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Diwali Gifts for Children

Diwali is one of the popular and auspicious festivals of the Hindus in India. The festival is celebrated in different parts of the country in different names though the spirit remains the same. Diwali is the ceremony of lights. It also happens to be the major gift-giving ceremony of the country. Family members come together to celebrate the event and gifts are exchanged to everybodyís delight. Kids remain most enthusiastic about the gift giving part of this occasion.

Diwali Gift Ideas For Kids

Following are some gift ideas for children which they will always cherish.

Chocolate packs:
It is one gift idea that no kid will ever dislike. Even if they receive more than one box of chocolates, they will gladly receive them. Nowadays, a wide range of chocolate hampers are available in the market to make excellent gift choices for the last minute.


Lighting lamps and bursting firecrackers are integral features of celebrating Diwali and that's why you canít go wrong with gifting firecrackers to children. A wide range of firecrackers is now available in the market, starting from flowerpots, fire wheels, rockets, electric crackers, and twin angles for one to gift. You can buy one or an assortment of firecrackers to gift the young ones in the family.


Diwali is the time to buy and wear new clothes. Buying new clothes during Diwali is regarded as the most important part of the festival. Gifting new outfits to kids is a splendid idea. Children always love to receive new dresses and you can win their hearts by gifting dresses of their choice. You can make the gift more special by including appropriate accessories with the dress.


Books can make very good choice for Diwali gifts. Keeping in mind the age of the child, you can buy books like nursery rhymes, stories, fictions, and so on. There are kidís versions for Gita and Hindu Mythology. Stories of Diwali are also available which are interesting and informative at the same time and will educate them on culture and traditions.


A wide range of movie, educational and music DVDs is available in the market as befitting gifts for children. You can also buy DVDs of fairytales and animations to gift kids during Diwali. However, keep in mind the interest and age of the child before buying DVDs.


No kids can ever say no to toys. Toys always make the most appropriate gift for children. Nevertheless, while choosing toys, you have to take into consideration the age and gender of the kid. If the child is old enough, you can get him/her a bicycle.

Soft toys are another safe choice for gifts for kids. Children love stuffed animals, especially teddy bears, irrespective of their age and gender.

Video Games/Game CDs:

The new generation kids are specially drawn towards computer games. Video games and computer game CDs make excellent gift choices for them. You can now choose from a wide range of action, logical or puzzle video games for Diwali gifts.

The Diwali gift choices for kids are endless. You can come up with new ideas or can mix and match the items mentioned above. One can also gift boxes of sweets or money to kids during Diwali. However, remember that it is the blessings of the eldest that the kids seek most.

Last Updated On : October 10, 2011