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Homemade Christmas Gifts

We all love to pamper our loved ones with gifts, especially if there is an occasion. Christmas is most definitely one big occasion for showering gifts on them, but rather than going for the usual boring ones how about making something exciting on your own. Those who have the creativity and enthusiasm to do something different, they would enjoy making some Christmas gifts rather than buying them. Homemade gifts carry a unique value and your thoughtfulness in it.

Top Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

The homemade gifts could range from baking cookies, making jams to making ornaments, bookmarks, coasters, beaded necklaces, bracelets, gift baskets, and many other things that can be prepared at home. So try one the following homemade gift ideas and get the pleasure of creating something unique!

Special food item from your recipe
Think of homemade gifts for Christmas and one of your special dishes will definitely come on top of the options. Whatever you cook the best, be it a cake, a roasted turkey, cookies, brownies or any other item, prepare it and make a present of it on Christmas. You can pack the dry solid items in boxes and decorate them with colorful paper and ribbons while in case of a food item which is cooked, you can use a bowl and simply give it like that. The gift is more important than the decoration right!

Candy cane centerpiece
This is an easy, wonderful smelling homemade gift anybody would love to use as a centerpiece. All you need is some Mint, Chocolate and Cinnamon candy canes that you can buy from any grocery store, a great smelling candy cane candle and crystal base. Hang the candy canes on the outside of a Margarita glass, place the candle in the middle and put the glass on the candle base. This is a great gift for a kid's party as well.

A Fruit-Filled basket
A gift basket filled with fresh fruit and nuts is a wonderful gift for an individual or a family. These can be easily prepared at home and are often used as corporate gifts. You can use a fruit bowl, a bucket or a basket, fill it with fruits and unshelled nuts and decorate it with ribbons and bows. You can add some fruit and nuts chocolates as well for the kids.

A Homemade body warmer
Christmas is the season of Winters and snow, and everyone buys or gifts warm clothes for their family and friends but keeping in mind the home made presents, you can knit, or weave a comfortable sweater, muffler, cap , gloves or even cute socks for your loved ones. Just imagine how happy they would be after receiving this lovely present from you, behind which your love and efforts would be clearly visible. So pull your socks up and start creating some lovely vibrant woolen wear as Christmas gifts.

A Memory Photo frame
Think about the person whom you have to gift something and then start digging in some old pictures of you two together, preferably something that can pleasantly surprise them and remind them of a lovely time together. If you don't have such a picture then you can draw a replica of any special memory in black and white and get the picture framed in a cardboard frame made by you. This will not only stir up some old memories but also the emotions and love that they already have for you.

Homemade tea cup candles
Candles are one of the most popular decorative item during festivals, then why can't you make presents of them. You can indeed, and you can in fact make candles at home and present them to your friends. With wax from old candles, craft store wicks, and old teacups, you can make your own tea cup candles gift items. Melt the wax from the candles and collect them in the tea cups with a wick standing tall at the centre. Make sure not to pour the hot wax in the cup, let it cool a little bit. Your fancy tea cup candles are ready , you can pack them in any old box, decorated with colored paper and ribbons and give them as handmade Christmas gifts.

These home made gifts do not necessarily need a genius from you, a little creativity and willingness to make efforts for your loved ones is all they take. Even if you are not an artist , use little somethings of crafty items and put them together for a good decorative piece but it's real value will come when you will add some personalized touch to it. So go trying your hands in making your special people happy this Christmas with home made gifts.

Last Updated On : November 1, 2011
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