, as a message of your affection. If you are really close to the person and have shared many memories with them in the past then create a scrapbook, where in you will paste those rare picture of yours, of your childhood and your golden days, so that he will cherish this gift item and experience your love. This will undoubtedly make his Christmas extremely merry.

Besides these you can make various woolen items, other decorative handicrafts and paintings also. Do create something which they will love and appreciate rather than creating something flashy. Your handmade Christmas gift items would be the best gifts for them.

Last Updated On : Nov 02, 2011
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