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Flower Color Meanings

"Each flower is a soul opening out to nature"
Gerald De Nerval

Flowers are the gorgeous gifts presented by Mother Nature to the human race. Flowers have been adorning our surroundings since time immemorial. With their bright colors these flowers have been responsible for adding a touch of beauty to our surroundings.

Like many other things, man has also attributed meanings to the flower colors.Understanding these flower color meanings is an important task as after knowing these different flower color meanings you can convey your feelings to the other person with much ease.

To lend you a helping hand in choosing the perfect colored flower for expression of your feelings, we here provide you with different flower color meanings.

Yellow - Happiness, Enthusiasm, Friendship, Jealousy, Treachery, Pride, Success and Luxury

Orange - Satisfaction of attaining success and strengthened love

Violet - Hope, Generosity, Faithfulness, Modesty, Passion, Humility

Red - Passion, Love, Admiration, Courage, Desire, Constancy, Youth, Respect

Green - Feeling of joy and optimism

White - Pious, Purity, Heavenly, Sincere feeling, Innocence, Silence

Lavender - Feminism, Grace, elegance

Pink - Delicate, Grace, Gentle, Confidence, Admiration

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