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Artificial Flower Arrangement

Artificial flowers are known to be perfect replication of the natural flowers. People normally use a combination of the artificial flowers for creating the perfect artificial flower arrangement. The Artificial flower arrangement can take any shape like vertical, horizontal, crescent and oval shapes.

The essential elements required for any artificial flower arrangement are wire frames, ground clay, nylon netting, carved or formed soap. Some of the cultures use the material like rice paper, times painted linen, small shells and silkworm cocoons.

The history of the artificial flower arrangement dates back to around the 18th century in France who learned the flower arrangement art from the Italians. Slowly this art spread to the parts of England and America. Now this art is so prevalent in different parts of the world that almost every culture uses this flower arrangement for various decorative purposes.

Here are some of the methods of preparing the artificial flower arrangements.

Clay Flower Arrangements
In the clay flowers arrangements the clay is firstly dried and then grounded to a powder. Some water is then added and then the finished paste is then used as a modeling paste. After that some coloring is applied to the paste so that the base can look good. Some skilled crafts person can then model the flowers according to a particular shape. This kind of the artificial flower arrangement though looks very easy but needs the talent of a skilled person to give the flower arrangement a particular shape.

Soap Flower Arrangements
For the soap flower arrangements, two effective processes can be used. According to the first method a bar with layered colored soap is accumulated on a lathe and this layer of soap is then used to produce a circular groove. The finished product of this type of artificial flower arrangement is very symmetric and regular. In another method oil less soap is crushed into powder and some water is added to it. The resulting paste is then used as a modeling material. In the end the stamps and rollers are used to imprint leaf and petal textures on the soap.

Cloth and Paper flower arrangements
For a cloth and paper flower arrangement various fabrics and materials used for forming the shapes of leaves and flowers are first cut by the scissor. Next we need a die with the help of which the veins of the leaves are impressed on the arrangement. Then the petals and other parts of the flower are assembled and finally the flower is mounted on a stalk formed of brass or iron and finally the leaves are fastened to the arrangement.

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