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Diwali Gifts for Colleagues

Diwali is the time to celebrate with everyone around you, including your friends, family, relatives, neighbors as well as your colleagues and boss. We spend a significant part of our day with our colleagues at office and they play a very crucial role in our professional lives. So, you canít simply ignore their presence during the festive season.

Gifting to colleagues will help you establish and strengthen the relation which will last for the rest of the year. However, you need to be very discreet in choosing the right gift for your colleague.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Colleagues

When it comes to deciding on a gift for a colleague, we often need to avoid items which we will otherwise gift to family members or close friends. A Diwali gift for the colleague needs to comply with the professional decorum. If you too are now wondering what to gift your colleague this Diwali, following are some great suggestions for you.

Silver coins

Engraved silver coins are considered auspicious to gift and receive during Diwali. So, these make an ideal choice for gifting colleagues and boss. Silver coins of different sizes are now available in the market which also makes it pocket friendly. If you have decided to gift more than one colleague this time, you can simply opt for small-sized coins. These coins are not only great gifts but also carry material value.

Crystal idols

During Diwali when Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, is worshipped, you can gift your colleagues with crystal statue of the deity. These crystal statues are great showpieces and are adored by everyone. This gift will reflect your choice and class and at the same time, it will convey your heartfelt wishes for your co-worker.

Bottle of wine

If your colleague loves wine, then you can safely settle for a bottle of classic wine as Diwali gift. It is currently in vogue to gift close ones with a bottle of wine. You can further customize your gift with wine bottle racks, a crystal wine glass set, and a wine hamper. However, you need to decide on your choice of gift on the type of relation you enjoy with your colleague. If you donít know your colleague for long, then it will be wise to avoid gifting wine on the first occasion.


When it comes to choosing the most appropriate gift for Diwali, no one can beat the appeal of traditional sweets. India is known as the land of sweetmeats and you can choose from a wide range of barfis, laddoos, pedas, katlis, gulab jamun, rasgulla, kheer, soan papdi and so on during this festival to gift your colleagues and boss. You can also settle for the newer version of sugar free and low calorie sweets for health conscious colleagues. This gift will convey your concern for their health and will help in strengthening bonds further.

Dry fruit hamper

Dry fruit hampers will contain a variety of dry, exotic fruits like almond, cashew, pistachio, walnut and raisin. This is an excellent gift choice for the festival. These are healthy and can also be preserved to be consumed at a later date.

Home decoration

If you are looking to gift something that will be useful for your colleague, then you can go for decorative glassware or dinner sets. Nowadays, the market is full of stylish and eye-catching home dťcor items that will look good in every household. You can rest assured that your colleague will love these gifts immensely. You can widen your scopes by including sculptures, oil paintings, crystal showpieces, flower vases, embroidered table cloth, pillows, cushions and throws into your gift list.

Kitchen appliances:

A wide range of toasters, mixer-grinders, blenders, knife-sets, coffee makers, and microwaves is available in the market that can add value to any modern kitchen. If you are looking to impress your colleagues with your Diwali gifts, kitchen appliance is the way to go.

Donít restrict your choices only to the conventional gift items. Explore more options and with little research and effort, youíll be able to choose the best gift for your colleague this Diwali.

Last Updated On : October 10, 2011