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Christmas Party

Christmas party is a wonderful way to spend time with family, entertain friends and create joyous memories and revive old ones. There are lots of ways to celebrate Christmas with a party. You can make the Christmas party memorable and fun loving by choosing a theme and work upon it from the decorations, the tableware, food, favors,

cards and gifts. Make it really exciting for everyone by including some activities and games based upon the Christmas theme itself. Take a walk down the Christian traditions; go through various stories and legends associated with Christmas and make it a good cheer for one and all. There are a few Christmas party ideas you can pick from:

Christmas Tree Decorating Party
This holiday party has worked for years! The key idea about this theme is that you ask each person to bring two ornaments to share. You, as a host, should have a special ornament to share with each guest. To make it memorable, write a date on the back as a reminder of the occasion. Everyone puts one of their offerings on the tree and exchanges the other with another guest. At the end, everyone gets to go with two new ornaments, one from you and one exchanged. It's a great way to get the tree trimmed and add to your ornament collection. Crafts make a nice way to interact so get involved in a craft making activity. You can also make this theme party a family tradition.

Home Theatre Party
Enjoy a stay-at-home party with family and friends by watching a classic Christmas movie, such as "A Christmas Carol," "Christmas Story," or "It's a Wonderful Life". Prepare a lot of popcorns, cookies, candies and hot chocolate fudge or cold drinks. Take out throw blankets, light up the fireplace, turn other lights off, and enjoy the movie in your own home. Afterwards chat about the movie, Christmas traditions and childhood experiences about Christmas and sing carols and songs when the movie is over.

Santa Claus Home Coming Party
Whether its children or adults everybody love a visit from Santa? Based on that theme, you can plan a party for your kids, their neighborhood friends and also include the kids of your friends. Either hire a Santa to visit or stuff yourself in a Santa suit, take requests from kids, sing Christmas songs or read out a story to them and at the end, hand out small gifts. To make the party more exciting, ask each child to bring a small present to share it with another. Make sure that you have some games to play or Christmas crafts to make after Santa leaves. Give a Santa hat to each child as a party favor filled with candies and cookies, or ask each child to write a letter to Santa to put out on Christmas Eve.

The Great Outdoors Party
Organize a sports activity such as walking or hiking, cross country skiing, or ice-skating. Invite everyone to your home for a refreshment of warm soup, cider, sandwiches, a wiener roast in the fireplace. For the gifts distributing ceremony, introduce the Secret Santa game to your family. At the party everyone can give one gift to the person they picked. Or you can make up the Santa Grab bag, where everyone buys one gift and puts it into a common bag for people to remove gifts at random. Though this can lead to an excessive number of gift cards in the grab bag. You may wish to reserve the grab bag game as a way of giving little gifts to the kids such as is found in the Christmas stocking.

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