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Christmas Poems

Christmas is the celebration of the coming of the messiah, the son of Lord and the jubilations and ceremonies associated with that event in Bethlehem. Poems about Christmas written by many famous and unknown poets all around the world promote and reveal the true spirit of this Christmas festivity.

Christmas poems communicate to the people about the fable behind Christmas Celebrations, stimulate sentiments of thankfulness and compassion, invoke tender emotions and create a sense of hope and belief in oneself. Christmas has always been a deep reservoir for inciting poetic inspiration. They bring about grave religious feeling and invite us continuously to open our hearts and minds to the mystery of God's personification, Jesus.

Christmas Poems are in abundance and can either be traditional like which are those that date as far back as the 14th century or the more contemporary ones. They vary in their poetic style, rhythm and content. From being deeply religious and Christian, they can be funny and hilarious as well. Many of the Christmas poems have been even modified into Christmas carols with the addition of music to them. These poems certainly do bring back lot of childhood memories and It is always advisable to encourage children to read Christmas poems and get familiar with the magic and wonder of Christmas. These poems not tell the Christmas story, but also celebrate the present form of Christmas, the theme and mood of the holiday season is also reflected in the expressive lines of the Christmas poems that we have collected for you. Go through the following links and find some inspirational Christmas poems for everyone!

Christmas Poem For Kids

Nightmare Before Christmas

Short Christmas Poems

Funny Christmas Poems

Religious Christmas Poems

Christian Christmas Poems

Christmas Tree Poems

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